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Home remedies for hair loss, that you probably have around the house

Whether you are trying to combat hair loss naturally or you simply want to try some home remedies before seeing what’s available, the following treatments should be easy to find around the house and have been scientifically proven to help with hair loss. Garlic Garlic has been researched as a treatment for hair loss and […]

How to stop hair fall and grow new hair

Although there are numerous hair loss treatments out there most fall short when it comes to results. ‘The Big 3’ still remain the only proven treatments to stop hair fall and also stimulate the growth of new hair: Prescription Finasteride, high strength Minoxidil and low strength topical Ketoconazole. Minoxidil and Finasteride The combination between Minoxidil […]

How to Stop Hair Falling Out: The Best Method

If your hair has started falling out it’s most likely caused by a change in your hormones, which has increased levels of the hormone DHT in your body. DHT causes hair loss when it interacts with the hair follicles. Warning It’s important that you act fast. If you act quickly you have a much greater […]

How to stop hair thinning: the ultimate guide

Read this article carefully folks, because there are some real nuggets of wisdom in this article that could save your hair. The three key factors to stopping your hair thinning are: Replenishing key nutrients that your body is deficient in Reducing scalp DHT and reducing scalp PGD2 Reducing stress levels (and therefore reducing cortisol hormone) […]

The Most Advanced Natural Hair Loss Treatment

In this guide I’m going to explain something fundamental about hair growth, that you can easily change to trigger significant hair regrowth. I sent a massive supply of blood to my hair, using a very simple, clever trick, which increases blood circulation in your scalp all night long, while you sleep There’s something very important that you […]

Download the Hair Loss eBook: Full version

Please read this page carefully from start to finish if you are truly prepared to do what it takes to regrow your hair. If you’re not prepared to take some extreme action that will actually get results, this might not be for you. In this book I provide detailed instructions on how to perform at-home […]

How to Reverse Hair Loss Naturally

The average person loses between 50 and 100 hairs each day, although for most people those hairs grow back but for those with hair loss issues, they don’t grow back. Regardless of whether you are a man or a woman, how your hair looks can have a significant impact on your self-confidence. Although if you […]