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50 Nights at the Oscars: History's Most Iconic Hairstyles

The Academy Awards, also known as the Oscars, is one of the most prestigious events of the year, bringing together the most talented people that work in the film industry. Besides recognizing talent, the event is a showcase of the best outfits and the most incredible hairstyles, setting the tone in high fashion for the […]

David Beckham's Best Hairstyles: The Complete Collection

David Beckham is certainly well known for his stellar soccer playing ability, but he’s also well known for his ability to pull off a wide variety different fashion styles, including different hairstyles. Here’s 10 highlights of the different hairstyles Beckham has sported over the years, from the simple to the more eccentric. The Stylish Modern […]

Heath Ledgers Best Hairstyles: Vote for Your Favorite

After Heath Ledger was voted number one in our list of Best Male Actor’s Hairstyles I (and a load of people on Twitter) thought it would be good to do a list on Heath Ledger’s best hairstyles. So here it is. Enjoy… View Heath Ledger’s Best Hairstyles

The Worst Footballer/Soccer Hairstyles of All Time

It’s fair to say football players don’t have great taste or style, but these ones have taken their poor judgement a step further by expressing their terrible aesthetic preferences through their hairstyles. View worst footballer / soccer player hairstyles

Let's Rock! The Best Male Rock Star Hairstyles of All Time

They’ve rocked the world with their voices. These are the greatest rock lead singers of all time. And they also have the coolest rock star hairstyles. Now it’s over to you to vote for the best. What are you waiting for?!!! View the best rock star hair styles ever

Jennifer Aniston's Best Hairstyles: Vote For your Favorite

For your inspiration and delight, sit back and enjoy Jennifer Aniston’s best hair styles, from the 90s to present day. And don’t forget to vote for your favorite. View Jennifer Aniston’s Best Hairstyles

Male Celebrities With Long Hair: Better or Worse?

Thinking of growing your hair long? Or chopping your long hair short? Well, let’s see if that’s a good or a bad move. Find the actor below that looks most like you in terms of shape and size of head and hair type. Do they look better with long hair or short hair? See what […]

Vote for Jennifer Lawrence's Most Beautiful Hair Style

One word for you: wowsers. If you’re a Jennifer Lawrence fan, check out this top 10 chart of her greatest ever red carpet hair do’s. You won’t be disappointed. Vote for your favorite to re-order the chart and move your favorite up the list. The more votes your favorite receives, the higher in the chart […]

What is the best men's hair style in the world? VOTE HERE

I’m conducting a poll in an effort to determine what people consider to be the best men’s hair style. If you have a spare minute, please pick your favorite hair style from the below 11 options. If you think they’re all terrible add a comment. Thank you. Johnny Depp short spikey Brad Pitt medium length […]

Vote for Brad Pitt's Best Ever Hair Style

Why? Well, what else are you going to do in the next ten seconds? So you think you know what Brad Pitt’s best ever hair cut is do you? Well let’s see you prove it. Click here to see what we think are Brad Pitt’s best ever hair styles and vote for your favorite to […]