Claire Ashley - How to Stop Hair Loss

Claire Ashley

Claire’s channel focuses on a variety of different beauty aspects. From makeup, to fashion, to vlogging about her favorite products. During her vlogs, Claire talks to her viewers about some of her favourite hair and skin care products that she uses as well as simply discussing topics that she feels she wants to talk about. Since Claire joined the YouTube community in May 2009, she has managed to reach 170,000 subscribers while also gaining a massive 26,000,000 video views during her YouTube journey. Claire’s channel is slightly different to other beauty channels as many beauty channels do not upload vlogs. By uploading vlogs, she is able to discuss matters that she feels necessary and engage with her viewers from a different angle. In her most viewed YouTube video, Claire gives her viewers a quick tutorial on how they are able to put their hair in a ‘Lauren Conrad Side Braid’ style and shows them step by step how they are able to do so themselves.]]>