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Can lost hair be grown back?

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Last updated: Jan 26, 2020

It used to be considered impossible to regrow lost hair. But recent innovations have changed that. There is now a way to increase a growth factor called IGF-1 in the scalp using a special method that can be performed at home in just 2 minutes.

The breakthrough method causes dormant hair follicles to reactivate all over the scalp making lost hairs regrow. Even if you’ve lost quarter or even half of your hair there are likely to be thousands of dormant hair follicles just waiting for the right hormonal signal to reactivate them, turning them into full grown hairs.

It’s like the equivalent of getting a major hair transplant, except no one notices because the hair regrows gradually over a period of months
Simon Cotrell, user of the method

The new method from Advanced Hair Research has already received hundreds of 5 Star Reviews on Trustpilot and ReviewCenter and incredible before and after photos have been published to the website.

Before and after Advanced Hair Research Review

Compared to other hair loss treatments the Advanced Hair Research method is a tiny fraction of the cost. And anyone can perform the method at home without any specialist equipment.

If you’re not interested in using the Advanced Hair Research method here’s a basic alternative method that’s worth giving a try. However, I recommend everyone use the Advanced Hair Research method, which is far superior.

I’m going to show you the three crucial hair growth techniques I developed, based on ten years of research from multiple cutting-edge studies.

If you get this right, you can turn your hair growth onto turbo-drive.

Let’s get started

you basically have the building blocks of hair keratin in this smoothie

Over the next 40 days I want you to do something really simple. It’s simple, but it will change your life! Please be patient, while I explain the basics of this method. I’ll get on to the sophisticated part shortly, but it’s all important, no matter how simple this next bit might seem.
Take a whole bag of salad, like this (about 4.6 ounces, or 130 grams).
watercress rocket spinach for hair
Make sure it’s washed.
Take two hand full’s of high antioxidant berries, like this.
bag of frozen berries
Take a raw egg yolk, a scoop of BCAA powder and three tablespoons of EFA oil.

BCAA powder supplement for healthy hair
Best organic EFA omega oils

This might not seem like anything special, but wait, here’s the sophisticated bit…

amino acids for hair growth
The branch chain amino acids (BCAAs) are what make-up hair keratin (they’re the building blocks of hair). In fact, hair is almost entirely made of 18 amino acids. The most significant of which is cysteine. Cysteine is key for us because it’s high in sulphur, which is key for the development of keratin.
It’s also a very powerful antioxidant, which is important for us (I’ll explain more about that later).
Increase nutrient supply to hair
So, you basically have the building blocks of hair keratin in this smoothie.
Next, you have a raw egg yolk (please believe me when I say you won’t taste this or notice its texture once it’s blended).

Biotin is used to convert the amino acids into hair keratin

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A raw egg yolk is one of the richest natural sources of nutrients in the world. And please don’t worry about cholesterol. Anything you may think about eating too many egg yolks is wrong in this instance.
Raw egg yolks actually contain good LDL cholesterol, which lowers bad cholesterol in your body. Having one raw egg yolk per day is going to make you incredibly healthy in so many ways.
But we want it for the B vitamins. It’s loaded with B vitamins, including Biotin, which I’m sure you will have heard about.
I’ve been researching nutrients that grow hair for over ten years. What I don’t know about how different nutrients effect your hair isn’t worth knowing.
Biotin in this instance is used to convert the amino acids into hair keratin in your scalp, which is exactly what we need.
The egg yolk is loaded with super-healthy hair growth nutrients. And you’re going to be sending those nutrients to your scalp every day, using the technique I’ll explain shortly.
The green baby leaf salad is loaded with vitamin C, iron and other key minerals. Iron is responsible for producing red blood cells and vitamin C is crucial for a healthy circulatory system.
We need your circulatory system to be as healthy as possible, so we’re going to make it incredibly healthy. You’ll learn more about that in the later steps of the program.
The EFA oil is high in omega 3, which is a first step towards improving your hormonal balance and reducing stress levels. I’ll explain more on that in the later steps.
OK, so you’ve got this incredible mixture of hair growing nutrients.
Now, add water to your blender so it’s full, like this:
Blend it and put your mix into a container (or keep it in the blender container). This is enough for about two glasses: one, first thing in the morning and one straight after work.
Now you need to get some niacin, like this:
Solgar niacin for hair growth
You must get the normal niacin (don’t get “No flush” niacin). You need 50mg. The smallest amount you can get is 100mg. So get those and snap the tablets in half.

Heart patients on niacin treatment had less illness and lower death rates after five years when contrasted to those not using niacin
Dr David Williams

Niacin is just a B vitamin so don’t be scared of it. It’s completely natural and it’s in loads of foods you eat all the time. It also has many other amazing benefits for your body and mind, including…

  • It reduces cholesterol and triglycerides in your blood, reducing the risk of heart disease
  • It improves memory and reduces memory loss
  • It helps reduce insomnia

We’re using a very small dose of 50mg on an empty stomach to cause your blood to flush to your skin.
Make sure you drink the smoothie and take the niacin before eating anything else. We want the smoothie mixture to get digested quickly so the nutrients go into your bloodstream.

the nutrients in this smoothie will make your skin incredibly healthy

Now, drink the smoothie and take the niacin. Go about your morning routine. In 15-20 minutes you’ll feel your skin feel a bit itchy or hot. This is caused by your blood filling the tiny blood vessels at the surface of your skin.
As we age and our health deteriorates these tiny blood vessels get underused (blood flows through them less). As a result, when the blood flows through them properly again your skin can feel itchy. It’s a good thing, it means the blood is flowing to your skin, nourishing it.
By the way, the nutrients in this smoothie will make your skin incredibly healthy. They WILL NOT make hair grow all over your body. Please believe me on that!
I mentioned earlier about a hormonal signal required to make hair grow. Without it, hair cannot and will not grow.
Later in the plan I’m going to show you exactly how to change the hormonal balance in your body and scalp so that the hair in your scalp is told to grow instead of shed. It’s so simple, but it’s vital. Without the hormonal signal hair will not grow, so don’t worry about this smoothie mixture causing body hair growth. It will only cause hair to grow on your scalp after we change the hormonal signal and tell the hairs to start growing.
But in this first step you’re just sending an incredibly rich supply of hair growing nutrients to your scalp.

Think of this like an exercise for your malnourished hair. We’re bringing it back to life. We’re resuscitating it by forcing blood to flow to it that otherwise wouldn’t.

So, you’ve drunk your smoothie and taken your niacin. And you can feel the niacin flush starting. Your skin may be getting hot. Don’t worry, it won’t hurt you. In fact it’s going to do you a world of good.
Now you need to perform a simple yoga move for a few minutes. It’s called the downward dog:
downward dog
Why are you performing this strange yoga position you ask?
This may seem simple and even crude but please let me explain:
Remember I said about the blood vessels near the surface of your skin being underused and neglected for years? Well if you think the ones all over your body are underused, think how bad the ones in your scalp are.
Your scalp is at the top of your body all day long, meaning it’s the hardest part of your body for the blood to reach, due to gravity. And as a hair loss sufferer your hair is already lacking the nutrients it needs to grow. The blood vessels that connect to the hair in the scalp of someone who is suffering from hair loss are extremely weak and unhealthy.
Indian man held hand up for years
Here’s an example to illustrate this. This Indian holy man held his hand above his head for 30 years in dedication to his religion. See how dead his hand looks? And how skinny his arm is compared with the other one?
It’s vital that blood flows to every part of your body to keep it alive and healthy. This holy man has essentially caused his hand to starve to death.
Now imagine your scalp is that mans hand. There is no way hair is going to grow when it’s so malnourished.
So we need to overcompensate by sending more nutrients than would normally be needed in order to make your hair grow more and to heal your scalps circulatory health.
But this isn’t easy because the blood vessels in your scalp are so weak and neglected, they are practically dead.
So we need to do something dramatic. We need to force the blood into those blood vessels.

That incredible mixture of super healthy natural nutrients are filling your scalps blood vessels and healing it

Think of this like an exercise for your malnourished hair. We’re bringing it back to life. We’re resuscitating it by forcing blood to flow to it that otherwise wouldn’t.
In the next step I’ll show you my most advanced technique for doing this. A technique that completely revitalises and heals your scalp, using your body’s amazing natural healing mechanisms.
But first let’s get started with this yoga move.
Perform the downward dog yoga position for 3-4 minutes if you can and longer if you like (the longer the better). You’ll feel your head fill with blood. That’s exactly what you want. This is a great thing you’re doing for your hair and your brain.
That incredible mixture of super healthy natural nutrients are filling your scalps blood vessels and healing it. Your hair is getting more nourishment in these few minutes than it’s had in years.
In essence, we’re bringing your hair back to life.
You might think that doing this for two minutes per day is not going to help much. But remember two things:

  1. The blood vessels at the surface of your scalp are like the holy mans hand. We need to do this to bring them back to life
  2. Before performing this technique you consumed the perfect combination of nutrients that heal the skin and blood vessels and help your body build hair keratin

Do this every morning for the next 40 days to massively feed your hair and heal your scalp.
You can see how doing this will soon start to revive your hair like nothing else on the planet. In fact, I believe this is one of the best hair loss treatments in the world.

But there’s a key-factor missing.

Remember I mentioned earlier that hair cannot grow without the hormonal signal required to make hair grow?

It’s like a a biological lock in your scalp. Until it’s unlocked it’s impossible to grow your hair

You need to change the hormones in your body and particularly in your scalp, so that they’re in the correct balance.
Think about it like this:
A young boy’s face is covered in tiny blond, almost invisible hairs. When he reaches puberty a hormonal signal is sent to the hairs in his face, making them develop into thicker darker hairs.

How hair growth occurs
Activation of hair due to DHT hormone

Those hairs were always there. His face was covered in them. They were just tiny and transparent, so you wouldn’t notice them. As he ages a hormonal change occurs and those tiny, transparent hairs are told to develop into thicker, darker hairs.
The exact same process happens in reverse in your scalp when you experience hair loss. In both men and women.
You must understand this if you want to reverse hair loss. It’s like a biological lock in your scalp. Until it’s unlocked it’s impossible to regrow your hair.
In fact you’re completely wasting all your time and money on treatments like Rogaine and other temporary treatments, until you unlock this chemical signal in your scalp.
We have to change the hormonal signal in your scalp. Then, all those incredible nutrients you’re sending to your scalp will be used to make your hair regrow rapidly.

See through vellus dormant hair follicles

You may not realise this, but your scalp is still covered in tiny little transparent hairs – just like a small boys face — even if your hair has been thinning for decades!

Now, we’re going to alter the chemical message being sent to those hairs, so they redevelop back into full size and colour.

best hair loss treatment
That’s precisely what I’m going to show you next. And this is the key to making all those amazing nutrients go to work to make your hair regrow rapidly. All those tiny, transparent hairs will start to reactivate all over your scalp, increasing your hair density.

The Key: The Alternation Method

Perelman School of Medicine at the University of Pennsylvania
To do this I use a very special technique. This technique is based on a breakthrough study from Perelman School of Medicine at the University of Pennsylvania.

Overexpression of Fgf9 results in a two to threefold increase in the number of neogenic hair follicles
George Cotsarelis, MD

By provoking your scalp to grow new hair cells using a simple technique anyone can do at home you can stimulate new hair growth, causing your hair to grow back.
university of cincinati
I’ve combined this with some amazing research conducted at the Division of Molecular Neurobiology at the University of Cincinnati College of Medicine, which discovered that the use of topical ‘IGF-1’ triggers hair regrowth in the scalp.
IGF1 hair growth
Using these two breakthroughs as well as a breakthrough I discovered back in 2008, we’ve found a way to massively increase the nutrient supply to the hair and send a chemical message in the scalp to grow hair cells instead of just skin cells.

The result?

Increased nutrient supply
increased cell growth
healing reaction
unlocking the hormonal message that prevents hair growth
Hair follicles reactivate all over the scalp

IGF-1 promotes hair growth by stimulating cell proliferation and down regulating TGF-1 (Li J, Yang Z, Li Z, Gu L, Wang Y, Sung C, 2014. Department of Food Science and Technology, Chungnam National University)

Several studies have been conducted on IGF-1 for its potential to not only stop hair loss but also stimulate new hair growth. 
The results imply that this is the total hair loss cure of the future. The one we’ve all been searching for.

Dr Kenji Okajima hair loss expertPromotion of IGF-1 production by the safe method is critical for maintenance of normal hair growth and also for restoration of hair growing power in patients with alopecia Dr. Kenji Okajima

It’s a simple, elegant and economical treatment. And it’s something that anyone can do at home.

How to do it

No matter what you do, you must change the hormonal messages in your scalp that are telling your hair to die.
So that’s exactly what I’m going to show you.
I’m going to show you the breakthrough method that scientists in Japan, China and the United States have been quietly developing for several years.
Use this method wisely because this is essentially how to change the chemical signals in your scalp so they tell your hair to start growing again.
To start using this method you’ll need my full detailed instructions. However, it’s very easy and again, will only take a few minutes per day.

Get instant access

In the next step of my plan we’ll pick up where we left off and I’ll be showing you:

  • How to get and use IGF-1 (from a cheap, potent, natural source that anyone can buy) to trigger new rapid hair cell development in your scalp (based on multiple advanced hair loss research studies)
  • How to get hold of and use the world’s most powerful natural antioxidant to stop hair loss and prolong the hair growth phase, making your hair gradually increase in density (based on double-blind placebo controlled research)
  • How to trigger a natural healing mechanism in your scalp, which causes new cell generation, increased blood supply to the hair and the regeneration of the scalp – returning it to it’s previous healthy state (before DHT caused the hair killing fibrosis and calcification)
  • How to use a powerful natural alternative to minoxidil, which has been proven to have similar and possibly even greater effects in several studies
  • How to complete my Scalp Skin Reset, completely renewing the scalp skin: clearing the pores of built-up embedded sebum, cosmetic residues and pollutants
  • How to change your hormonal balance to match that of people who naturally have thick hair, perfect skin and a calm mind
  • How I used advanced NASA mind-training research to cure my social anxiety disorder, making me calm and relaxed at will (this is key for reducing the stress hormone cortisol, which causes hair loss)

All of this is explained in simple, clear, step-by-step instructions.

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  1. Can hair once lost can be grwon back?Please tell me procedure
    I am living in Faridabad ,Isthere any clinic in faridabad where treatment can be taken,and howmuch it will cost. and how much time will take in recovering

    1. Hi GDSharma,
      I’ve sent you an email with some information on how to encourage hair growth.

      1. Hi,
        Its has been a gradual decrease in the thickness and the quality of my hair. I am fearing that it may leads to bald ness. I am just 25 now. Could you please suggest me how to reverse the bad health condition of my hair.

      2. hi there i really really need your help im 20 years old and started lossing hair when i was 18 now i have sort of like a bald patch in the middle of my head…what can i do to regrown my hair

      3. hey admin please send me the information that how i encourage my hair growth.
        Thanks & regards
        viney kant sharma

      4. I am at the age of 24,,In the last 7 months the hair loss is more compared to before,I consulted around 4 to 5 doctors..They told that its not possible to make grower the lost hair..The best option is hair transplantation like wise they guided..
        If you have any option for regrowing my lost hair pls mail me in the above id

      5. i lost my hair after coming to chennai…Its been 8 months…
        it is due to the water in chennai..
        will it grow back once i go back to my home and continue job there???is it posible??

    2. Hi Chris,
      I am losing hair from the front just as your ‘before’ picture looks like. I’m a 19-year-old girl and I think it started happening because I used to straighten my fringe a lot and so the part of the fringe that I used to straighten the most is the part that is falling. If I use your method, will it help get my hair back?
      Also, how long will it take for me to get my hair back? Is it always 12 months? I noticed you said that the ‘after’ picture of yours was taken 12 months after you started your methodology of hair regrowth.
      Thanks for your help Chris, you can reply back by e-mailing me as I might forget to keep checking this website for your response!

    3. Can hair once lost can be grwon back?Please tell me procedure
      I am living in Faridabad ,Isthere any clinic in faridabad where treatment can be taken,and howmuch it will cost. and how much time will take in recovering

    4. I am just in my teens and having too much hair fall what would be the reason and will my hair regrow how can I make it healthy and thick

  2. i have been experiencing hair loss since 2003 due to dht. i have only half the thickness i used to have. will my hair follicles be dormant or they might have died? can i get the lost hair back?

    1. Hairs never really truly die. They do eventually change from thick coloured hairs to thin transparent tiny hairs (like the tiny hairs you can see on your forehead if you look very closely).
      It is possible to reactivate these dormant hair follicles, using the special hair feeding formula I describe in my eBook, together with the Alternation Method (which increases cell production and blood circulation in the scalp).

    2. I am 18 years old and suddenly I am having the problem of hair loss..due to hair loss…amount of hairs are half what was earlier…so Plz Plz help me to regrowth of lost hair…

    3. I m losing my hair excessively at very young age.what are the homemade solutions to regain my hair plz…

      1. I am also suffering from hair loss.. please send me the detail so i can use the information to regrow my hairs… Thanks in advance

      2. My hairs are falling day by day
        Now situstion is little stayble bt dangerous if i cant do anything mybe i’ll lose my all hairs
        So wt should i do?
        And how to get back new hairs. Plz rply

      3. Hi…I have thin Hair…can you please tell me how to get thick hair so that it wont fall.I could see few hair are growing but hair fall is more on daily basis.please send me the mail in detail about how to stop it.please guide me for any home remedies..thanks in advance

  3. i had hair loss problem but now it stopped,My hair in my front have become very thin and few hv fallen.How to regrow it fast?

    1. Hi Avin,
      To promote hair regrowth you need to:

      • Increase your consumption of nutrients that increase hair growth
      • Increase blood circulation in your scalp

      I recommend reading the chapter that explains exactly what foods you need to eat to promote hair growth and the circulation chapter, which explains how to turbo charge blood circulation in your scalp.

      1. I am just 23 male…i had hair loss problem …My hair in my front have become very thin and few hv fallen.How to regrow it fast?

  4. i am sffering from hair loss since 2008 and more tha 50% of my hair are lost..
    so please prescribe me a effective medicine or something else by which i can regrow my lost hair…my hairs are very thick and dry also

  5. hi ….i am 18 years old girl and i have the same hair fall problem…but now it has partially stopped not completely though..but it has left my centre portion of the scalp somewhat bald…please help me what to do ?? to get back my hair particularly at that portion … 🙁

    1. Hi Titly,
      Due to your age and gender your best bet would be to follow a simple hair nutrition program — by directly feeding your hair via your scalp and by eating foods that help your body grow hair.
      You could either use the custom hair growth tonic I explain how to make in my eBook, or you could try using a commercially available product. The best way of sending large amounts of nutrients to your hair is to use my 2 minute a day hair growth technique (which uses my custom hair growth tonic).
      Whatever you choose to do, I’d advise starting a hair nutrition regime, eating as healthily as possible, trying to keep your stress levels low, exercising regularly and not wearing your hair in a tight, pulling style.
      All the best,

  6. I have thin hair and i am losing hair very quickly.can i grow my hair back?please help me and suggest some good tonic or oil to grow them naturally.

  7. I have started to loose my hair at the age of 17 which is very young to start losing. I have used many hair loss treatments and none of them worked. I’m 21 now on my way to 22. Is there any treatment that can work on imediate effect. I’ve almost lost all my front head hair and is busy to loose my back head hair. It have slowed down but it is not growing back. What can I do for I am very desperate to grow it back. I am also going thru a lot of stress because of exams and stuff but this have started since I was still in school. Can you please help me with this.

    1. Hi Andreas,
      Regrowing lost hair is not easy for anyone. Stress can be quite a big factor for some people. I suggest you concentrate all your energy on your exams and forget about this for the time being. When you’re finished with your exams come back and I’ll discuss the problem with you properly and give you the best guidance I can give.
      Until then, best of luck with your exams. Work hard, sleep well, try to stay relaxed and focused. Eat as well as you can (lots of vegetables, oily fish and fresh food). When you’ve done the best job you can of your exams we’ll get this sorted — I’ll explain everything you need to do 🙂
      All the best,

      1. i am 24 yeras old , day by day after bath hair lossing incraesed. that reason i’m not use hair oil and other items….you are suggest better treatment

  8. Hi,
    I am 22 years of age, i started losing density of my hair and thickness also approx. a year (or more) ago which has caused some kind of baldness into center of my head…
    Pls, help me out… that what should i do regain my hair.
    Thank you.

    1. Hi,
      I am 23 yr old boy, i started losing density of my hair and thickness also approx. a year (or more) ago which has caused some kind of baldness into center of my head…
      Pls, help me out… that what should i do regain my hair.please mail me something usefull….
      Thank you.

  9. im blonde and have lost hair about a finger’s size (horizontaly) and im 14 im wondering will this hair in the front of my head grow back what should i do ?

    1. Hi John,
      A receding hair line sounds like the start of male pattern baldness, although it’s also very common for teenage boys’ hairlines to recede — often the hair loss slows or even stops. If you’re concerned it is worth booking an appointment with a doctor to get it checked out.

  10. Hii ..Plz Help..So I had very thick hair ..Like Very very Thick hair that i didn’t have hairlines..And Then it was falling but not too much or idk.. I didn’t care because it was so THICK… I started to straighten it for like 7 months..but only once every week or every 2 weeks!..I found out it was falling when i wash and then i brush..The brush was full..The problem started to increase!…I was after Loosing Strands Of My Hair in the shower..when i put my hands in it..I lse stands!…and it became so rough and stuck in each other!! ..whenever i wash it i loose 2 much hairs!.I Believe about 2 thousand hairs!!..Now after like a year ! my hair is Soo Thin!! ..My hairlines are large and Im almost balding at the Front of my head and its back..I’m afraid that I go bald..I got Dandruff now !..well I’ve always had dandruff but not that rough it was smooth I dont know..When i move my hands in my hair..Ofcourse hairs do fall..but also Many Dandruff fall..I scratch my scalp..And SomeTimes I Find SMALL CRYSTAL Glass SHaped Thing on my scalp ..(MY hair have been always Curly or Wavy but smooth…Now I get afraid To wash it Because I’ll lose much hairs.. I only wash it once a week..I use olive and casstor oil..And Tresemme Conditioner for hairfall..By the way I stopped straightening it like 4 months ago!..It continued falling even more than first …I got rough hairs before i wash it ..but it becomes silky after i do..But i lost many hairs.. so i cut its trims to prevent my hair being stuck in eachother which cause it fall in strands..By the way Im an 18 years old female .. I’ll be really grateful if u can help me..I’m Really Desperate ! :O ..I’ll Go BALD?!?

    1. Wow! That’s quite a sentence Jasmine. I’ll send an email with instructions on how to help.
      All the best,

      1. Here’s my mail iD
        I am 21 years old now
        It’s been 2 years since I am facing a hair loss and have lost the hair from the upper part of my head almost as much as a finger
        I smoke I drink and I stress a lot
        Please help
        How can I help myself
        Thank you.

      2. I’m just having the same problem and I’m totally stressed about it I feel like shaving it off very soon but so will I get back my hair back to normal volume?

  11. hey
    I have a bald spot at the front of my hair,i think it is beacuse my hair was always pulled back tight. How can i make it grow back?

    1. Hi Amna,
      I’ve emailed over some advice on how to increase hair growth and hair density 🙂

      1. Hi
        Sir I am pratap kalyan I experienced hair loss since 2013 but that by doctor suggestion. I used ketoconazole shampoo six month daily because of dandruff I didn’t put oil on my head .After getting severe headache it becomes worst for now on top of my head fully thin countable hair is there and two sides also gone still I am experiencing dandruff flakes
        How can I get back my hair fully with how many days how much cost willcomwe?

  12. Hi, I’m 18 years old and I’ve noticed hair thinning since I was 16 as a young teenager its hard to cope.with such a thing because I see my friends and they all have thick and well a lot of hair. I need help!!!!:/ this is really affecting me, my life, and my relationship with my boyfriend as well. The part in which you may notice the hair loss the most is my frontal area.

  13. Hi,
    i am 25 old year male i am have loosing my hair sice last 3 months. Before 3 months my hair were very silky and shiny. but in last 2 month i have done dieting and washing my hair very frequently(2 times in day with hard water). so now my hair becomes very very dry and it starts falling out. now i can see my scalp. also dradruff icreased. i am getting afraid to wash my hair. pl help to regrow hair.

      1. I’ve had chemo my hair grew back black it’s grey,but it’s started thinning again, will it grow back.

  14. How to improve the Scalp condition and i Lost hair at the Center Portion Partially..Please help me out

    1. Hi Pradhyu,
      To improve scalp condition I recommend scalp exfoliation. Not only does this remove barriers to hair growth, it also helps improve blood supply to the hair follicles, which helps feed the hair. Extensive instructions on how to properly exfoliate the scalp are detailed in the eBook.
      I’ve sent you an email with some further info.

  15. i had very thick curly hair.i straightened my hair 2 yr ago.they after some time started 2 fall out.i also having dandruff problem all d time.i have stopped using chemical one year ago.but still i am loosing a lots of hair everyday and my hair has become so thin.i am going 2 be bald.plz help me.i am using a shampoo called antidruf containing ketoconazole and tugain 2%(minoxidil).plz suggest me something for stoping my hairfall and regrowing my me.

    1. Hi rumpi,
      The ketoconazole shampoo is a good first step. You need to get your scalp into a healthy condition. The next step is to intensely nourish your hair follicles via the bloodstream.
      Hair needs amino acids in order to grow. By increasing your consumption of some key amino acids, you can promote hair growth, increase the growth cycle and reduce shedding.
      I have created a special hair growth diet and crucially a method for increasing the delivery of nutrients to the follicles. To learn more please read this web page:
      All the best,

  16. am 22 year old boy and now am suffering frm hairfall around 30 to 40 per day and am quite worried dat i gonna plzz tell me how can i control my hairfall and what ever i lossing my hair will it b grown back….plzz help me out..send some solution for this to my email id

  17. hi…m lusing hair since the age of 18 m 20 rite nw..and have lost hair in front part..plz help me to restore them..m havin a lot of dandruff as well..but plz help me to get my lost hair back..:(

  18. Dear Admin,
    i am suffering from hairloss.its been 4 years now and i am turning 30 in few far people who knew me closely can figure out that i am actually going bald. my hair are so thin if apply oil then my scalp is visible. but if i keep my hair short and keep them as a spikes you cant figure it out untill bright light falls on head. please tell me something . i think my roots are also weak, DHT and hereditary(my dad is bald too) can be also the case. i used to smoke, drink and non vegetarian but i left that 4 years back still no wonders to my hair. so i have started them again. please suggest me what should i do. also i tried yoga and jogging to balance my harmones but nothing happened.

      1. Can you email me some too please as mu partner is really badly receding and is thinnin alot on top hes 32 his dad and grandad r near enough bald with receding hairlines

  19. sir I think my hairs r faaling very rapidly mainly just above forehead and those corners r very large and rest is okkk can u plz send me the type of baldness so that I can convey the actual situtaion of my hairs

    1. Hi Manish,
      This is classic male pattern baldness, characterized by the v-shape pattern of hair loss at the temples. Also known as androgenic alopecia, due to the cause of the hair loss.

  20. i an 21.i started losing my hair at 16 and now my frontal scalp looks hair has thinned and it is diffuse baldnes.i startd using nuzen hair oil bt i gues its nt i get my hairs back plez suggest me i am very depressed and cry whole day

  21. plez tell me truly wil they cme bck and wil my thin hair would be thicke some day or i have to live like temple scald are also visible.when i apply oil on my hair i look bald as my friends mock at their any hope?i gues i cnt transplant my hair as my hair has thinned all over.ths moment also i am crying while writing these thigs…plez help me

      1. I’m loosing about 300 hairs daily.. May be bcoz of dht they r very thin.. . Its male pattern boldness.. What can I do

  22. I was wondering if you could help me stop thinning hair and receding. Its thinning all over top, receding at front and the temple area. I have tried a few things and they dont seem to be really effective and would really appreciate some help if you could. Thanks.

    1. Hi James,
      I’ve sent you an email with some key things you need to do to stop further hair loss and promote hair regrowth.
      All the best,

      1. DEAR SIR,

  23. Hello i am 19 years old and in one place on my head my hair stared falling.
    It formed really small circle, but i am really worried.
    I have never faced a problem like this before, and only in that place my hair is very weak, if i pull it, it falls very easily.
    I’ ve visited a doctor, and she said that there is a new hair growing on that place, but i am still worried.
    Can you please give me some advice ?
    Thank you.

    1. Hi Angel,
      I’ve sent you an email with some steps to take to prevent further hair loss and promote hair growth.

  24. hi, i am losting my hair last 5year it is very thin…and there is dandruff also…i am becomming balf from my frunt side of head…plz give me sollution to prevent and regrow my hair ..

  25. Hi, I’m 26 years old. I’m suffering from hairloss for the past 4 years. My hairs are so thin if apply oil then my scalp is visible.
    And then few of the boils coming on scalp, I can’t able to comb during tat time.
    Kindly suggest me something to regrow my hair.

  26. i have a very thin hair on my front area and some part of the head in the front has gone bald. is there any natural way to grow or get back the hair which i have already lost? do guide me… i’m 27 yrs old.

    1. Hi Saggy,
      Although frontal hair loss is considered the most difficult part to regrow, this is exactly the kind of hair loss I had and I managed to regrow my hair. I concentrated much of my research, testing and methodology on regrowing frontal hair. I’ve emailed you with some details of how I did it.
      All the best,

  27. hello sir i have lost my hair in my fore head and up but i too have some hair ,so can u please say how my hair is placed and what is dormant treatment please say how can i get my hair back in a short period

    1. Hi Arun Varma,
      Lost hair can be grown back and I have proven that. However there is no quick fix. It took me a year to achieve the hair growth you see in the pictures above. However my hair is still getting thicker — there are new blonde hairs filling in along my hair line which are now getting bigger. I believe I have reached a kind of terminal point where now the hairs are growing like crazy. However it does take time and some dedication to commit to doing a few simple methods every single day.
      I’ve sent you an email with some next steps to take.

  28. Hi my age is about 27 and i am loosing my hair from last four years. my front side hair is became too much thin and looking spacious so can it is possible to get back my loosed hair. if it is possible than how?. actually somebody said that if regular use of ginger oil will make get back loosed hair but i m not tried it. please suggest me how can i stop my hair falling and how can get back my loosed hair.

    1. Hi Om Mishhra,
      Ginger is good for improving blood circulation so I can see how that might work. However in all my years I’ve not heard of ginger oil being used as a hair loss treatment. However I do recommend eating a slice of ginger before every large meal to improve digestion.
      I’ve emailed you some details on what you should do if you want to regrow your hair.
      All the best,

  29. Revita shampoo or Regenepure DR shampoos do they promote hair regrowth? Also Which one is better Minoxidil liquid or foam?

  30. Hi,
    I have been experiencing hair fall for the past 4.5 years and the remaining hair is pretty thin too. Please suggest if I can regrow hair from the dormant hair follicles at the top and ways to stop and reverse the hair fall phenomenon.

    1. Hi Raj,
      Yes dormant hair follicles can be reactivated — that is exactly what I did to regrow my hair. I’ve sent you an email with the next steps.
      All the best,

  31. I’ve flaky kind of scalp . From past 2 years i’ve had considerable amount of hair loss from all over but especially from the temple area . Kindly tell me what measures i can take to regain my lost hairs and have thick strong hairs .

  32. Hi admin,
    I have been losing hair for some time now and found that my left and right side forehead has lot quite a lot of hair especially left hair. there is no genetic/heredity from both of my paternal and maternal families as everybody has normal hair and no baldness as such,infact i had quite thick,dark and dense hair but now i am losing that.One thing to inform that i an diagnosed from an autoimmune problem spondylitis some time back and i was very depressed,my treatment is going on with some allopathic regular medicines, also i have scalp dendruff issue for last 9-10 years and also it’s itchy and dry in winters…but this year it’s visible to me as there is bit of bald like spot on both sides though rest of the head is normal.
    I am bit tensed cause of multiple medical problems and now this hair problem. is there some hope???
    Please suggest some effective plan and how to grow the lost hair from sides of my forehead.

    1. Hi Sammy,
      First of all I’d recommend you start using a ketoconazole shampoo. Ketoconazole kills the common fungi that causes dandruff. See here for more details:
      Ketoconazole is also a mild 5-alpha-reductase inhibitor, which means it may help reduce DHT in your scalp.
      In addition to that I’d recommend increasing your intake of a few key nutrients. Start of by reading these articles:

      That should be a good start. Then, when you’re ready, check out my instructions on how to promote hair growth. You’ll need to read my eBook:
      All the best,

  33. i am 22, and i am suffering massive hair loss since last 3 can i stop hair fall and re-grow my lost hairs..please suggest sumthing as soon as u can..

    1. Hi Ram,
      Apologies for taking so long to reply. I’m trying to clear my backlog of comments. I’ll email you over the best advice I have.
      All the best,

  34. How do you reactivate dormant hair follicles? I have a friend whom is in his early 20’s and has recently noticed hair loss. What can he do?

  35. sir,i am 21 years old.i had severe hair loss and hair became thinner and i can see the gaps of no please sir can u give a suggestion beacuse itzz hard to leave without hair my confidence levels are going down day by day

  36. Hi…
    I had thick hair, but now i have lost it looks veryy ugly n i started hating my hairs :'(, pls tell me how to get back the fallen hairs… and one of my close friend is upset on rough hairs she wants it to be soft.. get tips to both pls…
    thank yo… 🙂 🙂

  37. hi, my age is 17, and i have lost my hairs from corners of frontside from both sides and my front portion have lost hairs … now it is bald from front…. and the loss hair also started from all head but i shaved my head and after that it stopped but i want
    to grow the lines of fallen hair from front and corners aswell…
    thank u for this service

  38. I am losing hair from one side(right side) of my head more than the other.Also my hairs are growing slowly on right side. How to regrow lost hair and increase overall growth of hair.
    Thanks in advance

    1. Hi Rahul,
      Have you ever suffered an injury to the right side of your head? There are several possible reasons for uneven hair loss. It is worth going for a medical check-up and mentioning the uneven hair loss to your doctor as it is most likely due to restricted blood flow to the hair follicles on one side of your scalp. However there are many possible reasons for this. It may be nothing to worry about and it could be treated in the same way as normal hair loss is treated. However I would recommend a doctors visit to have it checked out.
      All the best,

  39. plz give me some advice or suggestion i m losing my hair from front of my head m just 19 yr old guy ….regrow of hair is possible at this age??

  40. i m only 19 and i am suffering hair loss from last 1 year,sir please tell me what can i do to regain my lost hair.

    1. Hi aarav,
      Absolutely. Frontal hair loss is the most difficult area to recover but it is absolutely possible. I have sent you an email with details.
      All the best,

  41. hello sir
    Im facing hair loss my age is 24. Is it possible to regrow my hair im working in humid conditions and my hair became dry and it is going towards bald and when im applying oil my scalp getting visible even it get wet also scalp getting visible

    1. Hi Siva,
      Dryness is a clear sign that your hair is not receiving a good supply of nutrients due to restricted blood supply. This is extremely common in people who suffer hair loss.
      For more details please read:
      All the best,

  42. Hi…..this is sharib from lucknow india
    my problem is my hair is falling very fast…..from the front middle my head is getting bald….without hair….from…2004.
    but now the problem is got more severe due to itching ….dandruff….but i have used onion juice…..banana pulp…on my head…….please help me……….+91 8090220709

  43. i m also suffring from hair loss…i m only 21 year old my hairs became more thiner..can u help me ..if yes so tell me how..plzzz…

    1. Hi Himanshu,
      I have sent you an email with details of how to reactivate frontal hair follicles.
      All the best,

      1. Hi ,
        Iam also suffering with Hair loss ,Please help me to regrow the hair on bold head.
        Please send me ur contact number and maild id ,I want to have a discussion.

    2. plz tell me the procedure how we get our hairs back? i m just 17…. and too much hairs are losed or losing.also i have too much dandruff . plz give me the suggestions as soon as possible.

  44. Am 25 yrs old and I have lost alot of hair on my forehead .please advise me what i should do.

  45. Hi my hair is losing from 1 yr and it is about to finish onfront so kindly give some suggestions to control it .Also can it be grown back if yes then how

  46. Hi I’m 26 year old boy. I used to curly n straighten my hairs at the age of 18. That’s why most of my hair sides are almost invisible and now it started vanishing from the middle of my hairs. I didn’t find much hair fall these days. I want to regain my hairs. Would it be possible? Please suggest me.. Thank you in advance..

  47. hi
    i am also suffering from hair loss…i m just 22 years old
    can u please help me ..due to hair loss my life passing through difficulties, i am not concenrating on any thing .
    please help me.

  48. Sir, I am having serious problem of hair loss… I think , I am gonna bald …. am 29 … please help me , how to regrow my lost hair…

  49. My hair is thin to the point where i can see my scalp. It’s not as thick as it used to be. I am using ogx shampoo biotin and collagen. What can I do to make my hair thicker and to fill up my scalp?

  50. Can hair once lost can be grwon back?Please tell me procedure
    I am living in Bhubanewar, odisha ,Isthere any clinic in bhubaneswar where treatment can be taken,and howmuch it will cost. and how much time will take in recovering???

  51. Am anu from india am also suffering hair loss before i have big my head center and all portion hair is falling my age is 23 my hair strenthness also gone am working in oil and gas feild full dust and all..possible again hair will come..this problem thats why i don’t to coming sleep can u help me..dandruff also their now my hair hardness and gone..please help me.

  52. I m suffering from hair fall since 1 year …now my I m feeling baldness plz tell me how I can regrow my hair

  53. I have lost all my hair from front side,how can i get back my hair,i mean which way i can get back my hair without any harm?

  54. Hiiiiiii…… hair is falling….and i have very thin hair at my front area…..plz help me….plz plz…

  55. hi.. i m 21 years old.i losing my hairs especially in forehead.i m worrying a lot.i didnt get any solution for more problem is that dandruff.due to the loss in the forehead,i couldnot face anyone. please give me a solution,

  56. Hi,
    I am having severe hair fall and I do not know what is causing it. Its increased over the last few weeks. Because my hair is curly I am able to hide the patches. Please suggest me some remedy.
    Thank You

  57. Hi
    I am 23 years old .Months ago I had thick hair (lots of hair strands).due to stress that I had in the recent past I had unimaginably terrible hair fall.Now the number of my hair strands is really less…..I came out of my stress now.but wanna get back my lost hair can I get it back.pls pls pls help me .

  58. I m female ,,and I am of 23 years .I havestarted loosing my hair when iI was in class 10 and at this stage I have come to the point that my front area has become almost blonde ,,what to do to get my hair back?? Plz help me out

  59. Hi… i am touseef
    from bijapur india
    my problem is my hair
    is falling very
    fast…..from the front,
    middle my head is
    getting bald due to ill plz plz help me i want my hair back plz

  60. Hello, is this thread still open? I need guidance and serious advice on hair loss. I had long, beautiful hair but now I have lost the, they are thin and it has started affecting my confidence a great deal..Please write back

  61. Hey there! I need some advice. I have hair loss in the front and crown of my head. I have been using rogaine and nioxin for about 1.5 years now. Seems that it increased my hair growth on the crown of my head, but made the front hairline area worse! I know they only advertise that it helps certain areas but i figured it was worth the shot. Turns out im probably worse off. NEED some advice as quick as possible .Thanks so much!

  62. Hey Chris, I have been suffering from hairloss greatly and I started seeing bald spots on the crown. The information you provide seems very logical if you could provide me with some tips I would be very grateful.

  63. Hello i have problem to hair lose plz help me m only 28 year old i lost my hair from front area and top area also this my genetic problem …what should i do?

  64. Hey ,
    I am losing hairs since last 8 or 9 years, but the thing is i am not losing hairs only from the scalp but from the other parts of the body as well like my eyebrows and eyelashes , does DHT effect the eyebrows and lashes , no one in my family is bald so its not hereditary either , i think of thyroid as the my concern for hair loss i do have other symptoms of thyroid but when i got it checked the results came back normal , Can you please tell me what could be the reason for my hair loss??

  65. Can i regrow my hairs?
    My hairs are too thin, i have just shaved my head and now i am using coconut oil to regrow thick hair.
    Do you have something better than this.

  66. Hi Chris
    Like yourself ihave social anxiety and through university this alongside the workload caused me stress and hair loss. Ive graduated now and the hair loss still remains, ive tried massages but all that happens is loads of hair falls out. Ive tried coconut oil, regenepure etc and still hair falls out. Right now it is very thin hair and loss of hair all around the head.
    Can’t this grow back? And I need it to stop. Im interested in ur ebook but can I get some specific advise first please.

  67. hi.I’m 18 years old and due to unsuitable whether and chemical usage,my hair is now half of its volume what it used to be and has started whitening…what should i do to get it back and turn white hairs into black naturally?
    please help me

  68. Hi,
    I m reshma, 27 yr old. I m suffering frm severe hairfall from last 5yr ….. I tried so many things to get cured ….. gone to d doc… bt nthing happened. Nw few hairs left nd I m very worried. Plzzzzz tel me how to regrow my hair nd resolve my thinning problm..

  69. My hair is thinning a lot only in the front part. Could you please help me with this.

  70. I have dry hair. Its getting thinner from few months on front area. What should I do?

  71. i am losing ma hair since i was 16..i have seen bald patches at the sides and back of ma head…ma hair became so thin….can this fallen hair regrowth or not…i try every thing but nthng can work..what should i do to stop this..plzzz help me…

  72. Iam 16 and i have been experiencing hairloss since 3 Yrs.I had a great thick hair untill itching and hairloss happened.I love my hair and tried ayurveda,allopathy,homeopathy but in vain.I went to depression with each of my falling hair and lost focus on studies.just to escape the situation i got my hair cleanly shaven 3 times.But dandruff followed me and now my hair is very much thin.please anyone find me a permanent soln

  73. I am 25 years, my hair line has slowly started receding starting at the age of 18, it hasn’t gotten very bad but i do want to stop it before it continues as well as grown the lost hair back. Is this possible and if so, what do you recommend ? Btw, it is genetic.

  74. Deepak
    Hi . I’ve been losing hair at a very fast rate at the back of my head for the past 1 year . I need some advice on how to re-grow this lost hair or atleast stop from losing anymore as this problem has hit me mentally very hard and is makes me feel suicidal at times.
    I NEED advice . Please do send me any help
    Thank you

  75. i am having hair fall since 10 months. i am still 18 years old. i lost a lot of hair in my front part of my head.i don’t want to loss any more. i loose my hair whenever i have my head bath.what should i do now?
    can you please suggest me to proper diet and required medicines and shampoos if any?
    i am looking forward for your reply.

  76. hi Chris..
    I am suffering from severe hair loss from last 10 years. tried so many things. please guide me how to regrow hair in front as well as vertex area.
    help me plzzz.

  77. Hi.
    i am 26 and suffering from class 3 baldnedd. Lost hair on both sides of head and continuing to loose hair. Is it possible to regrow lost hair .please help.

  78. Hi
    I’m facing hair fall since 2012 when I got permanent straightened my hairs. Now the volume has become half of it was earlier. How can I regain the lost hairs.

  79. Hi,
    i am 25 old year male i am have loosing my hair sice last 3 years. Before 3 years my hair were very thick and shiny. now my hair becomes very very dry and it starts falling out. now i can see my scalp. also dradruff icreased. i am getting afraid to wash my hair. pl help to regrow hair.

  80. hello sir
    am losing my very fast from the front all my air is Nealy gone is it possible to regrow

  81. Hi
    I’m 17 years old and my both side corner of head got vaccant due to falling of hair… Too much. and i was also advised by my senior to
    Cut the hair every week for 6 months… And i am doing it and i also getting the effect ot it my both corners of my head is getting hair back
    And also my new hair is strong but… The problem is the falling of new hair…means whenever my new hair grow it stay for some days(2-3) but after it… It get fall….. Have you any permanent solution with less expensive method… get my all hair back with densed….plz…i dont want my hair fall…plz give me a permanent soution of it…..i will be very thank ful for it….

  82. Hii, I m 21years old and I have hair loss since 1 year I m tiered from this hair loss I wish that I would get my hair back but doesn’t know from which product I will get, I have tried many products for hair fall control but it doesn’t work and please help me out from this hair loss and I want to regrow my hair ..

  83. Hii, I m 21years old and I have hair loss problem since 1 year I m tiered from this hair loss I wish that I would get my hair back but doesn’t know from which product I will get, I have tried many products for hair fall control but it doesn’t work and please help me out from this hair loss and I want to regrow my hair ..

  84. I am having thin hair ….it is genetic …..even my father and grand father are suffering from the same problem. …..what should I do …..please tell me ……they are very very thin and even the density and volume of my hair has very rapidly gone down …..iam 18 yrs old

  85. i am suffering with hair loss past 5 years i am 26 year old, pls suggest how to get new follicle fore head almost i lost hair, plzz suggest me. what have to do.

  86. I started losing hair at the age of 20 and am 26 now. I have lost most of my hair on temples and crown. Can this be reversed. I want my hair to grow back. Badly looking for a help.

  87. I have lost of hair on the front and upper part. i have tried Ayurvedic medicines and Dr Batra Medicines also for a short time. but the hair have thinned out. Pls suggest how to re grow hair. Am 37 years of age.

  88. Hi Chris
    This is Nitesh , i am also suffering from severe hair loss from last 3 years, i had tried a lot of products but didn’t get any improvement. Please suggest me what should i do to stop my hair loss and how can i regrow the hairs which i have already lost.

  89. i had really thick shiny long and voluminous hair as befiew 4 years before i found out that i have hypothyroid and since that time i am on medication i lost all my hair i always cry for that n i am totally broken my hair was my life n now till date its falling like horribly please help me to grow them back as before

  90. Hello sir,
    i’m 24 years old… since 2012 i’m loosing my hair.. almost my hair have been fallen down from front.. ti is my genetic factor too. from my grand father, father & now me. after shaving small hair comes out and again fall down.. may i get my hair back? plez reply.

  91. I have a receding hairline problem , it is the only thing of which I am self conscious . what can I do to fix it, does hair transplant surgery work?

  92. Hi , I am 17y8m old , and I lost about 18-20kg weight about 10 months ago due to excessive diet and exercise . After that my hair started to shed and now my whole scalp is visible through my hair . Hairfall has stopped now , and I wanted to know if there was some way to grow them back ? Or should I get a hair transplant ?(P.S can I get a transplant at this age ?) Please answer soon . Thnx

  93. Hi,
    I have hair fall problem and i have lost lost from front, can i re-grow lost hair ????
    thank you..

  94. Hi..Plz Help. In the past i had very thick hair. but now my hair is So Thin. My hairlines are visible and I’m almost balding at the crown of my head . I Find small crystal Glass Shaped and sand particles Thing on my scalp. i use castor,coconut and egg masks for my hair but i cant see any positive results on my scalp. my age is 28. fed up with the situation. can u please help me wit this….

  95. I am 19 years old, and I am unsure whether I may be just seeing things, or if I really am suffering from thinning hair. Recently I’ve noticed the front in particular to be not quite as thick as it used to be. Honestly, i used to have this nervous habit when i was much younger where i would kind of run my fingers through my hair and tug on the strands. I dont do that anymore, it was phase i grew out of, but im wondering if i somehow weakend the hair to where now its coming out. However, i do not actually see any ridiculous amount of hair in the shower or anything, so i dont know what to think. Its really embarrassing because I used to have such thick great hair, and even though I have been getting my hair cut much shorter lately, Im worried I could be going through some kind of change. Again, its not that bad yet, but I’m really upset over this. Sorry this is so long, but if you could help me with some advice of what to eat, wash with, etc. I would really appreciate it. Thank you.

  96. Saw the last comment was from 2k13. Just curious if you have any new updated progress pictures? Currently 22 years old and thinning big time. Corners noticeably receding around the temples and hair just overall thinner on top. Seems like it’s getting worse each year. Would do anything for a real working solution.

  97. Sir
    my age is 19
    I have lost almost my 50 •/• hairs….and I am facing this problem from 2014……plz help me
    it really looks very bad without hairs.

  98. Hi,
    I am loosing my hair very fast from the past 2 years. I am getting bald in the front and i have lot of dandruff to get rid of that i have to shampoo every alternative day otherwise it is all over my head. I dont know the reason for my hair loss. I think its the dandruff as i have it from more then 5 years.
    Please help me.

  99. i am 22 and i’ve got some thin spots just above my forehead, causing a receding hairline.I am losing hair from one side(right side) of my head more than the other.Also my hairs are growing slowly.I too have a bit of dandruff which is nt visible much.Before i have use Mintop Forte.Consulted a docter,he suggested me BTN Forte,Winofit,Scalp Shampoo..I continued with these for about 6 Months but didnt get any by day my hair is getting thin. Plzzz help me out to regrow my lost hair.

  100. hi sir i have lost my frontal hair….n i guess i am having wisdom baldness.sir plz tell me vot to do to get them back…i actually want to improve my hairline…sir plzz provide some geniuine remedy for it..hope u vl reply to my query asap…thnx

  101. Hello,
    I recently got my hair bleached by a professional. When she was doing the process it was not that bad, but when she applied the toner it started burning. She did not leave it on too long and I did tell her it was burning and she said it would be ok. Well 2 weeks later my hair is falling out and I am terrified. Will i be able to regrow my hair or is it permanently damaged. This is the first major chemical process I have done in years and I am just kicking myself for this. There were some crusty like patches on my head after not so much scabbing. I’m so stressed about this.

  102. my hair is getting thin day to day.
    I observed that my hair roots are getting too weak, please help me before it gets too late. pls pls pls 🙁

  103. I am 19 year old,i lost my hairs rapidly .i almost lost my hairs in 2months. and i am very worried about hair falling .let me help to contrl hair falling and regrow hair as i am also facing stomach problm since last 2years.

  104. I have oily scalp it produces excessive amout of oil daily and i used to shampoo every day and this causes hair thinning and hair loss tell me how to deal oily scalp

  105. My hair started to fall. I was scared,why me ,I’m only 21 years old,however they started fall with long hair,,,but months later , not long hair were falling but short and small,,so do I worried about this

  106. I am 22 now I have hair loss from my college days I have tried many way to stop hair loss but it not stopped now it have been reduced my thickness of the hair and it made blade in the front and back side due to this I have been very sad and I cannot be confident in any work and with friends too so plz give the way through which I can grow my hair very soon

  107. Hi. My hair in the rightside of the back of my head is considerably thinner than other parts of my hair. My front has shown no sign of receding. Is there any specific reason why only the back part of my hair is thinning. From what i have seen online, people have either only a receding hairline or both hair their hair line receding and their back thinning. But i have only have the thinning at the back. Upon closer examination, i can also see the follicles are still there but there doesnt seem to be any hair coming from there. is there a way of stimulating the follicles there to produce hair. Thanks in advance. I am only 18 btw.

  108. please help,my 17 year old son has suddenly started showing signs of baldness in the center of the head.need help.thanks

  109. Hi,
    I am loosing my hair very fast especially from 2 months back . actually i am planning for an hair treatment . its like 6 sittings they are calling it TRP treatment will it works , is it worth taking it please suggest me . and i lost half of my hair

  110. i had HAIR LOSS problem but now it stopped,My hair in my front and all side have become very thin and few hv fallen.How to regrow it fast?
    and also need a strong hair

  111. i had HAIR LOSS problem but now it stopped,My hair in my front and all side have become very thin and few hv fallen.How to regrow it and also need a strong hair

  112. Sir I am suffering from hair loss from 3-4 years. I am 22, male. My hairs have gone and they are getting thinner. Please suggest me some thing

  113. sir i am alok ,i am 20 years old and i am suffering from hair loss problem please tell me how i can get back my hairs please

  114. please tell me the solution for the hair fall on front side for my head.i am using lot of chemical and ayurvedic product but nothing helpfull to me…please give any solution for me

  115. Hi I saw your thing and thought it was interesting. Um i’m real depressed …. I have multiple things going on with my body healthwise and i’ve noticed my hair has thinned a lot… My sjogren doc says it isn’t from that, Do u think its from my hormones not being right 🙁 I honestly just want my hair good again :'( People have been so mean lately about it. I almost feel like trying the hair shampoo system stuff :/ I don’t know i’d appreciate any advice. We have been trying to fix my hormone problem but nothing with me is ever a easy fix. Thank you.

  116. Hi,
    I am 29 years old male. I am loosing my hair from past 8 years. I have used many products and tablets to reduce the fall. My scalp is a oily one. Daily I take head bath using mild shampoo. But aft some hours of bath my scalp again generates oil. I am very frustrated with the hair loss. My hair became very thin and the scalp is visible in front and back region. Still the hair loss is continuing. I am trying many natural methods to reduce the scalp oil but still I can find better results. Lastly I thought of going for hair transplantation but I can’t afford if the cost is higher. Can you suggest me the solution to get rid of oily scalp and hair loss.

  117. I am 25 years old suffering from huge hairfall for last 4 years.. Now I have developed male pattern baldness.. Front portion of my skull is nearly empty. I have tried several shampoos, hair oil, hair revitaliser but nothing worked. Can something be done about it?

  118. I have lost hair in front and back. I think it is turning into baldness. Please suggest some measures to regrow my hair.

  119. Hi
    I am 14 years old and I think my hairline is receding
    its not so bad but I used to have very fine and thick hair and I never cared about my hairline because it was like a line and perfect
    but now everything’s changed and my hair has receded its really rough and I have a lot of small hairs on my hairline ( A LOT ) that doesn’t grow above a certain height
    P.S I would really appreciate it if you could provide a nutrition plan and a remedy
    please help me and I cannot buy your eBook(lots of reasons)
    so……any alternative
    Thank You

  120. im from ethiopia.i tried many times to get any medicinal remedy gor lost pls tell ho to get it.thanks.

  121. Hii……
    I m 17 yrs old boy….
    Nd i have lost my hairs..due to dht…nd it is still continue …..i m very sad due to this…my hairs are very thin nd falling each time…..
    Plzzz so me the way by which i can get my hair back….thankyou…….

  122. Hii,
    I am 25 year. i am getting bald from front. i have tried lot of home remedy & treatment but its not effective. Please help

  123. Hi I’m 32yrs old having severe hair loss since 5 yrs. My hair became thinner and I can see gaps on my front portion looking bald How to regrow lost hair Plz help me
    Thanks in advance

  124. myforehead hair has completely lost my front hair is falling day by day plese suggesst me the to regain & regrown my fallen hair please help me.

  125. this year in august i would turn 17 ,,i have lost hair from the corners….its look like m shape,,,,,,,i have noticed this change in just 6 months..i was losing hair rapidly just moving the hairs slightly7-8 hair would fall,i viseted to a dematologist ,he prescribed me minoxidil 5%,,,it increased my hairloss,,but after some time i found new hair growing but the growth was very slow,,, so stopped using it and shaved my head,,now iam looking for natural ways to grow hair from corners,,,my hair follicle from bald area is not dead as i could see it with a tourch but there is no growth in them

  126. I have hair fall problem since 2007. But from last 8 months hair fall has increased a lot and now my front has very few hairs. One can easily see scalp through them.
    Please help me

  127. I’m suffering from hair loss very badly,I lost my hair from three years,I went to doctor but could not get profit. Almost 50% scalp is bald. I want to regrow hair on my scalp. Can it possible?

  128. hello sir
    I m facing a hair loss problem since last 3 hair is suffering from dandruff,my hair is thin and falling everyday,i m worried about this.pls suggest me some treatment for regrow my hair,
    i will be very thankful to you.

  129. hello !!!
    Am 22 right now and I have started losing my hairs since i was20 and my front part of hairs are so thin that any 1 could find out am losing hairs and also my centre part of the head I have started losing hairs.!! And my hairs are so weak that even if I comb I could see a bunch of hairs in my comb and they are not so strong.
    Kindly suggest as how can I stop losing it and I don’t want to turn bald .

  130. My hair are falling from last 3 years now I am 22 year old tell me what iz th rzn and how to rergrow my hair?

  131. Please am losing lots of hair at d front of my head nd it’s getting really annoying. Is there a way I can grow them back. I will love to know. Thanks

  132. I had very thick hair in school and college and until 2 years back, but gradually hair fall started due to dandruff and now its 30% of my initial thickness. It looks very ugly as forehead portion is very thin and scalp is seen due to this. I am very depressed now and have started hating my hair :). I am 32 years old, please suggest if it is possible to regain initial thickness of my hair.

  133. hi..iam 21 and i have lots of hair fall….density of my hair is getting less…
    can i get thick hair

  134. Hey; I am Jst 16 yr old but my frontal part of head is somewhat getting bald..this is bcoz due to my regular hairstyle
    But I can’t change that as I am facing hectic study schedule.
    Plz help me by suggesting some home remedies to Increase hair growth..

  135. hi, my age is 17, and i have lost my hairs from corners of frontside from both sides and my front portion have lost hairs … now it is bald from front…. and the loss hair also started from all head but i shaved my head and after that it stopped but i want to grow the lines of fallen hair from front and corners aswell… thank u for this service

  136. hello,
    my name is zubair, i am 24 years old. I have lost alot of hair and my hair is still falling. Is there any way i could possibly get my hair back ? i really need your help.

  137. Hi, I have always had baby hair in The front but am also experiencing hair thinning on the front of the scalp. Please suggest quick remedy.

  138. Hello Sir!! I am very much suffering from hair loss from front side . I got big forehead and i also loss hair from front … whenever i go out i wear cap because i feel very shy due to my hair loss. I am just 20 here.. Please Help Me with Some Tips.

  139. i m also suffring from hair loss… getting bald almost from top of my head and i m only 21 year old my hairs became more thiner..can u help me ..if yes so tell me how..plzzz…

  140. Hello sir.
    Actually i m suffring from hair loss from last 3years from front and up of the my head, so plz give some info or suggestion to regrow my all hair if is it possible, and can I regain my hair in sm short duration.plz help 25yrs old

  141. I had very thick hair.Slowly,the volume of my hair started decreasing because of continuous hairfall.Whenever I apply hair oil or take headbath I lose lots of hair.As a result I lost hair in the front and my scalp is clearly visible.Kindly suggest me a solution to overcome my hair fall and regain my hair growth.

  142. Hello I am Ali Raza, my age is 28 my hears are continue sly fall from last 3 years can you suggest me what to do

  143. I am Currently suffering from hair loss and this is leading me to depression is there any way to regain my lost hair specially the frontal hair as that is the major hair loss portion and how to avoid further hair loss, is their any Ayurveda medicine/ oil that helps to regrow hair without any side effect.

  144. My hair is starting to recede into a horse shoe shape and going thin but the sides of my head is thick with hair how can i get the top to be thick as well.

  145. Hi!
    I had been sufferning from Trichotillomania (hair-pulling disorder). I am left with bald patches in my head. I donot have any fungal infection or dandruff or any other thing that causes hair loss. The only reason for the bald spots is Trichotillomania . Please tell me how can I regrow hair now? please help me out. anxiously waiting for your reply.

  146. Hi
    I have am suffering hair loss for a few years now. I loose long strands of hair every time i wash my hair and when it is air drying. My hair has become very thin from the front and from sides. i also have white stuff in my hair. Have used all sort of oils but not helping. I want to stop my hair loss and gain my hair back. Hair is also very dry and prone to breakage. Please tell me what i can do,

  147. Hi, i am 22 years old guy.i had severe hair loss and hair became very thinner and i can see the gaps in hairlines of my forehead. so please sir can u give a suggestion because its very hard to go outside without hair n its reduces my confidence level and makes me stressful minded one… pls advise me…

  148. I am suffering from heavy hair loss.
    Specially my hair on my front head is completely vanished and it also appears clearly.
    Please tell me what to do??

  149. hi ,
    I am feeling very bad because iam loosing my hair day by day. can I regain my hair . please help me get my hair regrown.

  150. Hi, I’m only 16 and have lost a fair amount of hair on the top of my head. I don’t use heat or any styling products at all. I eat extremely healthy and exercise regularly. I only use shampoo and conditioner to 1-2 times a week and they have no Sulphates in them at all. I drink plenty of water as well. I don’t know what to do anymore? Can you please help?

  151. I have been losing hair in the front and a little spot in back. Will it grow back honestly. Every time I shampoo I have so much hair fall out I can’t even style my long hair anymore please help

  152. my hairs are falling day by day and i m losing my hope to get them back. are there any chances to get them back ??

  153. Hi there,
    I am a 17 year old male, I have a good head of hair however, the temple parts of my hair are quite far backwards, I used to have blonde hairs there that filled it out but they have gone now. And it’s annoying. Can I grow these back and make them thick like the rest of my hair?

  154. Hiee Chris,
    I am 24 yrs old. and i lost so many hairs in last year….is the regrowth of hair is possible…if yes plz suggest me something…. 🙁 🙁

  155. Plzz help me i hav dandruff and im losing my hairs too ..will the fallen hairs will grew back at the age of 20?? Since i am losing my hairs from the root tip (hair root) plzz give me suggestions as soon as possible

      1. MY hair is thinning from the last 2 years and now iam partially bald,please suggest me some techniques for hair regrowth

      2. I am losing hair from 3 years slightly as I have curly hair.I was unable to cover the lost places.I got lost only at left very tiny bust I am getting my hair thinner plz can I regain my hair back plz tell me.

      3. HI!

  156. hllo sir, i am 22 my hair r falling continuously from last 3 months n I noticed that I am suffering from alopecia hair r falling more from crown I strtd some treatment like foligain a doctor recommended me bt it doesn’t make any sense at all..m doing massage of scalp bt wenevr I comb after massage my hair fall more..i even strtd to take propr diet bt nothing seems so much reliable.. what should I do it possible to regrow my hair? or any way to stop my hair fall plzz suggest me some shampoo or anything DAT work 4 me.m really worried its my beauty sign though

  157. Hi Chris,
    I am suffering from hairloss for last one a days i can see my scalp through and some bald patches are there in corner of two sides of my forehead.please tell me how to regrow hair on those bald patches as well as in temple area.

  158. i starting losing hair from front at the age of 38. as a women it seems very bad. can you please suggest me how i stop losing my hair and regrowth of hair.

  159. Hi, Iam a 18 year boy I have hair loss problem from last 1 year.i tried many thing but nothing happen.earlier I have very thick hair but not they are not and so I shaved up my all hair and can u tell me what should I do to regrow my lost hair .

  160. i have hair loss problem since from 6 years, i took a treatment in cutis for 2 years but i didnt get more hair now balded my front sides. minimum hair is there now with hair falling daily 4-5 hair. i want hair for front side and more hair without hair loss. is it possible..???

  161. I am allso suffering from hair loss, please help me how to regrowth my hair and tell me is it possible ?

  162. Hi,
    I’m facing hair loss issue for last 5 to 6 years. mainly the hair on top portion of head became very thin. i.e. half of the hair is lost. Have used many medicines and consulted doctors but no big use. Please help. I really want to regrow my lost hair. It would be a great help.
    best regards.

  163. I have a thick hair before to years back and now I lost my hair totally. More hair fall due to dandruff and I have escaped from that. Now I want regrow my hair. Is there any possible to regrow my hair back.

  164. Hey Vhris,
    I am facing hair fall problem and its almost I lost 40% of my hair on top and front area of my head plz suggest me some treatment so that my closed hair follicle will regrow and density of hairs on head will get increased
    or shall i undergo hair transplant treatment
    waiting for you reply


  166. I am very depressed due to my hair loss mostly from the centre of my head. I have bad digestive problem,dandruff, itching, dry scalp.. Kindly suggest me something that could help me out of this problem.. My age is 23.

  167. i am suffering from hair loss & dandruff too….n lost some back age is 18.can i regrow my hair back?

  168. I’m 17 and female. I’ve never had any hair loss issues until last year. For some unknown reason i have been experiencing profuse hail fall and there has been no stopping since then. I did not worry about it much until now as i’m seeing this really small hole on my forehead that has only been expanding. I could not help but notice that my hair has also thinned out drastically. Though i dont think i have got any bald spots yet but im worried they might appear sooner than later. Hair loss at such a tender age is not normal i believe. Is there anyway i could halt this sudden hair shedding and regrow my lost hair? Also, the loss of how many hair strands is normal on daily basis? Thanks

  169. I have lost almost 90 % of my hair in past 15 years, since i was 16 yrs.
    Few months backs i meet with an doctor also but nothing positive i found.
    Is this possible to regrow my hairs?
    Need your help.

  170. I’m 22 years old,I had hairloss problem but now it stopped,bt in my front side hair is very thin and few have fallen .how to regrow it fast.ples help sir

  171. Ja perco cabelo a muitos anos….gostava que me ajudasse a reverter a queda e recrescer o cabelo onde ja nao existe….obrigado

  172. Hi,
    I am 36 years old, I am loosing hair a lot now a days and they have become so thin. Could you please let me how can I regain my lost hair and how can I stop hair loss.
    Thanks Admin,

  173. Dear sir. I am 24 years old. I lost my hair density because I have dandruff since the age of 17. Now my head almost look like bald. Please help me…

  174. I’m loosing my hair cause of my stress, not getting enough sleep, not eating healthy food. I’m using hair extension because my hair got thin and short. How can I make my hair grow back again.”? I miss the way my hair looks before. Any suggestions!

  175. I was recently diagnosed with lupus of the scalp,can you please help me regrow my hair. I have several bald spots and legions throughout my scalp and I’m currently using desoximetasone ointment and want to regrow my hair,do you have any suggestions for me and I would greatly appreciate it. Thanks in advance.

  176. I am 26 yrs old.and i lost so many hairs in last2-3 yea.Is the regrowth of hair is possible…if yes plz suggest me something

  177. Im feeling very bad bcose of my lost hair….Plz tell me how to get back the hairs on the head.mostof the hairs are fallen from front side of hair.plz tell me the solution.

  178. Hii
    I am just 23 and i am losing my hairs on both side of my head just like pattern hair fall…please suggest what can i do.
    Even in my family no one have baldness.

  179. Iam 15years old boy
    plz give me some advice or suggestion i m losing my hair from front of my head m just 15th age….regrow of hair is possible at this age??
    Plz give any best treatment to my email.
    I hope your replay fast.

  180. Hi Chris,
    I’ve had hair loss since 16. Now, I’m 17 and it has become way better and new hairs are regrowing due to healthy eating, scalp exercise, and onion juice application on scalp. Thin areas are filling up but the main problem is the small bald spot on the crown. It appears to be filling but it is taking time. Do you have any suggestions for good hair regrowth and how I can rapidly increase the rate of regrowth?

  181. I’m a black 24 yr old man I been going bald on the top since I was 22 I was wondering how can I make my hair grow back I don’t want to cut it all off

  182. hi about an year ago before coming dubai my hair was very thick when i came here it start falling now i am becoming bald i have bald spot on the top of my head even hair front also falling i am 25 year old what should i do please tell me and my hairs are dry

  183. Hi! I am of 18 years and female. Since 16 or 15 my hair on the front part started to thin. Then I shaved off all the hair hoping that my hairs would grow back. When I shaved at all the bald spots were filled. But when my hair came to shoulder position it started to fall again and the same spots became bald. I am mentally devasted as I used to have very gorgeous black volumous hair and my parents still have very nice hair but why me? Please help me.

  184. I have been able to reverse my hair loss through a change and diet and quitting smoking. I had an exciting surprise when zi noticed my hair was growing back. I have the tiny blond hairs all over the bald spots up front. – Would you be so kind as to tell me about how long you think it will take for those hairs to darken and thicken up?

  185. Hi. My front hair started receding some four months ago,and now my scalp has not recovered the fiance is also suffering from typical male baldness. Please help us sir,so that our children don’t end up getting bald too.BTW I’m 21

  186. Hi,
    I am 39 years old female loosing hair in the front middle has thinned so much it is visible and the scalp is seen clearly.
    please suggest me how my hair can regrow.will it grow back.

  187. hello myself kinjal. i m suffering hair loss till last five. i m on 5th stage in men balding stage. i m totally loose at crown shape form top. so is it possible to regrow hair. i used many medicine by dermatologist advises but there is no change. I had also took treatment from some well known brands like Rich feel, Dr. Batra, Segals solution, etc. but the result is zero..willu make changes to regrow hair.
    some of this told that there is no medicine found to regrow hair in the world. is it?
    waiting for ur reply soon. help me out.
    Thank you.

  188. i have lost allmy hair, they were beautifull and thick,i try to avoid stress but seems its within me default 🙁 my hair have turned so thin that skin is visible,please suggest me something to regrow my hair, i’ll follow everything with full caution then.. Thank you and Regards.

  189. Hey,
    I am 25 and I started loosing my hair like a 5 months ago. I am getting bald and really need some good advice on how to get my hair back? My mood is changing a lot because of that and I am getting depressed.
    Thanks a lot!

  190. Hello,
    Am now 28, I started losing my hair 4-5 years ago. And now am completely bald. I lost hopes of getting my hair back but in the recent years some how am getting confidence that there should be some way to regain the lost hair. Am trying to find the solution from every possible way. Even this is my sincere attempt to find the solution from you. Please, tell me frankly weather it is possible to regrow hair or its waste of time. Help is really appreciated mate. thanks in advance.

  191. I’m 25years hair is curly.but I’m losing my my hair centre part is fully thin and I have hair on forehead but center is thin.I’m getting fear Weather I get bald ? Please give some suggestion to regrow my hair…

  192. Dear Sir,
    I am 22 year old boy.I was using shampoo on daily basis was putting long hair and not using oil on head.My hair is thin and dry.My hair have became thinner on front portion head although the hair in back and both sides of head is alright.How long would it take take to grow hair again on front side of head and can it be grown again?

  193. Hi, I am suffering from male pattern baldness. I am 21 years old and I can see that none of my friends are suffering from this and it is very embarrasing and depressing. I have heard that Male pattern baldness cannot be fixed and hair will not grow back. I was just looking for a little bit of hope. I’ve researched and heard that DHT stops blood flow to the follicles and hair does not grow. If i look closely where my hairline used to be and my forehead I still see very very thin little hairs. I was wondering if that helps even a little bit. Is it possible to grow back hair? I’ve actually been on this website a significant number of times, I never had the courage to post anything until now.

  194. Hello sir, i m 24 years old boy. Lastyear i decided to reduce my wieght.
    I was 80 kgs.
    I started dieting and exercise a lot , many times i dont used to eat mylunch and dinner at al.
    I got success to reduce 20 kgs within 3 months.
    But myhair started falling from sides and on the top.
    Plz guide me should i increase my weight or is there hope for me , i m unmarried and still virgin

  195. Hi, m 23 years old. N i used to have healthy and heavy volume hair.but during my second year of college I suddenly started loosing hair .Don’t know the reason yet.N now m almost left with 50% of the volume.I have dandruff problem as well.M using selsum shampoo for that.
    I really want that volume back in my hair.
    Please could you suggest something which will work out for me.please .

  196. I just turned 38, but I have been suffering from female pattern hair loss since I was 18 yrs-old. I tried different treatments that didn’t work. I’m on Pill Food and Minoxidil, but feeling hopeless. Considering my condition, could I still have (some of) my lost hair back? Doctors say I can’t.

  197. Hello,
    I am 23years old boy, I have problem of oily scalp after wash of the next day my scalp will be oily due to that my hairs falling. From past 1 year I have this problem, I don’t even know how it came and why it came. Now center of my head have very thin hairs I tried so many things to clear this oily scalp.
    It my humble kindly request please help me to get this problem cleared and to grow my thin hair back to thick hair…
    Please suggest me… Your help may my further longtime happines.

  198. I am 19 and I face sudden hair loss. I lost almost half of my hair in less that six months. Is this androgenic alopecia..? And what can I do now.?

  199. Hi,
    I am monty, I am 29 and I started loosing hair when I was 18 since thn I started keeping trimmed head I do feel some hair on the top of my head but the volume is less than that on the side and th back of my head.
    I havnt tried anything to grow them back because of the fear that nothing is gonna happen but if there is any way to grow it back thn I would try it.
    I stay in delhi…….plz help me out……

  200. Sir i have lost my 70/ of my hair. My i am afraid of lossing my all hair. I am so desperate to get my hair back. I am in great depression because of my hair . plz plz kindly help me how can i regrow my hair.

  201. Thinning hair and loosing a lot of it. Don’t know why this is happening. Baldness doesn’t run in my family. And I’m becoming very depressed over this

  202. I losing my hair at the front line of the head.can be hair implying any hair restoration techniques.plse suggest me some tips which are very effective..

  203. hello sir i have lost my hair in my fore
    head and up but i too have some hair ,so
    can u please say how my hair is placed
    and what is dormant treatment please
    say how can i get my hair back in a short
    help me sir I’ll give back my hair

  204. Hi Chris,
    i am suffering from hair loss since 2009 and have lost 30-40% of hairs and resulting bald on the sides of forehead. These all happened due to lot of stress. I do not have jeans problem. I believe that i will get hairs that i had in 2009.
    So please prescribe me home remedies as i am much interested in home remedies or something else by which i can regrow my lost hair. My hairs are very thick and dry also.
    Thanks in advance.

  205. My hair is so thin and frizzy and generally scattered across the head… I understand that i had thick curly hair as a young child but things changed when i became a teen it is also so brown compared to how black n healthy it looked. Help me have my childhood hair back. Thankyou.

  206. my hairs have been falling for 2 years now.i have consulted doctars.first one gave me minoxin spray which grew my hair back and my head was full with in months but after i stopped using minoxin my hair started falliing even another doctar (dermatologist )has suggested me to start minoxin again and now i am consuming tablet genesis 1 per day..i have been using it for one month or more but result isnt good…plus i massage my scalp with fingertips for 10 minutes every other day but hairs fell even more with that..please tell me what to do???

  207. Hi
    kindly help me
    my age is 25 & I loss my front sides hair & my hair looks like a (v) shap i want to regrowth my hair

  208. Dear Chris,,,
    I had a Beautiful hair year before but after I shaved my hair once I’m losing lot of hair, even I’m going bald,,,last October mine head had full of hairs but now its full vanish,,,please help me with this.

  209. Dear Chris,,,
    I’m 24 years old.
    I had a Beautiful hair year before but after I shaved my hair once I’m losing lotof hair, even I’m going bald,,,last October mine head had full of hairs but now its full vanish,,,please help me with this.
    Please tell me the nutritional and tablets names that helps to regrow hair on my head,

  210. Hey I am having thin hairs and I am having hair loss from side ways of my forehead I am a teenager can I grow them back…

  211. Please help. My hair has always been my pride and fucking joy. I figured since it is pretty damn healthy, it could deal with some bleach damage. And I figured the master stylist who did all the color-corrections would know how much would be too much. I was wrong, and now I want to burst into tears every time I look at my hair or touch it. I just don’t know what to do. my hair has also NEVER been shorter than this and it breaks and falls out. What should i do to regrow hair?

  212. I am 26 yrs old. and i lost so many hairs in last year….is the regrowth of hair is possible…if yes plz suggest me something… –

  213. Loosing lot of hair in front and in middle, use to have thick hair, I am loosing self esteem now, need your help how can I grow them back, also have seen thickening of my feet nails and thumb are they related ? Please help

  214. Hi Chris,
    I’m 23 and my hair is thinning at the front each side, please can you give me some information on how to slow this down?

  215. Hai am gayathri and i’m 24 only ,mother of a girl baby… having hair loss problem for last 7 months…. half of it just gone,remaining hair also looking very thin & lifeless…… i am having a dandruff problem i thought coz of dandraff am having hair fall… i went to a dermatolagist, doc gave me dandruff shampoo name Keraglo-AD rich in ketoconazole,ichthyol pale, D-panthenol…. i am using tat shampoo in alternative days yeah really i got free from dandruff… But am still having little hair loss…. And Doc told me to talk thyroid & other nutrition test tat test result is also very normal & fine…. He said this hair fall is due to hair follicle damage and he prescribed MINTOP PRO (Procapil Hair Therapy) Is this will really work for me? coz i want my dense hair back…..
    Am i really having this hair follicle problem?…And another doubt is should i have to continue this MINTOP PRO for my life time to retain my hair….. plz give some suggestion bcoz am really worried and confused…..

  216. Hi … I m 20 years old …. I am continously losing my hairs day by day from front portion and sides …..plz give some suggesstion to stop falling of my hairs and also get my thick hairs back ….

  217. my hairs have become thin…and there is a hair loss….n because of thin hairs my scalp is easily seen….what can i do for it? n i have read all your replay sir…what is your ebook sir can u please suggest me? im 19 years old..

  218. Hiii…..I Am Experiencing Hair Loss For Last 6 Months….I Think That It Happens Because Of Using Harsh And Strong Chemicals Of Starightners and Hair Gel and I was Also A Not Foody…Now I Have Stopped These Things When I Realised Hair Loss…Big Hair Loss Is spotted at My Front Area Of A Side…So Is There Any Cure For This…

  219. hellooo i have hair loss ptoblem since 1 year…i’m 19 year old..i lost hairs front and top of the head please tell me how can i regrow my hairs again

  220. I am 16 year old boy I masturburate after 2-3 day gap but now I am suffering from hairfall is masturburation is the reason for hairfall if yes plz give me a solution

  221. hi..I am 22yr male and suffering from hairfall from 4yrs ,I have much dandruff problem which causes itching,foul smell from hairs ..etc I have consulted many doctors but no one is able to cure it they prescribe the minoxidil lotions and finasteride tab. they made my hair smwhat dense but when I stop them again my scalp become clearly seen as I have loss much of hairs from front and side -side corner hairs is increasing with a rapid rate plzz help me what should I scalp is getting visible day by day when I take bath much hairfall can be seen

  222. hello … I am 20years old … I have lost my hair from forehead and side portion as well …. So plz sir give me some suggestion …. How can I get my hair back …..

  223. Hi,
    I am Mahesh.
    I have a typical problem. After I take a head bath I feel that I am having good amount of hair. But after a day from head bath my scalp will get oily and some gaps will be visible. After 24 hours from head bath, if I apply oil, my condition will become even worse and I feel like that I am having bald spots. Because of this I am taking head bath every day, will it damage my hair? Is it advisable to take head bath on daily basis. I am 26 years old male

  224. my hair falls too much when i wash it with shampoo,water even herbal powder.iam 19 years old but becoming bald is there any solution to get my hair back

  225. Hi! About one and a half year ago, so in 2013, I lost literally 2/3 of the thickness of my hair. Back then I had a bad relationship and ate nothing anymore, as a result of this stress (half a year long) I lost hair and a lot of weight. I must say my hair was long then and I colored it a lot, like pink, red, black and blond. I had to cut of my hair to my chin because of the dryness and thiness. My hair became pretty dry after all of this. Now almost two years later, I got longer hair again (approx over my shoulders), I had to keep that short bob until all the colored hair was gone. My hair is shiny again and it is a little thicker, but still not as thick as it used to be. Do you know what I can do? I want it to be as thick as it was again 🙂 (I am sorry if it was very bad English 🙂 )

  226. Sir,
    I am constantly loosing my hair.I have lost most of hair from front portion of head.
    And amount of hair on other portion of head are reduced to almost half .They used to be very thick a year ago. Help me on this.

  227. Hi Chris
    Is it possible to get regrow hairs . I lost many hairs in past 3 years . Now I left with very thin hairs on my scalp & it started balding also

  228. Sir .. i’m 18 year old and i have lost my hairs from corners of frontside from both sides. My hair loosing 1 year then not stop it what i do to regrow my lost hair plz give me some advice or suggestions …..

  229. HI Mate,
    I am 26 years old and from past 3-4 years I am facing hair loss. As you said in above article most of my hairs have become thin and eventually it fall with tiny white color but at end (i believe its called hair root). Can you suggest how can i regrow the fallen hair.

  230. I have hair loosed problem since 2013 . I have taken some medicines but still I’ve same problem. Please suggest some methods to me for getting my loosed hair and I want to be thick hair. Please mail to me.

  231. Hello, I am suffering from hairloss since last two weeks. I am using all the oils like oil of sarso,coconut,etc.But nothing is working. I have gone to the doctor also He said that It is happening because of Pitt. I have dandarf also in my head. Sometimes I scared that i may loss all my hair.Please help me with some effective suggestions that can reduce my hairloss.I am 19 year old.

  232. hii..iam losing my hair from age 17..i used to have very thick iam 21..i lost my hair on forehead and centerline….and my hair became very scalp is visible…i tried many products and nothing worked at all..almost more than half of my hair is lost…i alwys take care of my hair..nd i dont feel strees donno y 🙁 please help me out..i want to regrow my hair hair back

  233. Hi Chris,
    I was wondering if you had any solutions to hair loss and how to regrow it back. I have a balding on the sides of my hairline but it’s covered up by my curly hair, but I don’t wanna have to cover it up anymore. I’ve been for 3 years since the hair loss started, I’m 18 years old and I just want know some solutions or ways to get it back if i can.

  234. Hi,
    I am 37 years old now. I had my hair before but when I was 28-29 years old, I did a lot of detoxification and diet, at first my hair was thick and my skin was glowing but I continued with the detoxification and diet but the next couple of months I noticed my hair looked so thin drastically. A problem I never had before and it has gotten worse over time to the point that I have lost all my hair on the top and I look completely bald now. Do I have any hope of growing it back. My Dr. also told me I had a liver problem when I was about 26 years old

  235. i hav dandruff and im losing my hairs too …in my middle head getting little bald how to grow middle place plssss tell the solution my age 19

  236. my name is Mohit. I m 20 years old. I have lost my 30 percent hairs. can you tell me how to regrow my lost hairs.

  237. Hey , Chris I am navneet 25 year old , from last 4 year I am suffering from hair loss , please help me to regrowth my hair

  238. My hairs are vry curly and m troubling everyday from the problm of hairfall and after every was …i cn’t comb my hairs bcoz of too much curly haies problm…. plzz guide me for this…

  239. I have been losing my hair for the past few years, it’s now in the shower and in the sink and in my hands when I run my hands through it. Can you please help me?
    Also I have alopecia barbae, will this help with that as well, or can you recommend anything that will help grow my beard back? I’m getting really fed up and depressed. I also just found out I have a MTHFR gene mutation, and I’m fairly certain this could be connected to my alopecia, anxiety, skin rashes, acne due to an elevated level of histamine.

  240. Hi. I’ve been shedding drastically the past 6 months from a normal head of hair to very weak and large spacing between hair follicles. Can the frequent use of coconut oil and castor oil massaging & leaving overnight help regrow lost hair? Or is that just a myth?…Thanks

  241. I was having a good hair amount like 6 months back den suddenly my hair line from the forehead started pushing backwards nd the hair strands getting thiiner… What should i do?? And shaving d head will it help??

  242. I have a major hair loss problem and at the age of 24, I have lost any hairs on front and became kinda bald. Please let me know what can be done or to visit anyone near Faridabad, Haryana.

  243. Hi admin, ihave been sufferinf hair loss for a year. A im 21 yrs old i am scared tht im becoming bld so early.. plss help me how to stop and regrow my hair.. thnxxx

  244. I m a 21 year old guy n I m losing my hair a lot.the top port has become so thin..I really m worried losing so much hair at this age.please suggest me something so that my crown area hair gets dense.I m so worried

  245. Can you please help me. I have been experiencing hair fall for about an year. It all started when i was 17. For the first eight months i did’nt care much as my hair was thick. But soon i started experiencing a loss in volume. It did’nt feel full. And during the last four months hairs started falling rapidly. Now whenever i look at the mirror or brush my head i can see the scalp through the hairs. I am 18 now and do want to lose hairs at least at the age of 18. It bothers me seriously. Can you please help me with procedures, advices and any other kind of help. I will be really thankful. And please do give serious measures which work. Regards. Thanks

  246. Sir,i am 22 years old.i have severe hair loss from last 3 years and my hair became thinner and i can see the many lines in my please sir can u give a suggestion beacuse as I’m loosing my hairs ,I’m loosing my confidence too

  247. I am suffering from hair loss, tried alot of stuff & medication but nothing seems to be working lost almost half my hair…
    It all started with some skin infection which was not diagnosed in time when is should have been treated for skin disorder i was treated for hair fall problem after a changes in doctor he mentioned that the skin infection and dandruff is causing the hair fall problem by then i had lost half my hair., is there anything i can do to get the baldness disappear? and get my lost hair back.
    I have used minidoxil, hair supplement, etc nothing seems to work
    let me know what you think of it.

  248. Hi,
    I feel that I have lost a bit of hair in the last year. Though it isnt evident from pics but whenever I see myself in the mirror under direct light I feel my hair density has reduced. What should I do to increase the density and thickness of my hair?

  249. Hi… can you help me about my hair loss.. i have been experiencing it for a year. How can I stop hair loss? can I grow my hair back? pls help me thnxx

  250. I have hairloss from age of 15.Its just fallig from everywhere(from sides,fronts,back).I used to have dandruff but now its greatly reduced.Also there is a decrease in hairfall.I want regrow my hair lost during that time.

  251. I m 17, I have hairloss and I want to regain hairs on corners of my forehead please give me some suggestions

  252. Hi!
    I am a 51 year olite woman. I have had over all thinning for 13 years. Now it is so thin in my forehead that it can never look nice. I feel very very bad about this. When I wasee younger I had a lot of Lively hair. Now its just thin and very dry.
    Do you think there is help for me? I eat healthy and I massage my scalp but it doesn’t seem to help. Feeling depressed and cant think of anything else….

  253. I am a 17years male. I used to have a thick hair even before a year .I have a lot of dandruff . I have Experienced hair only in the last 10months . I have hair Loss at the sides . is possible to regrow that hair .. Suggestion please

  254. Hello, I’m a 20 year old girl who is suffering from hair fall. My hair is very thin. It is very thin for my age. Especially from the front part. It’s very embarrassing. Cause the scalp is very shiny when I stand in the sun. Actually it wasn’t so thin before. It was ok ok. When I was 16 I got this hair dryer and I used it everyday. Like literally EVERY DAY. And my hair started falling. And it’s not growing back anymore. I always oil it ever since. But no results nothing. My mother said that my scalp is red from the front part and I think it’s because of the hair dryer.? That’s why it killed the gaiety follicles. Please tell me if there’s a way to grow it back? Please.

  255. I lost my in last 10months only.
    I used to have a lot of dandruff and I used to sweat a lot as I paly football regularly

  256. Hi,
    I am 22 years old boy. It is almost a month that i am going experiencing loss of my hair. I tried for medication but it is not working and the the hair growth tonic and your prescribed shampoos is not available here..
    What can i do sir..
    Please help me.

  257. Hi,
    I am 22 years old boy. It is almost a month that i am going experiencing loss of my hair. I tried for medication but it is not working and the the hair growth tonic and your prescribed shampoos are not available here..
    What can i do sir..
    Please help me.

  258. Hello sir, i am 26 year old. Sir i am facing masive hair loss problem since last two year. Sir my hair fall started from center of my skell. And sir i am also informed to you whenbi was 11 to 13 year old at that times my hair goning to white cause that i am using lots of hair color. Sir i used lots of hair oil , medicen and much more. Causes that my life is very effected. Please sir help me please

  259. Sir my hair starts falling suddenly
    plz tell me the way so that i can protect it and regain my fallen hair. I am 18 year old . None of my family have this type of problem except me

  260. I have same problem. Actually my dad also have lost their hairs. Now it came to me. In middle of head most hairs are fallen. What shud I do? Am 19 years old boy. Now a day loosing most of hairs. Please tell how. Also am in hostel.

  261. hello, i’m 21 male.. i’m facing hair fall problem since 9 month and still its going one … my worry , will it be continuing?….or it is normal in this age?? thank u……….

  262. sir… I hv dandruff… nd I am losing my hairs frm last year….I used ktx shampoo… Bt it gives me relief frm dandruff temporary nd permanently…. Nw I am 20… nd I Dnt want to lose my hair… Wt shoud I do..??

  263. sir, i’m using MInoxidil 5% drops, so what should i do? do u think i should continue using that or u’ll prefer better for me…. plz help me out as fast as u can.

  264. Hi,
    I am 25 years old. It’s been 4 years my hair are falling in crown area. My scalp is oily and after 3 days of washing my head, my scalp becomes itchy and Lil greasy. Now my hair are quite thin but there is no bald patch on scalp. Density and thinning is the main issue. I have tried rogain and minoxidil for some time. I got benefited but when I stopped using them then it started falling drastically. Now I am using onion juice to my scalp and I am pretty satisfied with the result. Hair loss is reduced. So plz Aug gest me should I stick to this therapy?
    Or you can suggest me something else.

  265. Hello Chris,
    I’m Lonnie, a 32 year old female. I was diagnosed with rheumatoid arthritis 10 months ago. Approximately 1 and 1/2 months ago my long, thick curly hair completely changed. Now I am losing hair everyday. My hair is breaking, damaged, and thinning pretty bad in the front. All you see is my scalp and the few hairs left. My question to you is,”Can I grow my hair back and stop the thinning?” My doctor is of no help. She just handed me paperwork on hair loss and sent on my way. You can imagine my concern since I’m already dealing with the RA. Now I’m very upset and I don’t know what is going on inside my body to cause this. Perhaps my immune system is attacking my hair? Maybe it was the methotrexate that I only took for 3 months? Either way I desperately need some help over here. Would your ebook be of help to a female with an autoimmune disorder?
    Thanks in advance,

  266. Hey i suffer from thinning hair,i have tryed many things but nothing has worked,can u help me? I am just 20 years old guy

  267. Due to my hair style i have lossed my hairs..usually front strands ..can i get back my hairs ..please give mi solution to grow my front hairs back….please….

  268. I have hairloss only in two corners of my forehead… part of my head is good…can i have some remedies??

  269. i m also suffring from hair loss…i m only 22 year old my hairs became more thiner..and when i am applying oil my scalp getting visible even it get wet also scalp getting visible u help me ..plzzz…

  270. Hello sir,
    I ma loosing hair on middle and back head from past six months. and the density have reduced, i can see my scalp and its so irritating, please help me on what i can do the best to regrow myhair.
    Thank you very much for ur help in advance.

  271. hi i’m only 25 years old and i am suffering hair loss from last 6 months , please tell me what can i do to regain my lost hair?

  272. Hi
    I have lost most of my hair since I was in my early 20’s – I am 46 now. What is left is some hair on the sides and back – very thin as well. My head has a very greasy complexion.
    I would very much appreciate your help in formulating an effective course of action that might reverse this process. What can I do? Can you help?

  273. Please help me I am 17 and experiencing severe hair loss for about 5-6 months and density of my hair has been reduced and bald patches is now visible please help me although i have tried some sort of treatments but that didn’t helped.Please help me i am very worried !

  274. Admin
    I have hairfall problem above forehead &center of head can suggest which hair oil is best or any aaurveik techniques plzzzzzz

  275. how i can grow hair on front part of my head …….plz give me a suggestion which vitamin is use ful for this treatment ???

  276. i am facing hair loss my age is 32. Is it possible to regrow my hair im working in humid conditions and my hair became dry and it is going towards bald and when im applying oil my scalp getting visible even it get wet also scalp getting visible.

  277. I am 18 years old and my hairs are thinning from the top. I am not losing too many hairs but the ones that shed, are not replaced by new ones. Please help!!! This is really embarrassing.

  278. Hello sir, I’m also suffering from hair loss. The hair on my front side are become thinner. Plz help me out. Thanks in advanced.

  279. I recently turned 28 and have had a lot of thinning in the past 2 years. I tweaked my back playing basketball and I’m not sure if that helped accelerate the hair loss or not. It doesn’t look too bad yet, but what can I do to keep all the hair I have now, without getting expensive treatments. My hairline is still pretty good, with some recession on the peaks and some thinning in the bald spot area and the top in general. Any good shampoos/conditions you recommend?

  280. Hi Sir,
    I am 21 years old. I had severe hair loss and hair became thinner.
    I have already lost my hairs on both the sides.
    Could you please provide me the details to get new hair.
    Neeraj Reddy.

  281. My husband is f 27yrs and since last 2 yrs his hair began to fall gradually and now the scalp can b seen easily…consulted many a doctors they said its hereditary and sm sort f andragenetic alopecia and he took minoxidil too…
    Can u plz tell a way out f this…can he gain his own hair again or transplant is d only option??

  282. Hii sir iam ram, iam 21yrs old at this age i have got bald head and so many white hairs. So i want my hair back and get rid white hairs. Can u pls suggest me how to get back.

  283. hello sir am 22yrs old i have been suffering hair fall problem since 2years ,my hair faling with roots white , and also i got baldness V shape means i lost hair LEFT and RIGHT side still my hair is falling iam trying so many home remidies to controling hair fall but not possible and is there any safest way to get my hair again suggest me sir thank you.

  284. Hello sir,
    Am having hair loss problem for past 1 year ….. I’m 24 yrs old mother of a girl child…. am having dandruff problem…. sir am having small small kind of pimple on my scalp its paining when i rub my scalp coz feeling very itchy……My dr gave me a shampoo tat rich in kentoconazole…. having small doubts how long should i use thz shampoo?….. Should i use it daily or alternative days? can i use any oil for daily….& one more ques,dr said tat may be am having hair follicle damage, its actually frighten me a lot….. If tat am having hair follicle damage, is their any possiblty to check tat whether tat am having hair follicle damage or not by myself?….. Plzz help me,coz i have lost plenty hair….. Is hair follicle damage problem is tat much worse???? Plz suggest me something…. I’m expecting positive result…..

  285. I am just 17 and facing the hair loss problem and to much hairs are loosing from both the sides of my hair line what should I do???

  286. how can i get back or restored my lost on my frontal area and i have more daindruf that causes hair loss please give some suggestion

  287. Hmmm… Im from new delhi and I lost my hair when i was of 3 years and now Im 15 someone dropped very warmed oil on me and that time I lost my some of hair from the top is there any solution for it???

  288. Hi m 27 female year back coz of medication and stress lost almost 75% of my hair.I used to have long thick hair aww I miss em. Is their anything to regain my lost hair back m still loosing though my hair are still long but very very thin. Pls help getting married next month

  289. Sir my name is yuvraj md i m just 25. I m suffering from hairloss from my mid region to temporal back and side hairs r good nd healthy.but temporal region hairs r receding day by day.i hv tried many techniques like onion juice etc but of no use.pls pls pls help me out to grow my hairs back.

  290. Hello,I am loosing lots of hairs due to child birth maybe on my right side of head day by day I am loosing lots of Plz suggest me me what do.

  291. I am riyad.
    My hair is thin, have hair loss problem.
    Im 25 years old. How can i regrow my lost hair back & have a thick full of hair as before?
    Plz give me a hopeful solution.

  292. i am having severe hair loss since 1 year, have lost about 70% of my hair, came to know my ferritin and vitamin d is low,so i am taking supplements since 3 months but no use. how do i stop my hair loss and any tips on hair regrowth, i am just worried and i have dandruff issues. i am vegetarian but i do eat eggs everyday.

  293. I am just 17 years old and i am having hair loss for last 6 Months and still continuing . I feel that there is dandruff in my hair ,could this be the reason for the hair fall or anything else. Please suggest some ways to regain my hair. Thank you!


  295. I am 17 years old..My hair keep falling after i dyed my hair..i used to have thick hair before..Since i am losing my hair from the root tip…can my hair regrowth?? Please help me..please give me suggestion as soon as possible..

    1. Do i have to buy or download your ebook..?please help me..please reply..
      I’m so depressed that my hair keep falling when i washed or brushed or sometimes by just please help me..

  296. Hiee Chris,
    I am 30 yrs old. and i lost so many hairs in last 5 years, is the regrowth of hair is possible for me. if it is possible then can you please suggest me some treatment.

  297. Sir I also have hairfall problem. I have lost my hair from front. I look all ugly when I apply even little oil. Though I m taking homeopathic medicine and using hairfall control oil,but it of no use. Please help me sir.

  298. i am 23 year old i lost most of my hair is there any way to get my hairs back if you have any solution then please suggest me i will be thank full to you

  299. Hi
    I have lost my hairs from sides of my head recently during last 3 months and that to very excessively so is there any solution to gain those hairs as soon as possible. Plz help

  300. Hello Chris, I am facing the hair fall problem from last 6yrs. I think when I first coloured my hair the hair loss problem increased enormously. Can you pls suggest how to regain my hair and make the existing ones thicker and stronger. Also most of my existing hair have gone gray. Pls provide the solution. Thanks

  301. Hi I have major hair fall and dandruff problem. Please suggest me something to save my hair loss

  302. My age is 29 and my hair was very good and thick in the year 2007 after that i had used a cream wella straight on my long hair to make it straight and from that time my hair started falling and now the situation is that my front and middle head scalp are going bald. I had used livon hair gain and mintop 2% foam but it didnot worked. So please help me to regain my hair. I am very much desperate to regain my hair so please please help me.

  303. hi sir ,
    my age is about 17 and i had a lot of thick black shiny hairs …… but 6 month ago a started masturbation .. i did over masturbation for 5 months …. since last month i had done it just one time a day or 3 , 4 times a week but from last 1 week i had left it completely.
    My problem is that due to excessive masturbation i had lost a lot of my hairs .. i had lost my hairs on my temples and i had also lost my hairs on forhead and hairline……. please suggest me how to regrow my hairs i am so worry about it .. i shall b thankful to you if you kindly guide me

  304. I’ve been straightening & blowdrying my hair for 8 years + without heat protection. I naturally have very thick hair but I have lost most of my hair & the density has decreased a lot. I have some bald patches & I have hair loss everyday. Im worried as Im only 22, will ever grow back & what can I do to make it grow?

  305. I lost my hairs mostly on the front sides of my head please tell me about the treatment how can it will be recover? What is the whole procedure that i can do?

  306. I’ve been losing hair since about 2010. Well, lost hair I’d say as it mostly stopped after a year or so, but isn’t really growing back. It started at the top of my head and worked down to my hairline (which isn’t how I’ve read MPB is supposed to go) and it’s far more pronouced on the right side of my head which is weird. I still have an intact “outline” and I don’t have any actual bald spots at all. There’s hair there, it’s just very thin and see through.
    Is there anything I can do to fill the outline back in?

  307. Hii sir …. my hair is falling in 20 , 30no. i hav used some shampoo suggested by doctor …. before i hav lot of itchy problem but bow it was fine but hair fall isn’t stopped …. so pls help me sir

  308. Hi there my line up of my hair went from square to a M shape what should i do also when I pull my hair softly it falls can you help me I am aged of 19

  309. Dear sir,
    I am facing hair loss since 2011 and have counted more than 90% hair loss.. but still there are very small and thin hairs on my whole head area.
    what should i do to make them stronger and let them grow faster and thicker

  310. Hi sir i’m siva from tamilnadu. I ‘ve 2 year hairloss problem. One day i take moring flower powder with mild hot water. I continued this procedure 1 week. Then after two days severely fall hairs from head.on pillow(after i wakeup),while bath, i loss more hairs.all of body hair pores shrunked(even total body). i think this problem happened by the moringa powder. Before i’ve no hair problem.(before take moringa powder)i didn’t lose any single hair on my head before two years.i feel very guilty where i go out side of area,and go work, even i avoid all my friends. I’m Escaping from all of them.i’m going to hell. Sometimes i think how to suiside. Pls sir help me. How to regrow my hairs email me sir. My eyes seeing like you a god. Help me pls pls pls.

  311. Hi sir i’m siva(age 24) from tamilnadu. I ‘ve 2 year hairloss problem. One day i take moring flower powder with mild hot water. I continued this procedure 1 week. Then after two days severely fall hairs from head.on pillow(after i wakeup),while bath, i loss more hairs.all of body hair pores shrunked(even total body). i think this problem happened by the moringa powder. Before i’ve no hair problem.(before take moringa powder)i didn’t lose any single hair on my head before two years.i feel very guilty where i go out side of area,and go work, even i avoid all my friends. I’m Escaping from all of them.i’m going to hell. Sometimes i think how to suiside. Pls sir help me. How to regrow my hairs email me sir. My eyes seeing like you a god. Help me pls pls pls.

  312. Hey man i’m 17 and my hair has been thinning in the front and recently I now started to change my food diet and a couple of months ago I chose to only drink water that’s alkaline and teas for now on. but is there anything i’m missing or information you can share with me to regrow the thickness before it’s too late. I would really appreciate that but sorry I cant purchase the e-book due to unrelated stuff. P.S. Also i’m pretty sure it’s pattern because recession began first.

  313. i am having scanty hair loss what I can I do about it mostly I have space in the front hair and center too

  314. Hi i am anil
    My hair fall started 2 years ago. I used to wash my hair once in a week. Some white thing started depositing on my scalp very badly. It caused itching and when i wash my hair suddenly all my hair come out.that white itchy thing was in very large amount. Before that i never had problem of hairfall but once i started using shampoo once a week i had lot of hairfall( a lot). All the hair fall at once when i go to bath.But i never took any action and let it go. My hair fell till 3-4 months and now i realised that my hair volume has turned negligible with respect to what i had before 1 year. I want to know that why the hair which fell did not grow again and how can be there a huge change in hair volume in just 1 and half year. Now i am not experiencing hairfall but new hair are not coming too. I swear i really had the best hair volume and i really want your help. Is that hair loss permanent or it can be grown back?? If it can be grown back please tell me how? Should i get your ebook?? Plz help will my hair come back?????

  315. Hi
    I am Anil.I am 18 years old.
    I want to describe you that how hair fall started?Before 2 years i used to wash my hair only once a week as i read it somewhere that you should not wash your hair very often.i don’t know how but some white itchy thing started getting deposited on my scalp which i know came to know that it was dandruff and sebum. It deposited like a layer and when i wash my hair all my hair just come out. I had a lot of hair fall. My scalp became itchy.It continued for year and i never took any action.Now i realized that i am only left with quarter of volume which i had before 2 years. I had huge volume of hair before 2 years. Now i am really worried and need your help.i want to know that why the hair which fell did not grow again and why did the follicles became inactive ? And how can be there a huge change in hair volume in just 2 years?? I really need your help. It feels like i lost my identity. Now i dont have dandruff but new hair are not growing too. Is this kind of hairloss temporary or permanent? I am ready to do anything to get my hair back. Should i get your ebook?? Will it help me. Plz reply.

  316. hey… I m naveen i m just 18, but I have the great problem of losing hair in my forehead.. is it grow again or not,otherwise I need to take any remedies for regrowth
    Mr.Carter, I need ur help

  317. I am 20 years old…I am suffering from excess hair fall….I dont know why? Pls give me a suggestion for my problem. …

  318. sir i have patern baldness thin concentration in the middle . age 40 pla advice to get concentration in the middle

  319. Hi i m 19 year boy i sufferred from trichotillomania pulled hair fom front and back end of my head so now they grow long from sides and top while doent grow i thhink from front end and i have dandruff too i m loosing average 20 hairs from root per day so does that pulled out hair can grow back again from front and back i m taking medicines according to doctor prescription and dendal plus shampoo for dandruff

  320. HI,
    i have hair fall prloble. due to that my hair became very my scalp started can i regrow my hair?Please advice

  321. Hi, I m 18 yrs old ,I have started losing hair 1 yr ago, on the scalp in front, near forehead , I massages my hair once in a week, I also have acne on my scalp , and dandruff also, pls recommend me some remedy ,thankew very much

  322. Hello sir this is ARVIND
    I Have been losing my hair since 15 exactly the way u have mentioned In your make pattern baldness .now that Iam 20 my fair fall ratio is more than ever its falling like dry leaves inspite of proper nourishment
    I’m baffled and clueless
    Please let me know if there is any solution to my problem and even the total cost regarding that
    I’m often bullied as badly.I can’t live like this. Plz help me I will be grateful to u whole life

  323. Please help me…my hair fall since 10 days…..when i get bath n shake me head their are alomst 30 to 40 hair fall….and when i dry my hair by towal their r 15 to 20 hai fall….and whenver i put my hand in my head every time their are 3 and 4 hair fall ……..i am in very stress about it ……please help me ….and give me some tips. To stop my hair fall…..

  324. I don’t understand what this is. Can I not use it. If I get results I’ll pay you double ?

    1. Hi Cairo,
      No need to pay me double. Please just follow the instructions on the page and when you’re ready to increase IGF-1 in your scalp to reactivate your hair follicles, get instant access here.
      All the best,

  325. Hi, is there an age limit to this program? I’m 61 years old and my hair has been thinning and receding for roughly 2 years. I’ve tried various products, shampoos, sprays, and vitamins with no luck. Going through a fair amount of stress in the past 5 years. Failed marriage, sick parents, change of employment. Could your method restore my hair? Not ready to go bald. Thanks, David

    1. Hi David,
      Vitamins, shampoos, etc will do very little. You need to use an advanced method like this to get results. I guarantee it will work. And the health benefits of the hormone balancing hair growth smoothies are significant and numerous. I highly recommend you follow the plan, for your hair, stress levels and longevity.
      All the best,

  326. hello, ive read through your description of the practices and nutritional advice in this document. I am releved to find a procedure that doesnt contain harsh chemicals. Can I have any more information as to the steps I can take daily to get hair Re-growth. Im experiencing thinning(23), Thank you very much.

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