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Cetrizine for Hair Loss: Reduce Scalp PGD2

Cetirizine is a cheap anti-allergy medication. It’s thought to reduce PGD2 when applied to the scalp. In one experiment, 1% cetirizine was applied to the scalps of subjects and ‘significant hair growth’ was reported.

Topical 1% Cetirizine shown to give “significant improvement” in male pattern hair loss

We found that the main effect of cetirizine was an increase in total hair density, terminal hair density and diameter variation from T0 to T1, while the vellus hair density shows an evident decrease. The use of a molecule as cetirizine, with no notable side effects, makes possible a good compliance by patients.

Our results have shown that topical cetirizine 1% is responsible for a significant improvement of the initial framework of AGA.

Via PubMed

The authors evaluated the efficacy of topical cetirizine for treatment of androgenetic alopecia in 85 male and female study participants. Overall, 67 participants applied cetirizine 1% daily on the scalp, and 18 applied vehicle as controls. The treatment group showed increased total density, increased terminal density, and decreased vellus density after 6 months of use. Prostaglandin D2 has been implicated in baldness, and the mechanism of action is thought to relate to the anti-PGD2 effect of cetirizine.

The authors of this study suggest that topical cetirizine could be an emerging treatment for androgenetic alopecia.

Anna A. Wile, MD