Can damaged hair be repaired? -

Can damaged hair be repaired?

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Last updated: Feb 17, 2020

Repair damaged hair
Damaged hair doesn’t heal itself like skin does. But you can make damaged hair appear repaired very quickly, protect it from more damage and make it grow stronger so that it repairs itself in time. Here’s how.
Dry damaged hair
When hair is damaged due to combing, harsh environmental conditions and other causes, small fragments of the hair shafts are broken away. The immediate effect of this is duller, less manageable hair, which often looks dry. As the damage gets worse, split ends occur and the hair becomes frizzy. If this continues the hair will only grow to a short length, hair shafts may miniaturise and hair may stop growing, resulting in thinning hair.

Fastest way to repair damaged hair

Protecting dry damaged hair
The easiest, fastest and most common way is to use ‘pro vitamin B5’. This common conditioning agent coats the hair shaft, filling in the chipped and broken parts. It is also what adds shine in conditioners.

Second but best way to repair damaged hair

The best way to repair damaged hair is to repair it from within by increasing the supply of nutrients to the hair, thus rebuilding and reinforcing the hair structure.
The first step in this process is to cut the hair. You need to cut the hair above the split ends as much as possible. This might seem like the wrong thing to do but it will achieve by far the best results in the long term. By starting fresh like this your hair will be far healthier and stronger in the future.
Once you have cut the hair above the split ends you must protect it from damage as much as possible. Again using these organic hair protection products is a wise step.

Feed your hair: not with food or products

Next you need to feed your hair. Although it may seem like the best way to achieve this is through diet or through nourishing conditioners, it’s actually not. The best possible way to increase nutrient supply to the hair is to increase blood supply to the scalp.
Hair receives nutrients via blood
To learn how to do this read about my 2 minute technique that increases blood flow to the hair.

How to Protect and Repair Bleach Damaged Hair

Here’s a video from a girl who’s hair has been over-bleached. She has some useful tips on how to prevent weakened hair from becoming more damaged.