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“14 years of hair loss ended and almost fully reversed”: New review posted

Happy 20th of December everyone. Only one day left until the darkest day of the year here in the northern hemisphere, which means every day gets lighter and longer from then on. Good news for anyone who likes long sunny days. Today I’d like to show you a review sent to me by a member […] Down Time Earlier This Week

Apologies to anyone attempting to visit the website on Monday and Tuesday this week. Unfortunately an automated spyware program added a “malicious script” to on Monday. I have been working to remove this with the help of a consultant since the script was discovered on Monday morning. Fortunately it was easy to remove […]

10 Reasons Why You Should Download My eBook

I recently released the new improved third edition of my eBook. Here are ten reasons why I think you should download it. 1. Regrow your hair Using the Alternation Method you’ll learn how to decalcify your scalp, reduce inflammation caused by DHT and increase blood flow to your hair follicles. You’ll learn how to send […]

Edition 2 of the eBook is Here: With New More Advanced Hair Growth Techniques

The new eBook is here and available to download now. There are some important new developments in edition 2 that will help you encourage more hair growth. The same key methods for eliminating the underlying causes of hair loss are still covered, but with slightly more depth on blocking DHT. Edition 2 still covers the […]

Website Update — 31 July 2011

The secure certificate for the website’s checkout is now back up and running as normal. You can once again purchase securely using Google Checkout by clicking the green button on the right. Apologies for the delay. All the best, Chris

On Holiday

Hi everyone, I’m afraid I won’t be too active on emails for the next two weeks as I’m on holiday. Sorry if you don’t get a reply for a while. Normal service will resume on 15th September. Until then all the best.

Apologies to anyone who has emailed me over the last week

I have recently purchased a Mac and have only just worked out how to set up the emails. I have always been a PC user but have recently decided to try Mac, upon recommendation from almost everyone I know! Apologies to anyone who has been waiting for me to reply to them. I have now […]

Update on Buy Now Error

The Buy Now error is now fixed and you can now purchase the eBook using Google Check out, safely and securely. Because of this error, which lasted nearly two weeks, I am extending the half price offer for another month. The offer will now last until the end of November. My sincerest apologies for the […]

Update on Buy Now Error

If you have tried to purchase the eBook in the last few days you may not have been able to do so using my secure website. Apologies to anyone who has been effected by this. I am going to contact my hosting company now to resolve this problem. I will post again as soon as […]

Buy now button may not be working

I am aware that the buy now button on the site is not be working at the moment for some people. I’ll try to get this fixed ASAP. I’ll update shortly. Apologies for the inconvenience. Remember if you contact me via the forms on the site you need to leave your email address if you […]

Welcome to the new website

Please note: This post is from 2008 and may no longer be relevant. This is the brand new This website is all about hair loss. The crucial difference between and most other hair loss websites is that almost entirely focuses on stopping hair loss by eliminating the underlying causes of hair loss. […]