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EGCG for Hair Loss: Supress Androgen Receptors in the Scalp

The androgen hormone DHT causes male pattern baldness (MPB) when it binds to androgen receptors in the scalp. Most MPB treatments involve reducing DHT, but this has major side effects, including loss of drive, inability to gain muscle, loss of sex drive and impotence. So a far better solution might be to reduce or suppress the androgen receptors in the scalp, so DHT cannot damage the hair follicles. That is precisely what EGCG does…

PURA D'OR Scalp Serum Review + Full Ingredients List Explained

I was expecting this product to be a gimmicky treatment with few proven ingredients. When I looked into I soon realized this is quite possibly the best natural hair loss topical in the world. It’s packed full of potent anti hair loss ingredients that have been shown in numerous studies to promote hair growth.

How to Decalcify the Scalp to Reduce Hair Loss

Some researchers believe calcium deposits in the blood vessels and scalp may be a key cause of hair loss and removing those calcium deposits is vital for reducing hair loss. Let’s examine this hypothesis.

Amplixin Growth Serum Review + Full Ingredients List

Amplixin Growth Serum contains all-natural herbal extracts. Some studies have shown the ingredients in Aplixin may increase hair growth. See below for the full ingredients list.

Chamomile (Matricaria chamomilla) for Hair Loss: a Natural 5AR Inhibitor

A study on 60 patients with male pattern baldness tested topical chamomile and Zataria multiflora extracts. The research team reported “significant results” in increased hair growth in the patch tests. Updates will be posted here as more findings are released.