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Telomeres: Can Protecting Telomeres Help Reduce Hair Loss?

For many years, the preservation of human life has remained a top priority for scientists. The fascination with life extension lures researchers into exploring various new and innovative ways to treat various medical conditions such as cancer, chronic diseases, and alopecia (hair loss). Recent advances in human DNA research have made the possibility of life […]

Stress is Causing Your Hair Loss: Here's Why

Every hair follicle experiences three stages: growth (anagen), involution (catagen), and resting (telogen). The growth stage may last for 2 to 6 years. Then the involution stage is about a couple of days. The hair follows the next step, going into the resting phase and finally, the hair falls out. Each person may lose from […]

Top 10 Best Supplements for Anxiety Reduction

This is a useful list for anyone who wants to take a positive, pro-active approach to reducing their anxiety levels. High anxiety is so bad for your health (including hair, skin and overall physical health): if you suffer from high anxiety levels, I strongly advise you take measures to combat it. By using a supplement […]

10 Free Subliminal Binaural Beats for Anxiety Reduction

I recently discovered a load of free binaural beats audio tracks that contain subliminal positive affirmations designed to reduce anxiety and increase confidence. All of the below audios are completely free and available on Youtube. In order to download them as MP3 files that you can listen to on your phone or MP3 player, you […]

Cortisol Blocker Supplements: How to Lower Cortisol Hormone Levels

The more I learn about cortisol, the more convinced I become that reducing your cortisol levels is an extremely effective way of improving your life – whether your goal is to increase hair growth, improve your body, increase your confidence levels, or just be happier; reducing your cortisol hormone levels seems key to achieving these […]

Fake it Until You Become it: How to Reduce Your Cortisol Levels

A study has revealed that people may be able to considerably reduce their stress levels by simply posing in a few easy positions for two minutes The hormone cortisol (a stress hormone) was reduced significantly after individuals stood or sat in the positions Cortisol is linked to hair loss: by reducing cortisol we may be […]

Stress Related Hair Loss Study: One More Quick Question

As part of my ongoing study into stress related hair loss, here is question 2 of my anonymous survey. I am attempting to gain a clearer picture on the true causes of hair loss. It is my hypothesis that stress (or more precisely, how different peoples’ bodies react to stress stimuli) effects hair loss. I […]

Please Answer One Question About Stress Related Hair Loss

I’m conducting a one question survey about stress related hair loss to help gain a clearer picture on the causes of hair loss in order to better help everyone who uses There is just one question and it should only take you a moment to answer. I will release the study findings at a […]

How does stress cause hair loss?

Stress has become one of the most dangerous risk factors for a wide range of diseases worldwide. While we’re making all efforts to prevent illness by avoiding unhealthy foods and exercising, stress often goes unnoticed. But why could stress possibly be that dangerous? We usually get the impression we’re more or less stressed by certain […]

How Your Brain Might be Causing Your Hair Loss

Have you ever noticed how those who are somewhat less well endowed in the intelligence department tend to have lovely thick hair? Well i have. I’ve also noticed how braniacs and genius professors tend be less well endowed in the barnet department. Have you ever wondered why that might be? Let’s examine that hypothesis for […]

Is their a Connection Between Higher Intelligence and Hair Loss?

I came across your website when searching for connection between acne and hair loss. I found your article on that very interesting. I suffer from acne since over 10 years. Last year I also started having problems with hair loss. Currently I am taking Procerin to fight with it but after almost 3 months I […]

How to Treat Sudden Hair Loss Caused by Stress

Hi, I am suffering from hair loss suddenly. Please advise. Recently I shifted my house and so I thought it may be change of water. still when I use drinking water for hair wash it continues. Moving house, changing job, major diet changes and other major sudden changes in life often cause a sudden increase […]

Some questions about anxiety, stress related hair loss and Avodart

I am 40 years old male and have decent hair, I am in pretty good shape I lifts weights 5 days a week and do cardio. My hair started receding on the sides slowly when I was 35, right about that time is when I really started having anxiety and constant stress so I dont […]

New Research Further Confirms My Method's Scientific Validity

During a recent study on mice, scientists found that by inhibiting a stress hormone they were able to reduce hair loss. Mice were injected with a drug that suppresses the stress hormone. As a result the mice regrew lost hair. More information on that study can be found here. A large section of my ebook […]

Stop the stress or never stop the hair loss

Stress is a well known cause of hair loss. A study conducted in 2003 found that laboratory mice that were subjected to higher than average stress levels suffered greater rates of hair loss than those under normal conditions. Stress may seem to only effect the way you feel but it can also have a massive […]