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L'Oréal Professionnel Serioxyl Thicker Hair Serum Review + Ingredients Explained

Serioxyl Thicker Hair contains a mixture L’Oriel have called Intra-Cylane, which may make your hair appear thicker. However this product doesn’t contain ingredients that increase hair growth.

7 Natural Dry Shampoo Alternatives: That Nourish Your Hair & Scalp

You may have heard the news all over the internet a few months back about dry shampoo being bad for your hair. Well that’s not going to stop people using dry shampoo, but if you really have to use it, make sure you use one of these healthier versions, based on nourishing natural ingredients that […]

10 of the Best Thickening Hair Waxes and Gels for Men

Styling your hair when it’s fine or thin will always prove to be challenging and many people just completely skip over styling their hair when it starts to fall out. Although there isn’t a great variety of styling products destined for people who are experiencing hair loss, there are some options such as thickening waxes, […]

What are the best hair extensions for avoiding hair damage or loss?

Hair extensions aren’t synonymous with hair damage or baldness and should in no way be demonized. While hair damage is associated with hair extensions in numerous cases, it isn’t the hair extension itself, but the lack of maintenance, poor application, poor quality and numerous similar factors that actually lead to hair damage. What type of […]

How to put in hair extensions

The market for hair extensions is huge and they are such a popular beauty product that their affordability and availability has increased to accommodate even those who don’t want to opt for a hair salon. Nowadays, you can simply buy hair extensions from your local market and add them to your hair at home, without […]

Can Hair Extensions Cause Hair Loss?

What woman doesn’t want the glamorous full head of hair that can be seen on actresses, models and celebrities? Regardless of what number or quality of hair products one uses, there is no way to beat the volume inducing impact that hair extensions can add; however, what happens when hair extensions cause damage to your […]

What are the pros and cons of hair extensions?

Hair extensions have become a common beauty accessory that millions of men and women use to improve the way their hair looks. It’s a straightforward process that allows people to choose what type of hair they will be wearing and it can be an excellent way to improve thinning or short hair. But as it […]

Different Types of Hair Extensions Explained

If you are like the majority of people, you probably aren’t boasting “movie star” locks with volume for miles. Fortunately though, beauty science has come up with a varied selection of hair extensions for more than a decade and now you can opt for fuller and longer hair with just a trip to your local […]

How does permanent hair straightening work?

Permanent straightening, also known as a relaxer, is a straightening method that affects the structure of the hair permanently through a chemical treatment. The chemicals used in permanent straightening solutions cause permanent change to a person’s hair follicles, however, new hair growth is not affected by this procedure. The science behind hair straightening is as […]

Do hair straighteners damage hair?

Hair straightening involves either: a break in the chemical bond that maintains the structure of keratin in its original form; or a more permanent solution using chemicals The temporary solution involving rapid drying of the hair with an application of a hot iron to shape the strand only lasts until the hair is wet again. […]

10 Amazing Examples of Hair Sculpture / Art

1. Hair stylist: Nagi Noda. This concept used basket weave for the hat, providing a framework for the bear and birds. 2. Hair stylist: Nagi Noda. Inspired by animals, the hair stylist used scalp hair and hair wefts, some wire and hairspray to sculpt. 3. Hair stylist: Nagi Noda. The artist made hair sculptures of […]

What is a Hair Keratin Treatment?

Hair consists primarily of the protein keratin, a polymer with a high concentration of the amino acids glycine, glutamic acid and cysteine. During the formation of the keratin fibre, the sulfhydryl functions of the cysteine residues oxidise to create disulphide bonds that give hairs their structure (Acton, 2013). The natural look of hair can be […]

What is the best men's hair style in the world? VOTE HERE

I’m conducting a poll in an effort to determine what people consider to be the best men’s hair style. If you have a spare minute, please pick your favorite hair style from the below 11 options. If you think they’re all terrible add a comment. Thank you. Johnny Depp short spikey Brad Pitt medium length […]

World's Best Hair Dryers

Every woman needs a hairdryer, and the best one is preferably one that will be able to get you through those bad hair days, those frizzy moments, and most of all help to tease the tangles by providing you with the ultimate in dry, sleek hair. It’s amazing just how well a hairdryer can tame […]

Min New York Secure Hair Gel Review

I’ve been using MIN New York’s Secure Firm Gel on and off for around six months now. When I first started using it I had short hair and wanted to make it spiky-ish (or at least up and to the sides at the front). Although it’s labelled as firm gel I didn’t find it firm […]

Natural Alternatives to Gel to Achieve a Wet Look and Make Hair Healthier

Hi I want to give wet look to my hair without using gel because I have noticed that whenever I use gel my hair falls out. Please tell me the alternative way to give wet look to my hair If you are experiencing hair loss it is more likely to be due to DHT, stress, […]

Is it possible to reverse traction alopecia (hair loss caused by tight braids, weaves, etc)?

I am afraid that i may have traction alopecia from wearing braids and putting chemicals in my hair so now my sides are ruined. My question is, is there any way lost hair follicles can be revived? Yes, to some extent. First of all stop tying your hair up tightly right now and don’t braid […]