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How to Stop Hair Loss in Women: 6 Best Treatments

Women who suffer from hair loss seem to be often overlooked in the media due to the common misconception that baldness is associated only with men. However, a significant proportion of the female population also suffer from a variety of hair loss conditions, from thinning hair to bald spots on their scalp. These conditions are […]

Prenatal Vitamins for Hair Growth: Prevent the Post Pregnancy Shed

Prenatal vitamins are supplements taken during pregnancy and before pregnancy. They’re similar to regular multivitamins. The difference however is that prenatal vitamins have been specially designed with vitamins and minerals needed by pregnant women – particularly: folic acid, iron, and calcium1. There have been several claims as to how and why prenatal vitamins enhance hair […]

Hair Growth Vitamins for Women

Hair loss and alopecia are more common in men; however, women can also suffer from these conditions for a number of reasons. PCOS (polycystic ovaries syndrome) is one of the most common causes of hair loss in women, as the ovaries produce more testosterone than normal, which leads to elevated DHT (dihydrotestosterone). Stress and hormonal […]

Hormones and Hair Loss in Women

Given the current epidemiological data regarding alopecia, it’s fair to say it affects more men than women worldwide, especially when it comes to the more severe forms of the condition – approximately 63% of sufferers are men, and 36% are women (R.A. Schwartz, C.K. Janniger. Alopecia areata. 1997; 59:238-41). In men, alopecia is generally caused […]

What can cause hair loss in younger women?

In my opinion, the most significant causes of hair loss in younger women are: a medical condition such as Polycystic Ovary Syndrome (PCOS); hormonal changes due to pregnancy; stress and anxiety, which depletes crucial hair growth nutrients and affects hormonal balance; changes in hormonal balance due to diet changes such as switching to soy products; […]

Ladies: Take Ten Years Off Your Appearance by Boosting your Hair Growth

I’ve been watching the UK television programme, 10 Years Younger, with Nicky Hambleton-Jones. It’s interesting seeing the different women; how they look before they go through the anti-ageing treatments and how they look afterwards. There’s one big thing I’ve noticed from watching these different women go through the transformation process: Short hair really makes you […]

Feed Dull, Unhealthy Hair to Promote Hair Growth

I am a 21 year old female and for the last 2 years my hair has been falling out. I feel so foolish for leaving it this long, just thought it would correct itself, but the last couple of months it has just got so bad. My hair is now really thin and is so […]

How to Stop and Reverse Post Pregnancy Hair Loss

I am losing hair after pregnancy. Can I reverse it? Hair loss after pregnancy is quite common. It is caused by hormonal changes that cause the growth phases of the hair to go out of sync. As a result you can experience excess hair loss some months after giving birth. Usually the hair growth phases […]

Is it possible to reverse traction alopecia (hair loss caused by tight braids, weaves, etc)?

I am afraid that i may have traction alopecia from wearing braids and putting chemicals in my hair so now my sides are ruined. My question is, is there any way lost hair follicles can be revived? Yes, to some extent. First of all stop tying your hair up tightly right now and don’t braid […]

5 Easy to Use Tips to Prevent Hair Loss, for Women

My mother is having hairloss and she has tried many treatments for it but with no results. Can you give me some tips for hairloss please? Thanks for your question. There are several key things you can do to help promote hair growth. Here are a few tips: 1. Increase circulation in the scalp By […]

After coming off the contraceptive pill I lost a lot of hair. What can I do?

I had PCOD and was in Oral Contraceptives for 5 years of my life. As soon as I left them, I lost massive amount of hair from the frontal side of the scalp. I am sure DHT is the culprit. I did not try anything medication yet. Just on keratin and protein tablets and Anaphase […]

Dry, Brittle Hair? How to Prevent Hair Loss and Nourish the Hair

Why is my hair dry and brittle? One key reason hair becomes dry and brittle is weak blood supply to the hair. When a hair grows it’s connected to a tiny blood vessel in the scalp. When a hair stops growing that blood vessel disconnects from the hair. In order to keep your hair growing, […]

Is this information relavent to female hair loss as well as male hair loss?

My eBook focuses largely on hormone based hair loss. Hormonal imbalance is one of the the underlying cause of ‘androgenic alopecia’ (hair loss relating to the male sex hormones). However my instructions are in fact highly relevant to female hair loss sufferers as well. Achieving well balanced hormones is vitally important for healthy hair growth. […]