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David Beckham's Best Hairstyles: The Complete Collection

The Stylish Modern Elvis Style David Beckham with Dark slicked back hair With this version of the classic pompadour, Beckham has managed to channel his inner Elvis Presley and the Golden Age of Hollywood. His carefully maintained stubble and loose strands of hair keep this look from looking too formal or dated and give it the modernization it needs for this millennium!

The Modern Businessman Haircut

David Beckham with a modern haircut This is this simple short sided, gelled top hairstyle that suits Beckham to a tee. Low maintenance, yet still stylish and professional – which is something that seems to suit Beckham’s tastes the best.

The 90s Blond Boy Band Haircut

David Beckham 90s blond hair This haircut hearkens back to the glory days of boy bands like N’Sync and the Backstreet Boys. With his blond highlights with dark brown undertones, David Beckham channels his inner pop star with this hairstyle, and pulls it off fantastically!

The Casual Blond Spiky Side Parting

David Beckham short blond spiky side parting The spikes and casual stubble make David Beckham look much younger than he actually is, without dating himself. Not only that, but Beckham manages to keep his spikes from looking too gelled or crunchy, keeping his look casual and charming.

Long Blond Surfer Style Hair

David Beckham with long blond hair Long hair can be hard to pull off for men. Not for David Beckham; his long, blond locks here certainly prove that it’s possible for men to look stylish and polished with long hair!

David Beckham’s “Classic Quarterback” Look

David Beckham brown hair 90s Although David Beckham is an English soccer player, he pulls off the classic “American Quarterback” look surprisingly well. This hairstyle is known as the “curtain cut”, and Beckham’s bangs certainly do frame and accentuate his face just like curtains would a window!

The Modern Mullet

David Beckham with a mullet A mullet is one of those hairstyles everyone warns you against. Yet Beckham somehow pulls off this hairstyle and looks good doing it! Instead of making him look unkempt, his hair looks shiny and well maintained. If anyone could pull off a mullet, it would definitely be Beckham! ]]>