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Is It Bad To Wash Your Hair Everyday?

No it isn’t. In fact, there are benefits to washing your hair every day. There are also benefits to washing it less frequently. So really the question is, “for the healthiest hair, how often should you wash your hair?” There’s no harm in washing your hair every day. In fact, if you do any of […]

Is chlorine bad for your hair?

Among many other uses, chlorine is an excellent disinfectant – six times more effective than iodine, which is used to sterilize certain skin surfaces before a patient undergoes surgery (just for you to get an idea). As one of the chemical elements with the highest electronegativity, chlorine is a strong oxidizing agent and therefore highly […]

Can damaged hair be repaired?

Damaged hair doesn’t heal itself like skin does. But you can make damaged hair appear repaired very quickly, protect it from more damage and make it grow stronger so that it repairs itself in time. Here’s how. When hair is damaged due to combing, harsh environmental conditions and other causes, small fragments of the hair […]

Is Dry Shampoo Bad For Your Hair?

Dry Shampoo like Batiste is becoming very popular. While you rinse normal shampoo off when you wash your hair in the shower, dry shampoo can sit on your head for days. It comes into direct contact with your scalp, meaning the chemicals it contains are sitting on your scalp and perhaps absorbing into your bloodstream. […]