Can Following a Vegetarian Diet Cause Hair Loss? -

Can Following a Vegetarian Diet Cause Hair Loss?

Vegetarian and hair loss
Hair is made of keratin. Keratin is a form of protein. It needs several key amino acids in order to grow. There are several key amino acids that can actually make your hair grow thicker, faster and shinier. Amino acids are most commonly found in meat. Therein lies the origin of the myth that vegetarianism may stunt hair growth. But it is just a myth because the same amino acids found in meat can also be found in many vegetarian foods.
There are many vegetarian foods that contain high levels of the amino acids needed for hair growth.

Can being vegetarian actually benefit hair growth?

Although hair needs protein to grow, it also needs lots of vitamins and minerals. Vegetables are a good source of many of the vitamins and minerals that support hair growth. Additionally, because vegetarians, in my experience, tend to be healthier than average meat muncher, it is likely that vegetarianism may actually be more beneficial for hair growth and hair health than normal diets.

What are the best foods for hair growth?

Following a diet high in protein generally won’t help increase hair growth. It’s better to consume high levels of nutrients that support hair growth, such as the minerals found in vegetables and sea vegetables.
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