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How to Make your Hair Grow Thicker

The key to making your hair thicker is feeding it and even more importantly, making sure nutrients are able to access the hairs via the bloodstream. There are three key methods to achieving this: 1. Increase the supply of key amino acids that grow hair keratin 2. Increase the direct supply of blood to the […]

Is it possible to reverse a receding hair line?

Take a close look at your receding hair line, under a really good light. Can you see tiny blond hairs? They may be so small that you can only see them from certain angles. But they are there. They’re just very hard to see. These are called ‘vellus hairs’. They used to grow thick and […]

5 more things you should avoid if you want to keep your hair

Following on from the post before last, here are five more things you should avoid if you don’t want to lose your hair. 1. Tight hats Wearing a tight hat that consistently pulls on your hair can train the hair roots to grow nearer and nearer to the surface of the skin. This won’t effect […]

Avoid these 5 things if you don't want to lose your hair

Here’s a list of things you need to avoid if you want to prevent or stop hair loss. Some are obvious and some not so. 1. Stress When I say avoid stress, I don’t mean you should literally avoid all stressful situations. In fact, quite the opposite, you should embrace stress and fear and try […]

How to easily count how many hairs you are losing per day

Use the method I explain below to count how many hairs you lose in one day. By using this method weekly or monthly you can tell whether your hair loss is getting better or worse. This way you can put a statistical measurement on any given strategy for combating hair loss you choose to use. […]