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Argan Oil For Hair Growth: How It Works And How To Use It

Argan oil protects the hair shaft from breakage, allowing hair to lengthen. This was proven in a 2013 experiment. The hair protection capability of argan kernel oil as a hair conditioning agent was investigated in a study conducted by Faria et al (2013) on Caucasian hair post treatment with hair dye. In this experiment, dyed […]

Folic Acid for Hair Loss: Why It’s Used in Hair Loss Supplements

We all lose hair on daily basis, but for some the rate of hair loss does not tally with the rate of hair growth and this results in hair loss. Folic acid is a B vitamin that is needed by the body for the generation of new cells. This vitamin is needed in sufficient quantities […]

Biotin for Hair Growth: A Complete Guide

Biotin rich foods and supplements are frequently cited as an excellent way to improve hair health and increase hair growth. Biotin is not only great for your hair, it’s also extremely beneficial in other areas of health and in fact crucial for some key biological processes in the human body. Increasing your in take of […]

BCAAs for Hair Growth – a Complete Guide

BCAAs (branched chain amino acids) enhance protein synthesis and therefore hair growth – the protein keratin is one of the main “components” that make up the hair shaft. BCAAs are also the main components of the potassium-ion channels in human hair follicles, and it is considered that increasing your BCAA intake may speed up hair […]

Zinc for hair growth: a complete guide

Zinc is similar to magnesium in many respects. Their chemical properties are very much alike, and so is the way they affect the welfare of organisms. Like any other essential mineral, zinc is vital to human bodily functions and zinc deficiency is linked to a number of conditions including depression, fatigue and hair loss. How […]