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Infographic: Is Hair Loss on the Rise?

This may seem like an unimportant question, but if the answer is “yes”, could their be wider implications? Check out my mind-boggling conclusion below the infographic. Having studied hair loss for ten years, conducted primary research and written three books on the topic I have substantial knowledge that had led me to the gut feeling […]

Infographic: Confused about hair loss treatments? Start here…

In this infographic Topicals Topicals are liquids you apply to your scalp, the most popular of which is Rogaine. But just because it’s popular doesn’t make it the best. See the world’s best topicals at Supplements Supplements are just like your multivitamin except they tend to contain potent extracts such as saw palmetto, designed […]

Infographic: Why is My Hair Falling Out?

Work out the cause of your hair loss using this step by step flow chart Simply answer the first question at the top with either “Yes” or “No” and the chart will guide you through the questions until you reach the most likely cause of your hair loss. Once you’ve figured out the most probable […]