Clear the scalps pores so that hairs are free to grow -

Clear the scalps pores so that hairs are free to grow

This is something that effects most male and many female hair loss sufferers. Take a look in the mirror. Make sure there is a good light over head. Examine your scalp, where you can see it through your hair. Does it look shiny? If not, this is not a major problem area for you. If so, pay careful attention to the remainder of this page.

What causes the shiny scalp common among hair loss sufferers?

Shiny head causes hair loss due to clogged pores
Human skin naturally secretes an oil called ‘sebum’ via the sebaceous gland. Fresh sebum protects the skin and moisturises the hair. However sebum can combine with other oils, pollutants, cosmetic products and dead skin cells. If a combination of sebum and other materials is left to build up it can embed into the scalp.
When this occurs the sebum based oil forms a hard layer of plaque. This plaque clogs the scalps pores and embeds itself into the scalps top layer of dead skin (the epidermis).

This is a major problem because if the pores are clogged, hair follicles will not be able to grow. This is illustrated in the diagrams on the next page.

Healthy ScalpSebum embedded Scalp

It is important that you remove this layer as soon as possible

Unfortunately it is not easy to remove this layer of embedded plaque in most cases. Go ahead and try washing your scalp with shampoo as vigorously as you can – it won’t work. In fact there are only three known methods of properly removing the layer.

How to remove the embedded sebum based plaque

In the eBook I explain exactly how to totally remove the sebum based plaque from your scalp, unclogging your pores and allowing hairs to grow again. My method is especially good because not only does it remove the plaque and clear the pores, it also causes increased collagen production and blood flow in the scalp.

Why this is especially good

This is especially good because as soon as your scalps pores become clear they are immediately provided with a sudden abundance of blood flow and cell growth activity. As soon as you’ve cleared your scalps pores I instruct you on how to feed and invigorate the dormant hair follicles that have laid trapped under blocked pores. This gives your hair the maximum chance of regrowing fast.
This is a very important first step for the vast majority of hair loss sufferers. And even if you don’t have a noticeably shiny scalp, you can see how this would still be highly beneficial.


If you have a flaky, inflamed or sore scalp you should not follow the procedure I explain in the eBook as it is not suitable for you. Instead you should visit your doctor and have your scalp examined.

Just copy exactly what I did and you’ll get the same life changing results…

…and believe me, it’s life changing.
I’m going to show you exactly what I did to regrow my hair.
The download contains the complete instructions for the system I used to regrow my hair.
Before and after ebook review
Summary of my system’s key points:

  • How I used IGF-1 to reactivate dormant hair follicles in my scalp
  • How I triggered a healing reaction in my scalp, causing my scalp to grow new hair
  • How I massively increased the nutrient supply to my hair feeding it with the key amino acids that build hair keratin
  • How I reduced inflammation in my scalp and prevented free radical damage to the cells
  • How I reduced DHT in my scalp, preventing androgenic alopecia
  • How I became calm and focused in any situation using my downloadable audios, based on NASA research on mind training
  • What foods I eat to intensely feed and nourish my hair and balance my hormones

And there’s much more.
After ordering you will be granted instant access to the download page, which contains:

  • My full system, in all formats (for phone, PC, Kindle, etc)
  • The free mind-training audio downloads for eliminating anxiety and stress and keeping your mind calm and focused in any situation
  • Three free bonus downloads

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Download Contents

StepStep NamePage

Step 1: Begin the Reactivation of Dormant Hair

Send a combination of special hair growth nutrients to your scalp every morning (based on method from Oxford lab).


Step 2: The Alternation Method

Provoke a healing reaction in scalp and use IGF-1, to trigger hair regrowth (based on method from Japanese lab + method from Californian lab + my own revolutionary Alternation Method).


Step 3: Train Your Mind to Relax and Optimize Your Health

Based on NASA mind training experiment.


Step 4: Scalp Skin Reset

A method I developed in 2008, which removes impacted sebum and pollutants from the scalp, clearing pores and regenerating the scalp tissue, completely rejuvenating the scalp.


Step 5: Reduce Blood DHT Levels

Detailed, step-by-step instructions on how to safely and naturally reduce blood and scalp DHT levels.


Step 6: Increase Flexibility of the Galea Muscles

Further improve scalp blood circulation by improving the flexibility of the muscles that surround the skull.


Step 7: Improve Overall Blood Circulation

Detailed, step-by-step instructions on how to fix the damage done to your circulatory system by a high fat diet and how to vastly improve it, catalysing the effects of the other steps.


Step 8: The Perfect Diet for Hormonal Balance and Hair Growth

Healthy hormonal balance is CRUCIAL for healthy hair, skin and anxiety levels. In this step I provide you with precise instructions on how to balance your hormones and feed your hair.


Summary of The Revolutionary Hair Regrowth Methodology

Everything you need to know in one easy to follow, concise summary — like a handy “cheat sheet”.


The instructions and audio downloads work in all formats:
Nice hair ebook compatibility

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