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8 Hair Thickening Products That Also Help Regrow Thinning Hair

These are leave-in styling creams and serums that help make the hair look thicker and fuller. All the products on this page also contain ingredients that may help improve the health of hair and promote hair growth.

Best Hair Straighteners For Protecting Your Hair Against Damage

When it comes to hair straightening the world is overflowing with information and scientific sources are harder to find. Flat Irons are nowadays wonders of technology, each with its own specs conceived for a particular need. But does all that fancy technology protect your hair? Here are the best straighteners we could find and some […]

What is the Best Straightening Cream for Glossy, Straight Hair?

Hair styling products have come a long way since the days when every woman seemed to have a perm. Now you can pretty much choose what texture you want by applying products at home. Using straightening irons may damage your hair structure, causing split ends. With that in mind you’re almost certainly better off using […]

What’s the Best Thickening Cream for Maximum Hair Volume?

If you want to add volume to your hair and style it at the same time, here are ten products you should examine carefully. These products are specifically designed to volumize hair before or during styling.

Best Organic Hair Dye Products + Why Buy Them

Regular hair dyes use ammonia to modify the hair structure and penetrate the hair shaft, or literally bleach your hair with peroxide to turn it blonde. Many of these products are cocktails of corrosive and irritating chemicals that sacrifice hair and scalp health in favor of long-lasting color. Therefore, all organic hair color is semi-permanent. […]