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7 Natural Dry Shampoo Alternatives: That Nourish Your Hair & Scalp

You may have heard the news all over the internet a few months back about dry shampoo being bad for your hair. Well that’s not going to stop people using dry shampoo, but if you really have to use it, make sure you use one of these healthier versions, based on nourishing natural ingredients that […]

10 of the Best Thickening Hair Waxes and Gels for Men

Styling your hair when it’s fine or thin will always prove to be challenging and many people just completely skip over styling their hair when it starts to fall out. Although there isn’t a great variety of styling products destined for people who are experiencing hair loss, there are some options such as thickening waxes, […]

What are the best hair extensions for avoiding hair damage or loss?

Hair extensions aren’t synonymous with hair damage or baldness and should in no way be demonized. While hair damage is associated with hair extensions in numerous cases, it isn’t the hair extension itself, but the lack of maintenance, poor application, poor quality and numerous similar factors that actually lead to hair damage. What type of […]

Best Hair Straighteners For Protecting Your Hair Against Damage

When it comes to hair straightening the world is overflowing with information and scientific sources are harder to find. Flat Irons are nowadays wonders of technology, each with its own specs conceived for a particular need. But does all that fancy technology protect your hair? Here are the best straighteners we could find and some […]

How does permanent hair straightening work?

Permanent straightening, also known as a relaxer, is a straightening method that affects the structure of the hair permanently through a chemical treatment. The chemicals used in permanent straightening solutions cause permanent change to a person’s hair follicles, however, new hair growth is not affected by this procedure. The science behind hair straightening is as […]