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The Hands Down BEST DHT Blocker Supplements for Hair Loss Prevention

View the world’s best DHT blockers DHT Blockers: The science seems good but can natural DHT blockers like saw palmetto, pygeum and nettle be powerful enough to have a noticeable effect on hair growth like Propecia does Propecia is effective, but I wouldn’t recommend it to anyone. See my article “Should I take Propecia” to […]

What is the Best Hair Loss Supplement (Reviewed)

There are hundreds of hair loss supplements. Choosing one is a gamble: it’s hard to know if it will be the answer you’ve been looking for or have no effect on your hair. I’ve researched over a hundred products and finally arrived at the list you see below — these are what I believe to […]

Best Vitamins for Hair Growth: A Complete Guide

If you live in America, Canada, the UK, Australia or other relatively rich country, it’s unlikely that you suffer from any severe nutrient deficiencies that could negatively affect your health. However, studies have shown that boosting your intake of certain vitamins, minerals, amino acids and herbs can increase the rate of hair growth and even […]

What’s the Best Hair, Skin and Nail Supplement?

Finding the right supplements to promote healthy hair, skin, and nails can be difficult. These 5 supplements are some of the best supplements on the market, with hundreds of positive customer reviews and scientific evidence to back them up to boot! Maxi-Hair Plus $17.49 for 120 Capsules Maxi-Hair Plus is a vitamin supplement that contains […]

Biotin for Hair Growth: A Complete Guide

Biotin rich foods and supplements are frequently cited as an excellent way to improve hair health and increase hair growth. Biotin is not only great for your hair, it’s also extremely beneficial in other areas of health and in fact crucial for some key biological processes in the human body. Increasing your in take of […]

MSM for Hair Growth: A Complete Guide

MSM is regularly cited as one of the most important minerals for improving hair health and increasing hair growth. It is found in many of the world’s best hair growth supplements. So, how does it help hair growth and what should you buy to increase your intake of MSM to support healthy hair growth? MSM […]

Silica for Hair Growth: A Complete Guide

Silica is a combination of silicon and oxygen. It is a very interesting mineral frequently found in leafy green vegetables and whole grains. Its amazing benefit is the ability to repair connective tissue by helping replace dysfunctional cells. Connective tissue supports, connects or separates various other types of cells and tissues in our body. A […]