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10 Reasons Why You Should Download My eBook

I recently released the new improved third edition of my eBook. Here are ten reasons why I think you should download it.

1. Regrow your hair

Regrow your hair
Using the Alternation Method you’ll learn how to decalcify your scalp, reduce inflammation caused by DHT and increase blood flow to your hair follicles.
You’ll learn how to send 3 key amino acids to your hair, reactivating dormant hair follicles, making your hair thicker.

2. Get shinier, healthier hair

The amino acids you’ll learn about make your hair shinier and healthier. One of the amino acids, cysteine, makes individual hairs thicker and stronger and also improves hair texture. You’ll learn how to use these amino acids in a specific way to promote hair growth and make your hair shinier and healthier.

3. Kill demodex mites

Demodex Mites in Hair Follicle
You may not realize this but when viewed under a microscope many people’s empty hair follicles contain ‘demodex mites’ — tiny parasites that cause inflammation that restricts blood flow to the hair follicles causing hair loss.
In the eBook there are instructions on how to kill demodex mites and their eggs, ridding your scalp of the parasites.

4. Improve your skin

The ebook contains detailed instructions on how to improve hormonal balance, reduce stress levels and increase your consumption of key nutrients, such as biotin and essential fatty acids, which make your skin healthier.
As part of the hair growth techniques, you’ll also use a natural vitamin every day that causes your body to send a multitude of healthy nutrients to your skin.

5. Balance your hormones

A key part of reversing hair loss is balancing hormones. In the eBook you’ll learn how to build up your ‘prostaglandin’ levels. Prostaglandins regulate hormones in your body. You’ll also learn how to stay relaxed using the advanced stress reduction methodology accompanied by the free subliminal mind training audio files.
It is crucial that you have a healthy mind and healthy prostaglandin levels if you want healthy hormonal balance.

6. Strengthen your liver

A healthy liver that efficiently processes fats and hormones is key to healthy hair and skin. Your liver processes androgen hormones. If it’s stressed or overloaded, excess sebum, which contains DHT, is sent to the skin (mainly the face and scalp) to be released via the pores.
For these reasons and more a whole chapter of the eBook is dedicated to properly cleansing the liver and strengthening it.

7. Become a calmer, more confident person

Become calm and confident
Stress has been proven to cause hair loss. Equally, reducing stress levels has been proven to trigger hair regrowth. I know stress was a major cause of my hair loss, which is why I dedicated a chapter of the eBook to explaining exactly how I became a relaxed, confident person — and how you can too, by following the instructions I provide and by using the subliminal mind training audio files that come free with the eBook. You can play them siliently while you sleep, while you work, while you exercise or at any other time.

8. Increase your energy levels

Increase energy levels
The amino acids, stress reduction, improvement in hormonal balance, circulation improvement and liver improvement all help to improve your health and your energy levels. The bowel cleanse and nutrition instructions help reduce energy used for digestion by making your digestive system more efficient. And using the mind training program will reduce your stress levels, improve your focus and help you sleep more soundly. When you’re awake you’ll feel energised, focused and confident.

9. Cleanse your body

One of the chapters of the eBook is dedicated to cleansing your digestive system — namely, your intestines and your liver. This cleanse removes built up matter from the liver, making it more efficient. It also cleanses the intestines, making them absorb nutrients more effectively.
The purpose of this amazing internal cleanse is to get your body back into the condition it was in before you started losing your hair — to renew your body’s digestive system.
By improving the efficiency of your liver it becomes better able to deal with used hormones and toxins, which has a catalyst effect, making your whole body healthier.

10. Improve your circulation

Good blood circulation is important for your health and for your hair. However, as we age our blood vessels can become stiff, weak and filled with plaque. In the eBook there is a dedicated chapter, containing detailed instructions on how to cleanse your circulatory system, ridding it of plaque, which if left to build up can cause heart disease. The instructions show you how to use powerful, natural methods to break down the plaque and thoroughly cleanse your circulatory system. You’ll also learn how to make your blood vessels healthier and more supple.
All of these instructions together work to improve the overall health of your body, making it more efficient. As you work to make each of the individual elements stronger – your liver, digestive system and your circulatory system – your body will become stronger and healthier.
You’ll learn how to renew your scalp using the “Scalp Skin reset” and every day you’ll feed your hair with a rich cocktail of hair growth nutrients, which will be sent to your scalp using the Alternation Method, which increases the blood flow to the hair follicles.
Of course the most powerful instructions are focused around increasing the supply of nutrients to your hair, protecting your hair from DHT and maximising blood flow to your hair follicles in order to reactivate dormant hair follicles. As I worked my way through the instructions I watched as tiny blonde hairs appeared along my hairline and between hairs and gradually became thicker over several months.
Are you ready to get started? If you want to learn the best part about the eBook, click here.