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Nanogen Hair Growth Factor Serum Ingredients Explained

At first examination of the ingredients of the Nanogen serum I thought it looked terrible. However I’ve since learnt that Bitter Orange contains a high concentration of limonene, which I believe increases PGE2 in the scalp: studies have shown increasing scalp PGE2 increases hair growth.

Larix Europea (Larch Wood Extract) for Hair Loss

Larix Europea, or Larch Wood extract, is a natural plant extract, which has been used in the trademarked hair loss treatment Redensyl. The Redensyl makers have published a impressive study results, claiming Redensyl is more effective than Minoxidil at promoting hair growth. So how exactly does Larch Wood promote hair growth?

VEGF for Hair Loss: Research, Results and How it Works

Vascular endothelial growth factor or VEGF is a protein responsible for the stimulation of blood vessels formation; it is active during embryogenesis to induce vasculogenesis (formation of new vessels), and after birth, when it becomes the primary compound that stimulates angiogenesis (formation of new vessels from pre-existing vessels). While VEGF is implicated in the pathogenesis […]

Epidermal Growth Factor (EGF) for Hair Loss: Results, How it Works and How to Use It

It’s proposed that EGF may be a ‘biological switch for hair growth’. This may be a serious breakthrough in the science of making new hair grow in bald scalps.

Vitabiotics Perfectil Ingredients Explained (Full List)

Vitabiotic Perfectil is an extremely well-publicised hair supplement. But is it actually any good?

FGF9 for Hair Loss: How it Works and How You Can Use It

FGF9 may well be the cure for hair loss. Read this article to learn why and see how you can use it.

DMSO for Hair Loss: Research, Results and How to Use It

DMSO is used by many Hair Loss Talk members: but is it really worth using?

Grow Gorgeous Full Ingredients List Explained

Grow Gorgeous is beautifully branded but it doesn’t contain any particularly powerful hair growth stimulating ingredients.

Lipogaine Full Ingredients List Explained

Lipogaine is a seriously good Minoxidil topical. It contains loads of proven natural anti-hair-loss ingredients. Just take a look at the list below…

Topical Peppermint Oil for Hair Loss: Amazing Results

Peppermint oil, when applied to the scalp, may be a relatively effective and extremely cheap treatment for male pattern baldness (MPB). This is probably to do with its anti-inflammatory properties. But I didn’t expect to see results like these…