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David Beckham Hair Loss: Investigating the Facts

David Beckham is perhaps most notably known for once having a normal size head and now seemingly having a reasonably large head. But has his head really increased in size? Or is it an illusion created by two of the most common aging-related phenomena: hair loss and sagging skin?

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Last updated: Jul 23, 2021

David Beckham young old hair

Take a look at any number of famous men over the age of forty. Compare their current head size to the head size they had in their twenties. Notice a difference?

It seems as though men’s heads grow substantially between the age of 18 and 45. I am not speaking figuratively. In fact, as we age, our skin sags, making our faces appear larger. In men this is sometimes particularly noticeable if their hairlines recede, making the actual size of their face increase significantly.

Is David Beckham losing his hair?

Certainly, he is. When we observe photos of him with short-cropped hair when he is young and the same short-cropped hair when he is older we can see a clear difference in hair thickness:

David Beckham shaven cropped hair young and old

There was a time when the most popular footballer on the earth was believed to be David Beckham. He has his own football club. And while he was famous for his free kicks, his haircut options garnered the most page space in the press.

The guy cares for his hair, and it was revealed last year that he was afraid of becoming a “fat, bald old man.” Evidently, the football star was trying everything in his power to retain his youthful look, and it looks to us as if everything he is doing is effective.

Everyone gets old. A strong indication of this for men is a gradual hair loss that many people attempt to solve using medicines or hair transplants, an increasingly standard procedure, especially among footballers.

The athlete is known for his love of sporting all sorts of hairstyles throughout his career, from braids (puke smiley) to long manes, dye, buns, and crests. But two years after his speculated hair transplant to preserve his golden locks, during a visit to the Cotswolds, David Beckham’s hair was visibly thinning in photos of him.

David Beckham had a definite thinning on his head’s crown, judging from the photos back in 2013. This is an early indicator of baldness, androgenetic alopecia, or male pattern. Several photos later revealed a balding spot on the crown of his head. Just a few months later, though, do we see David once again with fantastic hair. And how so?
There is a lot of controversy over his hair in the media and whether he got a hair transplant or not. The 45-year-old, who is in lockdown at his country house, went outside without one of his trademark hats, with his thinning hair hard to miss. Without one of those hats shielding his hair and post snaps in baseball caps and bandanas to conceal his locks, he has hardly been seen in the past few weeks.

In October 2019, for his commercial for the whiskey brand Haig Club, David was wearing a notably fuller head of hair cut in a quaff. Beckham has appeared assured in his well-groomed long locks at the June Women’s World Cup and the 2019 Wimbledon tournament in July.

He was believed to have experienced a hair transplant operation back in 2018, but Beckham himself once said he would not be willing to go through such an expensive operation. However, he did not see anything wrong with the treatment.
Craig Henton, a specialist in hair regeneration and Cheshire’s MHR Clinic owner, said he was not persuaded that the football player has a hair transplant. His pictures in 2018 show a sudden reversal in hair growth is not common for someone who’s had a hair transplant.
Instead, he claims that David has delayed a medicinal hair treatment that has contributed to his thinning hair right now, including medicines and laser treatment. Still, it should be back after the procedure has been recommenced.