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Can Eating/Drinking Too Much Sugar Cause Hair Loss?

A study has been published showing the connection between a high sugar diet and hair loss. Here’s what you need to know and what you need to do…

Does having a hot head cause hair loss?

The term ‘hot head’ is often used to describe angry men with a lot of testosterone.

Well, this might just be the key to understanding how to regrow your hair. Check this out…

Do Black people lose their hair more than White people?

Overall White people and Middle Eastern people lose their hair the most. However, Black women lose their hair more than any other group by a statistically significant margin.

Why don’t Chinese people lose their hair?

You may have noticed that people originating from what we call the ‘Far East’ don’t tend to experience hair loss as much as people from the Middle East and Europe. There’s a very good reason for this…

Why don’t homeless people lose their hair?

Have you ever noticed homeless men quite often have very thick full hair despite the fact they live incredibly unhealthy lifestyles and rarely ever wash their hair? There may be a good reason for that, which might explain how you can prevent or even reverse your own hair loss.

Why do some men lose their hair very young?

There are two very specific main reasons why some men lose their hair in their late teens and early twenties.

Why do some men never lose their hair?

Have you ever noticed some men, like Brad Pitt, have super thick hair well into their older age? What’s their secret? The answer might surprise you…

Reduce Scalp TGF-beta1 and 2 to Increase Hair Growth

When transforming growth factors are increased in the scalp follicles, the hairs transition from anagen (growth) to catagen and the hair stops growing. The hormone DHT increases the transforming growth factors causing hair to stop growing. So, how can we reduce TGFbeta1 and TGFbeta2 in the scalp?

Is this the true underlying cause of hair loss?

Everyone thinks DHT is the cause of hair loss.
But did you ever think to ask why reducing your DHT levels also reduces your hair loss?
That’s the question you should have been asking all along. Because the answer is extremely important — and knowing the answer, might even save your life.

Does Wearing a Motorcycle Helmet Cause Hair Loss?

It’s unlikely that your motocycle helmet is the cause of your hair loss. It’s far more likely to be caused by the hormone DHT. There is a condition called Traction Alopecia, which is basically hair loss caused by regular pulling on the hair. If the hair is regularly pulled tight by a hat, helmet or […]

Can Estrogen Cause Hair Loss in Men?

For many years it was believed that high levels of testosterone alone caused male pattern baldness (MPB). Testosterone, the primary male sex hormone is converted to dihydrotestosterone (DHT) by the 5a-reductase enzyme. DHT is a super-testosterone and high levels of it increase the risk of developing male pattern baldness. The higher the levels of free […]

Hair Loss and Thyroid: What is the Connection?

Source: Wikipedia Affecting both men and women, thyroid dysfunction can be a significant factor in severe diffuse Alopecia (hair loss). The thyroid gland is a butterfly-shaped endocrine gland located at the front of the neck. It produces, stores, and distributes hormones, altering and controlling the function of almost all of our other glands and the […]

Is dandruff the reason I’m losing my hair?

I have a lot of dandruff, and I’m sure that is one reason why I’m losing hair. I have tried different shampoos, and other stuff but nothing seems to have worked for my dandruff condition. I just wanted to know if this ebook contains something that has a cure to dandruff conditions too. Thank you […]

Can re-bonding cause hair loss?

I feel like my hair is lost during combing because it is very frizzy and curly. And when i straighten it, it falls less while combing. I am thinking nowadays to go for permanent straightening (re-bonding) for my hair so that it falls less while combing. I want to ask, does re-bonding have some side […]

Does Dandruff Cause Hair Loss?

Excessive hair shedding and diffuse alopecia may develop when dandruff becomes recurrent or chronic making it challenging to treat. Franchimont et al (2006) conducted a study of dandruff-associated alopecia. They studied 40 men whom they examined 40 times over 5 consecutive years. A relationship between the percentage of telogen hairs and the severity of dandruff. […]

Hypothyroidism and Hair Loss: What You Should Know

There is an association between hypothyroidism and hair loss. This association was established in several studies such as conducted by Thomas and Kadyan (2008), which showed that although alopecia areata can be associated with many thyroid disorders, hypothyroidism was the most frequent. Bakry et al (2014) conducted a similar study on 50 patients with alopecia […]

Explaining Hair Loss Caused by Scalp Inflammation

Inflammation of the scalp may be one of the most important causes of hair loss to address. It is associated with scalp fibrosis and reduced blood flow to the hair follicles: both of which are major hair killers.

How do dairy products affect hormones?

In spite of their supposed numerous health benefits, it has been speculated that dairy products may negatively impact your endocrine system by causing so-called “hormone spikes” that could be detrimental to your well-being in the long term. According to an interview published by Harvard University, the link between cow’s milk and estrogen is being thoroughly […]

Does soy cause hair loss?

There are two types of soy – fermented and unfermented. Rumor has it that unfermented soy might be linked to a number of conditions such as hormonal imbalances, kidney stones, thyroid disorders and food allergies, but this is yet to be confirmed by extensive research as no conclusive evidence has been found to this day. […]

Can creatine cause hair loss?

Creatine is a type of acid that occurs naturally in the human body (like in all vertebrates) and helps supply energy to organs and systems, particularly to muscle. It is biosynthesized in the kidneys and liver with the help of the GATM enzyme, and about 95% of all creatine in your body is found in […]

Why does chemotherapy cause hair loss?

Many of us are tempted to believe that hair loss occurs in all cancer patients; however, you might be surprised to find out this is a side effect of chemotherapy and radiotherapy, the two most frequent methods of cancer treatment. You may ask yourselves why this happens, and how a treatment that’s supposed to alleviate […]

Can Anemia Cause Hair Loss?

Anemia, or Anaemia, generally refers to a significant decrease in the red blood cell count; however, there are several types of anemia, each with its own different causes and symptoms. A person is also considered to be anemic if blood cells don’t function properly due to a lack of vitamins and minerals (e.g. iron, potassium, […]

Can Depression Cause Hair Loss?

There is no known direct link between depression and hair loss. However it is possible that factors relating to depression could have an impact on hair growth. Some examples include: Poor quality or lack of sleep affecting hormonal balance Poor quality diet affecting hair nutrition Higher stress levels affecting hormonal balance and hair nutrition through […]

What is the connection between the liver and hair loss?

When we think about hair loss causes the first things we think about are hormones, stress and diet. Although you may not realize it, the liver is a crucial part of that puzzle, connecting all of these elements.

Sweat and Hair Loss: Is Sweat Bad for Your Hair?

Have you ever noticed bald and balding people often seem to sweat more than average around their temples? Well there seems to be a connection. In fact Dr Harris-Wells of Miyohara International Trichology Clinic has claimed that sweat has a direct impact on hair growth. How and why does sweat cause hair loss? Sweat contains […]

Does Long Hair Cause Hair Loss?

There is no empirical evidence to suggest length of hair has any influence on rate of shedding. However there are a few things to strongly consider in order to prevent hair loss if you have long hair. Traction Alopecia Traction alopecia is a form of hair loss caused by the pulling of hairs from the […]

4 Hair Loss Myths Debunked

There are many causes of hair loss, from stress to iron deficiency. The most common cause of hair loss though is a hormone called DHT, which prevents nutrients from feeding developing hair follicles. The result is a gradual miniaturization of the hairs, until they become so small and colourless that you cannot see them. While […]

Does masturbation cause hair loss?

There is some scientific evidence to suggest that masturbation can contribute to hair loss; however I don’t believe there is any 100% positive proof. In theory it does make sense that ejaculation can have an impact on the hair in men who have a genetically inherited sensitivity to DHT in their scalps. During sex or […]

Getting to the root of hair loss

Today’s most effective hair loss treatments almost always seek to tackle just one cause of hair loss. For example, topical Minoxidil products tackle weakened circulation in the scalp and herbal supplements like Propecia attempt to inhibit the conversion of testosterone into DHT. Although these treatments are clearly tackling known causes of hair loss, none of […]

Top 5 causes of hair loss

In order to devise an effective strategy to stop your hair loss you need to know what is causing it. You can do this by analyzing your hair, scalp and your lifestyle to find tell tail signs of specific causes of hair loss. Once you know what’s causing your hair loss you can find the […]