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The Longest and Thickest Dreadlocks… …in the World!

Some people spend their lives looking for hair growth products in order to make their hair just a little bit longer. And then, there are people who grow their hair out to unimaginable lengths. Here are three people who grew dreadlocks so long that they have set world records! Sudesh Muthu holds the world’s record […]

The 10 Hairiest Men on the Planet

“Women love hairy men. Cavemen were the sexiest men in history.”  Leslie Man Men with hair…do you love them or hate them? In a world where even men are starting to remove every single follicle of hair from their body, it’s a breath of fresh air to see some of them go eu natural. 1. […]

7 Celebrities Having Bad Hair Days

Like us normal human beings, celebrities have bad hair days too. In fact, some celebrities have really bad hair days. Let’s examine but a few… Donald Trump The problem Donald Trump has used his business innovation skills to take hair from the side of his head to cover the top of his head (commonly known […]

10 Ridiculous and Hilarious Wigs… …on Cats

…and dogs. And some strange people. Just for fun and because my posts are usually very serious I thought I’d publish some funny pictures I’ve collected. If you find these pics funny, share with your friends using the buttons above. The Breakfast in Bed Cat This cat is enjoying a relaxing breakfast in bed. Image […]

How Homer Simpson cured his baldness: is there some truth in this funny episode?

Our old friend Homer decided life without hair was getting him down, making people treat him badly and even preventing him from getting a promotion at work. He sees an advert for ‘Demoxinil’ on TV and decides to take some serious action… In the episode Homer users ‘Dimoxinil’ (a play on words on ‘Minoxidil’), gravity […]