Dacey Hapa - nicehair.org: How to Stop Hair Loss

Dacey Hapa

Dacey’s channel focuses mainly on ways to take care of your hair, hairstyles, and occasionally makeup. However, on occasion she uploads vlogs to her channel and goes over some of the most recent products that she’s bought and how she uses them. Dacey has been a part of the YouTube community since April 2013. Since she joined, she has managed to gain over 270,000 channel subscribers as well as reaching nearly 15,000,000 video views! While her channel focuses on hair and makeup tutorials, she gives her viewers an insight into her personal experiences with each tutorial such as how she found certain techniques work as well as reviewing certain products that she uses. The most popular video on Dacey’s channel is a tutorial in which she gives step by step details for her viewers into how they can curl their hair. In the video, she gives a detailed explanation of each step in order for her viewers to easily follow as well as providing her viewers with a list of products that she uses.]]>