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Telomeres: Can Protecting Telomeres Help Reduce Hair Loss?

For many years, the preservation of human life has remained a top priority for scientists. The fascination with life extension lures researchers into exploring various new and innovative ways to treat various medical conditions such as cancer, chronic diseases, and alopecia (hair loss). Recent advances in human DNA research have made the possibility of life […]

Stress is Causing Your Hair Loss: Here's Why

Every hair follicle experiences three stages: growth (anagen), involution (catagen), and resting (telogen). The growth stage may last for 2 to 6 years. Then the involution stage is about a couple of days. The hair follows the next step, going into the resting phase and finally, the hair falls out. Each person may lose from […]

Top 10 Best Supplements for Anxiety Reduction

This is a useful list for anyone who wants to take a positive, pro-active approach to reducing their anxiety levels. High anxiety is so bad for your health (including hair, skin and overall physical health): if you suffer from high anxiety levels, I strongly advise you take measures to combat it. By using a supplement […]

10 Free Subliminal Binaural Beats for Anxiety Reduction

I recently discovered a load of free binaural beats audio tracks that contain subliminal positive affirmations designed to reduce anxiety and increase confidence. All of the below audios are completely free and available on Youtube. In order to download them as MP3 files that you can listen to on your phone or MP3 player, you […]

Cortisol Blocker Supplements: How to Lower Cortisol Hormone Levels

The more I learn about cortisol, the more convinced I become that reducing your cortisol levels is an extremely effective way of improving your life – whether your goal is to increase hair growth, improve your body, increase your confidence levels, or just be happier; reducing your cortisol hormone levels seems key to achieving these […]