Detox tea side effects -

Detox tea side effects

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Last updated: Feb 19, 2020

Detox tea is known as a mild aid that allows your body to cleanse itself. The primary function of detox tea is to cleanse two important organs in your body – the liver and the kidneys. However, before using a detox tea, be aware of the possible side effects effects:
Detox tea

Drug interactions

Detox teas increase or reduce the absorption of the herbs or drugs which are taken at the same time.

Not suitable for children

Children require nutrition to aid rapid growth and development. This is why diets that impose fasts and restrictions are not a good idea.

Mild Digestive Effects

While these effects are rare, these can include belching, upset tummy, mild heartburn, diarrhea etc. Components in the detox tea can have digestive after effects on your system. You need to speak to your physician for that.


Burdock and dandelion root can spark an allergic reaction in some individuals. Avoid these if you are allergic to chamomile, iodine, chrysanthemums or ragweed. If you’re not sure, try rubbing a little on your skin or sampling a small amount of tea.

Detox Diets can be Addictive

This is because of the feeling which comes from staying without food or from experiencing weight loss. It’s rare but possible for this to turn into an addiction, which can lead to heart ailments, severe eating disorders and even death.


If you participate in heavy exercise regularly, bear in mind that some detox tea ingredients may cause dehydration. If you are on medication for diabetes, speak to your health care provider as the teas can reduce your blood sugar. Again, although unlikely, this may increase your risk of hypoglycaemia.

Short Term Effects

The effects of detox diets are not long lasting. If you fast for a long period, your metabolism will slow down, and it will be tough to keep the weight off your body or lose it at a later stage. This is really worth bearing in mind if you are using a detox tea for weight loss. It’s possible that you’ll make it much harder to lose weight by triggering your body to store fat if you dramatically reduce your calorie intake.

Health Effects

Detox teas are not meant for those who suffer from health problems. They are not meant for those who suffer from diabetes, heart disease or other chronic conditions. Avoid detox tea if you are pregnant or suffer from any sort of eating disorder.

No Fat Loss

You actually do not lose fat by drinking detox tea. People who go without food for several days may lose the pounds, but most of it is water weight, and some muscle. Most will regain the weight soon after the detox tea program is over. A better way to lose fat is to build muscle using resistant weight exercises and reducing carbohydrate consumption.