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Amplixin Growth Serum Full Ingredients List

Amplixin Growth Serum contains all-natural herbal extracts. Some studies have shown the ingredients in Aplixin may increase hair growth. See below for the full ingredients list.

Chamomile (Matricaria chamomilla) for Hair Loss: a Natural 5AR Inhibitor

A study on 60 patients with male pattern baldness tested topical chamomile and Zataria multiflora extracts. The research team reported “significant results” in increased hair growth in the patch tests. Updates will be posted here as more findings are released.

Panthrix Hair Loss Serum Ingredients (Full List Explained)

Panthrix is a topical hair loss serum available on Amazon. The most notable ingredients are caffeine, menthol, Redensyl and castor oil — all of which have been shown in studies to promote hair growth. Scroll down to see how these ingredients work.

DS Labs Spectral DNC N Full Ingredients List

DS Labs Spectral DNC N is probably one of, if not the best topical hair loss treatment available over the counter. It contains some of the most effective ingredients for treating hair loss, including Nanoxidil (a more easily absorbed version of Minoxidil), copper peptides, Adenosine, Aminexil and many more. Below is the full list of ingredients, with explanations.

Secukinumab for Hair Loss: How it Works

Secukinumab Is a treatment for psoriasis, which comes in a cream that’s applied to the skin. However, doctors have noticed that when applied to the scalp of balding men, new hair grows. As a result a study was conducted to see how secukinumab promotes new hair growth in bald or balding scalps. Here are the details.

Sulfasalazine for Hair Loss: How it Works

Sulfasalazine may be an effective treatment for some forms of hair loss because of its immunosuppressive actions. Some hair loss is caused by auto-immune responses in the scalp.

Diclofenac Gel for Hair Loss: How it Works

Diclofenac is the active ingredient in Voltarol anti-inflammatory gel, so it’s not surprising to me that when applied to the scalp of balding men, it triggers new hair growth by reducing inflammation (a key cause of male pattern baldness).

Replicel RCH-01 Hair Loss Treatment: How it Works

RCH-01 is a hair loss treatment developed by RepliCel and Shiseido, which replenishes cells found at the base of the hair follicles that are lost due to exposure to DHT in the scalp. The treatment is currently in trial phase.

Kevis 8 Full Ingredients List

Kevis 8 contains several of the most well known hair loss treatments, including Capixyl, Redensyl and copper peptides. It also includes several potent natural ingredients that have been shown in studies to promote hair growth. See the full ingredients list with explanations below.

Samumed SM04554 for hair loss

Samumed SM04554 looks to be an extremely promising topical hair loss treatment, targeting the the Wnt pathway.