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Is it possible to regrow hair on bald head?

In this day and age, how is it possible that there is no total, absolute cure for hair loss? I’ll tell you why. Everyone has been looking in the wrong place.

How to grow your hairline edges back after a braid

If you’ve worn your hair in tight braids for more than a year and you’ve noticed the edges at the front of your hairline have become much thinner, you need to act fast if you want to recover the lost hair.

Will Hair Grow Back After Hair Loss Due to Dandruff?

Dandruff is unlikely to cause hair loss, except in severe cases. It’s more likely that you have a far more common cause of hair loss called ‘Androgenic Alopecia’.

How Can I Grow My Hair Back? Here’s My Method

Today I’m going to show you the method I am using to gradually regrow my hair. This is a simple method you can follow at home.

Does your hairline grow back?

This is a question emailed to me by a reader, asking whether hair lost above the temples (in the receding hairline area) grows back. Or whether, once it’s lost, it’s lost for good. Here’s my answer…