Detox Tea Benefits -

Detox Tea Benefits

Detox teas are popular products that claim to remove toxins from your body. They contain different kinds of herbs that are claimed to stimulate your body’s detoxification, which helps the organs function properly. This keeps your skin, lungs, colon, intestines and kidneys in good shape. These organs are essential for purifying your body of pollutants that constantly enter it via breathing, drinking and eating.
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As part of a series of articles about detox teas, here are some of the claimed benefits of these products:

High in antioxidants

Detox teas often contain green tea and other plant leaves, vegetables and fruits that are high in the antioxidant vitamins A, C and E. Green tea has become the staple of gym goers and the diets of health conscious individuals. It reportedly helps the user burn fat, whether by increasing heart rate or by increasing metabolic rate. Green tea is also thought to prevent a cancers, diabetes and arthritis. Antioxidants may help reduce oxidation of cells in the body, thus reducing the rate of cell mutation.

Colon Cleansing

Colon cleansing is primarily achieved by the ingredient senna leaf, which has a laxative effect. Adding nutrients, fiber or vitamins can be helpful, and each ingredient should be considered an integral part of your detox colon cleanse blend. It’s worth noting that many health writers and medical researchers believe there is absolutely no benefit to be had from colon cleansing. However, increasing fibre intake is almost certainly beneficial for digestive health — the “good bacteria” in your colon feed on fiber, so it is an essential part of a healthy diet.


Detox teas comprise a combination of herbs which aid in digestion by cleansing the body and encouraging waste elimination. You should steep the tea for only 2 minutes since some might initially experience mild diarrhea or cramps. Increase the steeping time to 5 minutes after your digestive system adjusts to the change. While drinking detox tea, you need to increase your water intake to prevent dehydration.