Use clever hair care to prevent hair loss and promote hair growth -

Use clever hair care to prevent hair loss and promote hair growth

The way you care for your hair — the way you wash it, style it, treat it, dry it and so forth, is actually one of the least significant factors in hair loss. However there are some things that you might be doing daily, that you’ve been doing for years that could contribute to hair loss and hair damage.
There are also things that you can do on a daily basis to promote hair growth. It is important that you care for your hair in a way that causes absolutely no long-term harm to your hair or scalp. At the same time you can make some minor modifications to your daily routine that will help stimulate hair growth.
While this isn’t the most important area of hair loss (compared with the hormonal element for example) I have included a chapter in my book that goes through all the do’s and don’t of hair care so that you can make sure you are not doing anything during your daily regime that will contribute to hair loss.
I have also explained some clever modifications that you can make to your daily routine — the way you shampoo, the way you shower, the way you brush your hair and so forth that will help promote hair growth by stimulating the scalp.
These are quick easy tips that you can start applying straight away and won’t involve making time consuming changes to your daily regime that soon become a choir. The do’s and don’ts of proper daily hair and scalp care are essential knowledge to anyone who wants a well rounded hair regrowth strategy. These are things you simply must get right.