Chary’s channel is different to other beauty channels. Hairstyles and haircare tutorials aren’t her primary focus; lifestyle videos are. Throughout her hairstyle and haircare videos, Chary shows her viewers some of the new products that she has found and how they’ve benefited her as well as some of the new hairstyles that she has been trying out.

Chary has been a part of the YouTube community since February 2010 and since she has joined, she has managed to reach over 100,000 channel subscribers and almost 9,000,000 video views.

Chary is a vegan, and in her videos she promotes becoming a vegan. A lot of the videos that she uploads are lifestyle videos which take haircare into account. She uploads a few videos a month and discusses her views on certain topics while also discussing some of the best products for taking care of your hair.

In her most viewed YouTube video, Chary talks about some of the humorous comments that girls say to each other about their hair.

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