Can you Trust Tweeters? 7 Hair Care Tips from Twitter This Week –

Can you Trust Tweeters? 7 Hair Care Tips from Twitter This Week

Twitter Hair Tips

Twitter is full of quick tips, words of wisdom, product recommendations and even warnings. Tweets can come from big name brands to unknown randoms. But is the advice any good? And can you trust the hair care advice you see on Twitter? Today I’m examining seven tips from the Twittersphere. Then I’ll tell you whether the tips are any good or if they could actually do your hair more harm than good. Let’s take a look…

Good or bad advice?

This is pretty harmless advice. Using hot water to wash your hair will simply wash it more effectively. This may remove more natural oil (sebum), which may make hair appear dryer. To keep your hair looking nice use luke warm water but you should thoroughly wash your scalp once a week or more frequently if you have oily hair. It’s actually more important to keep your scalp clean and hygienic and keep the pores clear than it is to thoroughly wash your hair.

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Good or bad advice?

This is absolute tosh. Your hair doesn’t get ‘thirsty’. Your visible hair (the hair above the scalp skin surface) is dead. You can’t increase its moisture content using products, you can only coat it in chemicals to make it appear more luscious. If you want truly shiny, healthy hair, whether its curly or straight, the best way is to have healthy hair – and no products that you apply to your hair will achieve that.

Good or bad advice?

This is good advice. Omega 3 (essential fatty acids) increase ‘prostaglandins’ in your body. Prostaglandins regulate hormonal balance, which in turn can have a positive effect on hair. Omega 3 oil blends (such as pumpkin seed oil, borage oil, etc) are also 5-alpha-reductase inhibitors, which may help reduce male pattern baldness.

Good or bad advice?

Co-washing gradually layers more and more conditioner residue on your hair shafts each time you do it. This can give the appearance of smooth, shiny hair because the chemicals in the conditioner ‘fill-in’ breakages in the hair shafts creating smoother surfaces that reflect more light. But is it a good idea? No. As well as coating your hair shafts in chemicals you’re also coating your scalp in those same awful chemicals and filling the pores up, potentially blocking them. This could not only mildly poison you over time it could could even cause hair loss.

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Good or bad advice?

Good advice. If you’re trying to grow longer hair you need to avoid split ends. Split ends occur when your hair is damaged by wind, rain and your hair bending and scraping against other surfaces. Protecting your hair will prevent split ends and help keep your hair looking good.

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Good or bad advice?

This is true. Frequency of washing depends on how much sebum is secreted through your scalp pores over the course of the day.

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