Cinthia Truong - How to Stop Hair Loss

Cinthia Truong

Cinthia youtube hair tutorial channel
Cinthia’s YouTube channel is strictly hair related videos. These videos range from hairstyle tutorials; sometimes simple although it’s not uncommon for them to be complex and highly intricate, to haircare tips that she knows work from her own experience.
Ever since Cinthia has joined the YouTube community in May 2010, she has managed to gain over 530,000 channel subscribers along with over 105,000,000 video views!!!
Cinthia’s channel consists of all hair based videos. The majority of these videos are about hairstyles and tutorials on how her viewers are able to use those hairstyles in their own lives. On occasion, she uploads videos about simple tips and tricks that can be done with easily found resources, making them useful to everyone!
In her most viewed YouTube video, Cinthia shows her viewers how to put their hair in a springe braided flower style. In the video, she gives an in-depth explanation of each step that she takes in order to assure that her viewers are able to keep up with her, fully understand what she’s doing and why she’s doing it, and recreate the hairstyle on themselves.