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DHT and Hair Loss: Here’s the Key Part Everyone is Missing

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Last updated: Dec 13, 2019

The answer is not to radically alter your hormonal balance and risk serious side effects. The answer is this…

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Match your hormonal balance to that of people who have perfect thick hair, perfect skin and calm and focused minds. This is the key that everyone is missing.

Clearly, if some people have high DHT levels yet they still have perfect thick hair; while others who have high DHT levels lose their hair, there must be something missing in the puzzle. Another crucial factor that differentiates these people.

Well there is. 

Have you ever noticed how some people just naturally have perfect skin and hair? Do you think it’s luck? No; it’s science. There is a logical explanation. There is a chemical reason.

It’s not luck.

There are three key “systems” in your body that affect each other. By fixing them all, they will all work together synergistically.

If one is broken something will have to give. It might be your fat levels increasing. It might be your hair thinning. It might be your skin breaking out. It might be your stress levels. It could be many things. But if you get these three systems balanced your whole life will change in an amazing way.
The three systems I’m talking about are quite simply:

  • Your hormonal system;
  • Your circulatory system; and
  • Your mental wellbeing

Once you get these three systems operating at optimal levels and working together synergistically, your whole life will change. Everything will get better: The way you feel. The way you look. Your energy levels. Your focus. Everything.

This isn’t just the key to reversing your hair loss.

Hair loss is just a symptom of an underlying problem.

The key to good health, happiness, mental focus and thick, healthy hair is getting all three of these systems working optimally and undoing the damage done by them being out of balance for so long.

Over the first few steps of my program I’m going to show you how to: 

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  • Normalise your hormonal balance so it’s at optimal health — to match that of people with perfect hair and skin
  • Train your mind to be calm in order to reduce stress hormones like cortisol
  • Cleanse your liver to improve hormonal elimination
  • Increase your intake of gamma linoleic acid to reduce DHT in the short-term using my hair growth smoothie*
  • Make a simple yet significantly effective change to your diet to feed your hair and further improve hormonal balance
  • Reduce your scalp hair follicle sensitivity to DHT, so healthy DHT levels no longer cause hair loss

In addition to fixing these underlying problems, we need to fix the problems caused in your scalp by years of damage:

  • Renew your scalp skin to undo semi-permanent damage caused by DHT, using my Scalp Skin Reset
  • Reduce built-up PGD2 enzyme in your scalp — a potent cause of hair loss
  • Increase IGF-1 in your scalp to increase production of hair matrix cells, causing hair to grow back

*Results of study on Gamma Linoleic Acid:

After delays of 4 to 8 weeks, all four individuals reported unequivocal hair growth, with extension of hair growth to previously bald areas of the scalp, and a strengthening of growth in those areas where hair was present but thinning.
Horrobin, David Frederick OF. C. and Clarkson, Sherri Margaret C. O. E.


How can you use this information?

If you’d like to fix your hormonal balance and regrow your hair, download my instructions below.

With my program you’ll also receive my audio mind training mp3s, which you can download and use on your phone or other device. These will gradually train your mind to reduce cortisol hormone production caused by stress. This is what I believe to be one of the keys to success in life.

In my plan you’ll find my precise instructions explaining exactly how to balance your hormones and reverse hair loss.

To get instant access to the program, click here.

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