Can re-bonding cause hair loss? -

Can re-bonding cause hair loss?

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Last updated: Feb 17, 2020

Hair Rebonding

I feel like my hair is lost during combing because it is very frizzy and curly. And when i straighten it, it falls less while combing. I am thinking nowadays to go for permanent straightening (re-bonding) for my hair so that it falls less while combing.
I want to ask, does re-bonding have some side effects? Should i go for it??
One more question: A few days ago my doctor recommended me that i should not apply any oil on hair at all as it will increase my hair fall. How much do you agree with that?
I personally like straight hairs too.

Thank you for your questions. It is absolutely fine to apply chemicals to your hair to protect and straighten it. However, you should be careful about applying chemicals to your scalp — particularly chemicals that are designed to bond to organic matter such as hair or skin. This is where damage can be caused. If you’re careful in that regard there’s no reason to avoid protecting your hair with semi-permanent treatments.
Providing you’re careful not to coat your scalp in the bonding residue, it’s actually good for your hair because it will prevent split ends from running down the hair shaft and causing hairs to whither and become thin.
By protecting your hair from split ends you will give it the opportunity to grow longer.
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