Do Black people lose their hair more than White people? -

Do Black people lose their hair more than White people?

Overall White people and Middle Eastern people lose their hair the most. However, Black women lose their hair more than any other group by a statistically significant margin.

Caucasians lose their hair the most overall, with Africans second and Far Eastern people losing their hair the least.

However Far Eastern people are starting to catch up to Caucasians now — perhaps due to increased city living, which results in higher stress and poorer air quality.

There is one group of people that experience far more significant hair loss than any other — and that is Black women.

The reason for this might be the frequent use of tightly pulled hair styles like weaves, which cause something called traction alopecia. It may also be related to different hormone levels in women of African origin.

African women also start out life with fewer hair follicles than Caucasians and Asians. White women start out with the most overall from birth.

Each race also have different shaped hair follicles, which is what causes some people to have straight hair and others to have curly hair.

Do black men lose their hair more than other races

According to statistics black men do not lose their hair the most. They experience hair loss less than Caucasian people (who overall experience the most) and they lose their hair more than Far Eastern people (who overall lose their hair the least).

Generally speaking hair loss is driven by two main factors:

Androgen hormones and stress hormones.

The more of these hormones you have, the more hair loss you will experience (as a general rule).

Black men tend to have higher levels of androgen hormones but lower levels of stress hormones overall. They may also have fewer of the receptors in their hair follicles that the androgen hormone binds to.

When the androgen hormone binds to receptors in the scalp it can cause hair loss. When it binds to receptors in the body and face hair follicles it causes increased body hair and facial hair growth.

Generally Black people grow less facial and body hair compared to Middle Eastern and White people.

The same may be true of the Black men. It’s possible that men of an African origin have fewer androgen receptors in the scalp hair follicles, meaning the androgen hormone is less capable of causing hair loss.

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What can be done to help Black women reduce their hair loss?

First of all Black women could choose to prevent traction alopecia by not styling their hair with tightly pulling styles.

Secondly it’s possible that Black women could prevent or even reverse hair loss by taking medication like Finasteride, which is a hair loss medication that reduces the androgen hormone that causes hair loss.

This medication is sometimes prescribed to women but is more often prescribed to men. To obtain Finasteride you must get a prescription from a doctor.