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How to Increase Scalp VEGF to Increase Hair Growth and Thickness

VEGF is a “growth factor”, which has been shown to increase hair growth. Scalp’s with more VEGF grow more hair. Therefore by increasing VEGF using the method below, we can increase scalp hair growth.

Topical Lactobacillus for Hair Loss: Increases VEGF

Lactobacillus increases scalp VEGF and according to the study below it produces superior hair regrowth to Minoxidil. And there’s more…

Topical Safflower Extract for Hair Loss: Increases VEGF

Safflower extract has been shown in at least one study to significantly increase the growth factors VEGF and keratinocyte, both of which play a key role in increasing hair growth.

Rejuviance Super Strength DHT Blocker Review + Ingredients Explained

Rejuviance Super Strength DHT Blocker contains a number of natural DHT blocking ingredients that have been shown to reduce male pattern baldness. Here I examine if this product is worth buying.

Setipiprant for Hair Loss: Reduce Scalp PGD2 Receptor Activity

Setipiprant is another example of an anti-allergy medication which was discovered to reduce hair loss. It does this by decreasing scalp PGD2, which is key to stopping hair loss.