Channing Tatum Hair Loss: Is He Losing It? -

Channing Tatum Hair Loss: Is He Losing It?

I’ve suspected for some time now that Channing Tatum is losing his hair. But is he really losing it? And if so, how long does he have left?

Is Channing Tatum losing his hair?

My first instinct was yes. He does look like he’s losing it.

Channing Tatum thin hair

As you can see here his hairline does look as though it’s receded above the temples and his hair looks thin on top.

However, if you look at a photo of him from when he was younger he also has thin hair here:

Channing Tatum young

So I think he has naturally thin hair and some very minor recession but no significant or aggressive hair loss.

I recently examined Justin Beiber’s hair loss and it was easy for me to conclude: he is definitely losing his hair. The difference is significant. I would say Beiber has lost at least half of his hair and it’s happened quite quickly.

Changing Tatum, on the other hand, has shown no signs of rapid hair loss in his twenties or thirties. He’s now 39 and still got a good head of hair. In my experience, if you don’t experience rapid hair loss in your twenties or thirties at any point it’s highly likely you won’t lose your hair.

Additionally, Tatum has hardly any facial hair, which is an indicator that his follicles contain lower numbers of, or less active, androgen receptors or that he has lower DHT hormone levels.

Male pattern hair loss occurs when the androgen hormone DHT binds to androgen receptors in the hair follicles. Men who don’t have thick facial hair don’t have high levels of DHT binding to their hair follicles meaning they are less susceptible to hair loss. Tatum falls into this category.

I also suspect that because Tatum is tall and good looking he was probably very popular at school. You’re probably thinking, why in the world would that matter?

Well, interestingly, if you experience stress related to social rejection during your teenage years it’s thought to cause an increase in inflammatory cytokines around your body. Inflammatory cytokines cause hair loss.

For these reasons my conclusion is:

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Is Channing Tatum losing his hair?

No. I think Tatum is one of those lucky guys who didn’t experience high stress related to social rejection during his teenage years and as a result hasn’t fallen into the inflammatory profile of a male pattern hair loss sufferer.