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PTD-DBM & Valproic Acid for Hair Loss: Superior Hair Follicle Neogenesis Achieved

Put simply, PTD-DBM is a peptide that inhibits a protein called CXXC5. CXXC5 prevents hair growth. Using PTD-DBM we can prevent CXXC5 from interfering with hair growth. Here’s how…

Cetrizine for Hair Loss: Reduce Scalp PGD2

Cetirizine is a cheap anti-allergy medication. It’s thought to reduce PGD2 when applied to the scalp. In one experiment, 1% cetirizine was applied to the scalps of subjects and ‘significant hair growth’ was reported.

Way 316-606 for Hair Loss: Scalp SFRP1 Inhibitor

Way 316-606 reduces hair loss and promotes hair growth by blocking SFRP1 from damaging hair follicles in the scalp. SFRP1 is a protein that interferes with hair growth. By blocking the protein, hair grows uninhibited.

CB 03 01 / Breezula (Clascoterone) for Hair Loss: Research, Results and How to Use It

CB 03 01 is a topical hair loss treatment that works by binding with androgen receptors in the hair follicles, helping to reduce the amount of DHT that’s able to bind with the receptors.