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5 Pics of Michael Stipe With Hair (Before He Went Bald)

Have you ever seen a picture of Michael Stipe with hair? No? Nor has anyone else in the world. Well, you’re lin luck . Here are 5 incredible pics of Mr Stipe before he lost his hair.

Bruce Willis with Hair (Photos): Before He Was Bald

This may shock my younger readers, but Bruce Willis did indeed once have a full thick head of hair. Some of you may have never seen it though.

Fear not! Here is every picture of Bruce Willis with hair that I could find…

Roman Kemp Hair Loss: Is He Losing His Hair?

Roman Kemp, the son of famous popstar Ross Kemp from Spandau Ballet has experienced fairly aggressive hair loss throughout his twenties and has been hiding it and treating it relatively successsfully.

Elon Musk Before Hair Transplant: Pictures of Elon Musk Bald

Elon Musk lost his hair in his early twenties. When he got rich, he had multiple hair transplants (very good ones), which is why most people haven’t seen him without hair.

Here’s what he looked like before he had his hair transplants…

Was Leonardo da Vinci bald?

Although most pictures of Leonardo Da Vinci seem to depict him as having long hair, when he wasn’t wearing a hat it was revealed that he was completely bald on top.

Why Did Matt Lucas Lose His Hair?

British comedian Matt Lucas lost his hair at the age of 6. It never grew back. This is extremely rare. So, why did Matt go bald at such a young age?

Mark Wahlberg Hair Loss: Is He Losing His Hair?

Despite being very muscular, I suspect Mark Wahlberg has naturally very low testosterone/DHT levels, which explains why he’s not losing his hair. Let’s take a closer look…

Old Photos of a Young Woody Harrelson With Hair

Have you ever seen what Woody Harrelson looked like with hair? No? Well then, let’s take a look…

Jason Statham with Hair: What He Looked Like With Hair

Famous actor Jason Statham lost his hair before he was a famous Hollywood actor, so very few people have ever seen him with hair. Ever wondered what he looked like? Here it is…

5 Photos of the Rock Dwayne Johnson with Hair (Before He Went Bald)

It may surprise some of my younger readers to learn that Dwayne Johnson did indeed once have a full head of hair. Let’s see what the Rock looked like before he went bald…

Keanu Reeves Hair Loss: A Small Receding Hairline and Thinning

Keanu Reeves’ hair line has receded a tiny amount since his Speed days. Let’s examine more closely.

Tom Hardy Hair Loss: Is He Losing It?

Tom Hardy has a great hairline and doesn’t appear to be receding noticeably. However, his hair does seem thinner than it used to be when viewed from some angles.

David Beckham Hair Loss: Investigating the Facts

David Beckham is perhaps most notably known for once having a normal size head and now seemingly having a reasonably large head. But has his head really increased in size? Or is it an illusion created by two of the most common aging-related phenomena: hair loss and sagging skin?

5 Photos of Young Patrick Stewart with Hair (Old Photos + Real Hair)

Welcome my friends. I am happy to tell you that I have delved into the oldern-days of photography and discovered bounty a plenty — in the form of old photos of Star Trek actor Patrick Stewart with hair.

Al Pacino Hair Loss: Does He Wear a Wig?

Al Pacino is one of those Hollywood actors who seems to have the super thick luscious hair of a twenty-year-old one day; and the scraggly sparse remains of a 120-year-old’s barnet the very next time you see him. So what’s the deal? What’s going on with Pacino’s hairdo?

Channing Tatum Hair Loss: Is He Losing It?

I’ve suspected for some time now that Channing Tatum is losing his hair. But is he really losing it? And if so, how long does he have left?

Ed Sheeran Hair Loss: How Long Does He Have Left?

Ed Sheeran is another guy who had thick hair as a youngster and has now begun fairly aggressive premature thinning. Just like Justin Beiber, who I profiled recently, I believe Ed Sheeren takes anti-anxiety medication. It’s highly likely that prolonged elevated cortisol (stress) hormone is a major factor resulting in his hair loss.

Tom Cruise Hair Loss: How He Stops It

Tom Cruise has a very good hairline and good hair density for a man of his age. According to one report, this is because he has regular hair transplants to maintain his frontal hairline:

Harry Styles’ Hair Loss: How Bad Is It?

Harry Styles has quite an advanced receding hairline and has had since he was very young. But is it about to get much worse? Let’s find out…

Justin Beiber Hair Loss: It’s Worse Than I Thought

I was shocked to see that Justin Beiber is losing is hair. He’s always had incredibly thick hair and a low hairline. He also has very little facial hair, which is usually a strong sign that a man will never lose his hair.

7 celebrities who have had hair transplants

Well I had to scour the hidden recesses of the interwebs to find these old pictures of celebs before they had new hairs implanted into their scalps.

13 Celebrities You’ve Never Seen With Hair

It’s pretty unlikely you’ve ever seen any of these male actors, musicians and comedians with hair because, quite frankly, it’s pretty hard to find any pictures of these guys with hair, unless you go way back.

What Would Boy Band One Direction Look Like With No Hair?

Looks like those boys from One Direction have gone and gotten themselves into a reeeeaal pickle.

5 A-List Celebrities Who Wear Wigs

Hair loss is incredibly common. In fact everyone will experience hair loss at some point in their lives, providing they live long enough. It seems as though almost every male movie star has had some hair restoration, but I was surprised to find out how many celebrities also wear hair pieces. Take a look at […]