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Topical Cinnamon for Hair Growth: Warning

One published study has stated cinnamon increases hair growth by increasing blood vessel vasodilation and the growth factor IGF-1. However, another study has shown that it decreases the growth factor VEGF.

VETA Men Targeted Topical Review + Ingredients Explained

VETA is a hair loss treatment that works primarily by increasing blood circulation in the scalp. Would I recommend it? Let’s find out…

Lavender Oil for Hair Growth: Reduces Scalp Inflammation

Lavender oil has shown some surprisingly impressive hair growth stimulating results. Seemingly via its anti-inflammatory action.

How to Increase Scalp Substance P (SP) for Hair Growth

According to several different studies, ‘Substance P’ acts as a growth factor in the hair follicles. One researcher has even stated that Substance P induces the hair follicles to transition from resting phase to growth phase!

Human Growth Hormone (HGH) for Hair Loss: Read This

The rumour is — and it is only a rumour — that Jennifer Anniston and Demi Moore take HGH injections to maintain a youthful appearance. But can HGH be used to make new hair grow?