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Is chlorine bad for your hair?

Chlorine is a strong chemical disinfectant commonly used in swimming pools to kill bacteria and other microorganisms. While its disinfectant properties are important for maintaining clean and safe pool water, prolonged exposure to chlorinated water can have negative effects on hair.

Is It Bad To Wash Your Hair Everyday?

No it isn’t. In fact, there are benefits to washing your hair every day. There are also benefits to washing it less frequently. So really the question is, “for the healthiest hair, how often should you wash your hair?” There’s no harm in washing your hair every day. In fact, if you do any of […]

Can damaged hair be repaired?

Damaged hair doesn’t heal itself like skin does. But you can make damaged hair appear repaired very quickly, protect it from more damage and make it grow stronger so that it repairs itself in time. Here’s how. When hair is damaged due to combing, harsh environmental conditions and other causes, small fragments of the hair […]

Is Dry Shampoo Bad For Your Hair?

Dry Shampoo like Batiste is becoming very popular. While you rinse normal shampoo off when you wash your hair in the shower, dry shampoo can sit on your head for days. It comes into direct contact with your scalp, meaning the chemicals it contains are sitting on your scalp and perhaps absorbing into your bloodstream. […]

What is Leave-in Conditioner?

Leave in conditioner is a creamy product that is massaged into the hair and left in to protect and smooth the hair.

 Generally, leave in conditioners work by coating the hair shafts with various chemicals that both provide a protective barrier and create a smoothing effect. The most commonly used conditioning ingredient is vitamin B5, […]

Can you Trust Tweeters? 7 Hair Care Tips from Twitter This Week

Twitter is full of quick tips, words of wisdom, product recommendations and even warnings. Tweets can come from big name brands to unknown randoms. But is the advice any good? And can you trust the hair care advice you see on Twitter? Today I’m examining seven tips from the Twittersphere. Then I’ll tell you whether […]

Is it Bad to Leave Conditioner in Your Hair?

Conditioner is used to add shine to your hair by coating the hair shafts in chemicals that mimic the keratin, filling in broken parts of the shafts and making them reflect light. When a hair shaft is damaged it can be fractured and small bits of protein can be broken off revealing the rougher unreflective […]

What is the best way to wash your hair for the best results?

It seems like a simple, obvious question, but it isn’t. You see “directions for use” on the back of shampoos, but they vary from product to product. Should you massage the shampoo into your scalp for a few minutes? Should you leave the shampoo in your hair for a minute before rinsing or rinse immediately? […]

Is conditioner bad for your hair?

Conditioners are marketed as great for your hair. According to ads they moisturise your hair, make is smoother, protect it from breakage and even repair split ends. But is any of this actually true or is it just marketing hype? ‘Healthy looking hair’ A lot of hair conditioner adverts make a point of saying their […]

Hair Care Secrets of the Stars, Part 1 — Blonde Girls

This is a guest article from Sheryl, who is writing several articles for about insider celebrity hair care secrets. Stay tuned for more regular articles from Sheryl. Image source: Brayan E. Why is it that Hollywood stars and Pop icons never seem to have a bad hair day? No matter what personal or career […]

Oily Hair: Should I Wash More or Less Frequently to Prevent Hair Loss?

My hair is oily but my hair started falling heavily only the last two years. Many people told me it is because I am aging (40yrs). Some people advised me to wash my hair using an organic shampoo every day to remove the oil but others said that washing hair regularly is the cause for […]

Is it possible to reverse traction alopecia (hair loss caused by tight braids, weaves, etc)?

I am afraid that i may have traction alopecia from wearing braids and putting chemicals in my hair so now my sides are ruined. My question is, is there any way lost hair follicles can be revived? Yes, to some extent. First of all stop tying your hair up tightly right now and don’t braid […]

How to End Split Ends – The Easiest, Most Effective Way of Stopping Split Ends

If you’re trying to grow your hair longer but are struggling because of split ends, read this and follow the instructions. This is the best way to prevent split ends. Get your hair trimmed at the hair dressers to remove existing split ends. Buy a pot of organic extra virgin coconut oil. Before bed, get […]