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Kurt Cobain’s Signature Blonde Hair

When Kurt Cobain was first seen on TV he was instantly memorable and clearly had something special. The long blonde hair was one of the many things that made him stand out a mile from the crowd. Is this the coolest rock star hair style in the world?

Chris Cornell with Long Hair

Chris Cornell has one of the greatest voices in rock. He is the front man of legendary rock band Soundgarden and also led the superband Audioslave. Back in the early nineties this is how Chris had his hair.

Taylor Hawkins Rockstar Hairstyle

Taylor Hawkins is one of the world’s greatest rock drummers, playing for one of the world’s coolest bands, the Foo Fighters. He’s had various length hairstyles, but here you’re voting for what you see in the picture.

A Young Ozzy Osbourne with Long Brown Hair

Ozzy Osbourne is thought of as one of the craziest guys in music. But there’s nothing crazy about his awesome hairstyle. This is an old photo os the young rockstar – he must have powerful good genes, as his hair is pretty much the same today, despite the punishment he’s put his body through.

Jon Bon Jovi’s Modern Older Rockstar Look

Member of the Songwriter’s Hall of Fame, seller of over 130 million albums and named in People Magazine’s 50 Most Beautiful People In The World, Jon Bon Jovi also has cool hair. As he’s another late entry into this list, he’s got some catching up to do on votes, so get voting!

Axl Rose’s straight 70’s style hair

Axl Rose had awesome hair back in the 80s. It’s gone through some bad times since then though! But back when this picture was taken it was surely the coolest rockstar hairstyle of all time.

Anthony Kiedis’ Straight Brown Haircut

Anthony Kiedis is a cool, modern rockstar with a Californian surfer style that oerfectly suits the Red Hot Chili Peppers. He’s been blessed with great hair. Is it the best rockstar hair ever though? You decide.

Layne Staley’s Cool Blonde Wavy Grunge Do

Layne Staley, the only lead singer of Alice in Chains, had a wide variety of hairstyles during his short time on earth: from shaven to Robert Plant like. Like his voice, his hair was one of the coolest in rock.

Kid Rock’s Hair Is Scared

Kid Rock’s hair may be agoraphobic, as it is rarely let loose from under one of his many hats. Therefore the only logical conclusion is that his hair either has an aversion to light or it simply prefers the darkness of hat coverage. Either way, we can also say Kid Rock has cool rockstar hair.

Travis Meeks Classic 90’s Grunge Rock Haircut

Travis Meeks was the lead singer of a less well known but astonishingly good band, Days of the New. Travis has been described as a virtuoso guitarist and perhaps his troubled mind was the only thing that stopped him from becoming a megastar.

Robert Plant’s Awesome 70’s Rockstar Hairstyle

Robert Plant: front man to one of the greatest rock bands in history; one of the most influential singers and songwriters in the history of rock music and proud owner of some of the coolest rock hairstyles.

Sebastian Bach’s Wondrous Metal Mane

Not to be confused with Johann, this Sebastian is best known as front man of metal band Skid Row and now has a successful solo career. Thank you to @rockoutmagazine for this nomination.