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Are the foods for hair growth you describe in the eBook available in India and other parts of the world?

Hi.. Am from India. Just went through your website and decided to buy the book. I want my doubt to be cleared before I buy the complete book. My query is, will the food items that you have mentioned in the original book will be available everywhere. The food items you have mentioned will be […]

Is this information relavent to female hair loss as well as male hair loss?

My eBook focuses largely on hormone based hair loss. Hormonal imbalance is one of the the underlying cause of ‘androgenic alopecia’ (hair loss relating to the male sex hormones). However my instructions are in fact highly relevant to female hair loss sufferers as well. Achieving well balanced hormones is vitally important for healthy hair growth. […]

How long does it take to get noticeable results using my method

It depends. Because my method tackles each of the causes of hair loss in a step by step approach, it depends which of those causes is most responsible for your hair loss. The first step is all about the scalp — clearing the pores and re-activating dormant hair follicles. If your scalp is in bad […]