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Coffee and Makeup best hair health tutorial
On YouTube she goes by the name ‘coffee&makeup’, although in real life she is known as Britt!

What’s The Channel All About?

Britt’s channel provides a unique output of content that other channels don’t provide us with. While she shows us some of her favorite makeup and beauty routines, she also gives her viewers an insight to some of her favourite podcasts — something a lot of YouTubers don’t offer.
Britt has been a part of YouTube’s community since the 2014. She is relatively new to the scene, but since she has joined she has gained nearly 10,000 subscribers and has managed to reach over 830,000 video views.
While Britt spends her days putting together YouTube videos to entertain and educate her viewers, in her spare time she enjoys a variety of podcasts and art pieces. While she puts together her videos, she shows these qualities to her viewers. If you’re looking for a YouTuber who provides you with educational and all round fantastic videos that teach you all about makeup and beauty, you’ve found the right place.