Does cutting your hair short or shaving it help prevent hair loss?

Does cutting your hair short or shaving it help prevent hair loss?

Does cutting your hair short or shaving it help prevent hair loss?

No it doesn’t. Cutting your hair short can make your hair appear thicker because the hair shaft is often thicker toward the base. Furthermore short hair cuts tend to look thicker than longer hair styles because the hair spikes upwards without a parting. So if you want your hair to appear thicker you’re better off having it cut short.

There are other advantages to short hair with regard to preventing hair loss

Short hair is less likely to get caught and pulled – if you tie your hair back tightly it can train the hair to grow closer to the scalp surface until it eventually falls out.

It’s often easier to apply hair growth lotions to your scalp if you have short hair. This is especially true if you have shaven hair.

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  1. I think shaving is a good option for those who have oily scalp. this way, they can maintain clean scalp and helthier hair. they are also less likely to lose hair in the shower.

    1. Shaving definitely makes the crucial step of getting your scalp into “grow mode” easier, but is not essential. However I agree it is beneficial at first.

      I have never needed to shave my scalp in order to complete the eBook instructions without too much difficulty.

  2. I am 45 and in the last few months my hair has started falling out at an unbelievable rate. It has become half of what it was and I can see small bald spots on my scalp. The doctor found high Testestrone levels and has started me on treatment.The problem is that the hair is still falling out – very fast, and the treatment is going to take some time. What canIi do in the mean time to help reduce hair fall. I have long curly hair and wanted to know if cutting it short would help.

    1. Hi Khadeejah,

      It’s possible that you have Alopecia Areata, based on your description of the patchiness of the hair loss and the rapidity in which it has occurred.

      Did your doctor tell you that this is the case?

      If not, take a look at some of these pictures of Alopecia Areata in Google images to see if this looks like what you have:

      Get back to me and I will try to help further.


  3. i am just 19…suffering from hair loss for almost last 6months…my hair has got slightly less dense in few under treatment…..shaved my head almost 3times…its really frustrating for me in loosing my hairs…i take in lot of fluid everyday….applying oil once in 2days…..taking vitamin tablets tats prescribed by my doctor…i am worried…but d people around me says tat nly worrying causes hair loss 4 me….i used to be a jolly person b4 this prob..nw people has started asking me wat s gone wrong wit you…y r u so dull..blah blah things lik tat… i hop u can understand ma problem…pls tell me how to overcum this sychologicaly n stop it b4 it worsens

    1. Hi Anand,

      The best thing you can do to make yourself feel better is to take some action to stop your hair loss. Download my eBook, which explains my unique method for stopping hair loss. When you download the eBook you get access to the members area, from where you can download the free audio mind training programme that comes with the eBook. This will help you think more positively. The audio programme trains your mind to react positively to stresses and worries.

      Hair loss can have a major psychological impact on people, as they watch themselves look less and less attractive everyday. The best thing you can do is take action now. But you have to take extreme action if you really want to stop the hair loss. I tried using all kinds of lotions, supplements and other treatments and I found nothing worked. That’s why I developed my method, which is extremely powerful, hard hitting and fast acting. Hair loss is not an easy thing to stop at all. That’s why you need to use a very powerful and radical solution like mine if you really want to stop it and reactivate hair growth.

      I hope that helps. If you have any further questions please email me.


      1. HI THERE LORRI,


  4. I’ve had hair loss from a young age. I’d say 14/15. Since then the rate of hair loss varied. My hair has now starting falling out at an alarming rate again and because it is thin, it goes greasy really quickly. When it is greasy, it falls out more. The hair loss is quite noticeable at the front.
    Will a side fringe and short hair help with this?
    Will taking multivitamins help reduce hair fall?
    Also, I have moved from UK to Pakistan- does the water affect the scalp and hair fall as well?
    In addition, I have had stomach viruses and infections and have lost a considerable amount of weight. I have a feeling this is also a contributing factor. What would be the best thing to do? I am worried I have alopecia and is getting worse.

    1. Hi Maha,

      I would imagine that the illness, weight loss and stress may be related to the hair loss and vice versa.

      The most important thing is that you get yourself as healthy as possible. This means eating well, sleeping well, getting plenty of exercise and finding time to relax and reduce your stress levels.

      Cutting your hair short is not going to help reduce your hair loss.

      Your top priority is to make sure you are as healthy as possible in terms of diet, sleep, exercise and stress. Once you have that right you can look at ways to increase your hair growth.

      I would make sure that you are not suffering from any illness or condition. Have your blood tested by your doctor. Ask them to examine you. Explain about the weight loss and hair loss. It’s possible you are suffering from an overactive thyroid or some other condition that causes weight loss and hair loss. Or it may be that you are suffering from high stress levels, which can have a significant effect on your health and appearance.

      When the mind is in a state of stress, proteins from the thymus or lymph glands are converted to sugar for instant energy. The thymus, the key gland in the immune system, can shrink to 50 percent of its normal size, effectively neutralizing a crucial portion of your immune system.

      Continued stress makes the body draw on all available raw metabolic materials to compensate. Continued stress can cause runaway production of ‘free radicals’, which must be neutralized by an ever-diminishing supply of antioxidants, such as vitamins C and E, beta carotene and the mineral selenium.

      I really recommend you concentrate on eating well, sleeping well, getting exercise and relaxing. And if you’re feeling unwell get it diagnosed by your doctor. You need to treat the illness before you can start to improve your appearance. If you are feeling highly stressed increasing your intake of vitamins and minerals will help but it won’t solve the problem.

  5. please help me.. i used to use hair straightener but since then my hair started falling out terribly.. when i just put my hand through my hair or brush it or wash it ..or anything, i find a lot of my hair falling out., i know you’re gonna tell me to stop using the straightener and use hair conditioner but i tried all of that man please help it still falls out i even tried using Olive oil and Almond oil and a lot of stuff but in vain,the problem is when i started using the straightener i didn’t know that there are products to protect against heat made for such things..and even when i knew and searched for it in my town they weren’t available here, i’m afraid of getting bold 🙁 what can i do??

    1. Hi Mas,

      Thanks for your comment. It’s unlikely that the straighteners are causing the hair loss. You need to treat the underlying cause of your hair loss. It’s difficult to know the true cause of your hair loss without asking a few more questions.

      What is your age and gender?
      What is your diet like?
      Do you suffer from stress or anxiety?

      The most common cause of hair loss is a hormone called DHT, which you can deal with by following the detailed instructions in my eBook. Iron deficiency can also cause hair loss, which can be dealt with by following my instructions on foods for hair growth. Stress is also a major cause of hair loss, which can be dealt with using the audio programme that comes free with my eBook.

      You can treat all of the major causes of hair loss by following the instructions in my eBook.


  6. hiiii…….

    i am 22 years old persson..i hav a serious hairfall for past 2 years.the heavy hairfall is during morning seesion only.when i wake up and comb my hair it will fall heavily.what s the real problem?i can’t find it.please give me the solution.

    1. Hi Sureshmani,

      By far the most common cause of hair loss is DHT. The best way to stop hair loss is to block DHT and to intensely feed your hair.

      Doing the above is your very best chance of regrowing your hair. I have detailed instructions on how to do both of these things in my eBook.



  7. I have never worried about my hair. I had dry scalp & dandruff (a lot) but still my hair was so dense, I didnt have to worry about it. However, I went for a head shave to get rid of dandruff. Now, after my hair started regrowing, i notice a lot of gap between my hair, i can forsee my bald head. I believe it is patchy hair loss. However i would also like to inform u that i had been away to another country for studies for the past 1 year, and did not have good food for a year. Could my hair loss be temporary ? or is it permanent ? is there anyway i can stop further patches ? ( note: i want to stop, i dont give a shit about already lost hair.) suppose i have 70,000 hairs, and I keep shaving my head repeatedly, after say 2 years, will i still have 70,000 hairs or will patches continue to grow ? PLEASE help me….

    1. Hi Anand,

      If you have distinct patches of hair loss, you may have a condition called ‘Alopecia Areata’. Do a Google search and you’ll find loads of information on this topic.

      If you have a flaky scalp I highly recommend you read this article: How to stop dandruff.

      In my eBook I have a dedicated section, which explains exactly how to cure dandruff and get your scalp into perfect condition for hair growth.

      You may not be too bothered about regrowing your hair, but I highly recommend you start a hair regrowth regime NOW, before it gets any worse. It’s always better to take action before the problem gets worse.

      All the best,


  8. I am 19 and I had thick dense curly black hair. My dad has a big forehead and so am I prone to one. I’ve been loosing hair for some time now. But its not so visible as my hair was that abundant. But now its really picking up and the hairline is rising in the sides. Knowing that genetic factors cant be helped with, please give me some tips to reduce the rate or if possible, to retain most of my hair 😀 !

    1. Hi Mohsin,

      It’s good that you’ve noticed the hair loss early because once it starts it’s very difficult to stop — and I suggest you do everything you can now to start regrowing your hair.

      Start by reading through the pages on this site to learn about the key things you need to do to promote hair growth and how to you can eliminate the causes of hair loss.

      I really advise that you get started now — if you can get a handle on it now you won’t regret it.


  9. i m 20 yr old girl..i suffer from hair loss from past 2 yrs… for 8 months i took medication… it helped but now again m facing same problem again and tht too more intense… my hair have become thin and lifeless.. its very depressing as on the top of scalp…hair are minimum.. my moher is suggesting to shave my head for once can help… does this really help???? i m confused becoz wt vil happen if they dont grow back at all or worse than before…. plzzzzz i need help… shaving my head vil solve my problem?????????????????????????

    1. Hi Aditi,

      Shaving your hair will not provoke or cause any new hair growth — nor will it cause any further hair loss.

      You would be better off starting an intense hair regrowth regime.

      If the medication worked somewhat it’s likely that DHT is partly to cause for your hair loss (I’m presuming you were taking Propecia/Finasteride).

      I’d suggest using my hair regrowth technique to stimulate hair growth, while following my instructions on how to reduce DHT and block DHT.

      All the best,


  10. hi im 21 years old …i have very thin hair since childhood the past few years i had stopped combing my hair and they had really gone better and curly really amazing curls ..i was very happy with them ..but in d past few days i tried for a hair spa and after few sitting and combing they are back to the weird thin hair i had before ..i really feel bad..can shaving my head really help..please help me out ..iv tried various medications befre like minoxidil and foltene hair rejuvinator but they seem very temporary really looking shaving my head the next and the final step ..just scared wat if they dont grow only ..??? plz help me wd this

    1. Hi Apoorva,

      Shaving your head is really not going to help. It is a myth that shaving your hair off makes it regrow thicker. Having your hair cut however may help — you may need to trim your hair above the split ends, leaving unbroken hair behind that can grow. Once you’ve cut the splits ends you’ll have to protect your hair to prevent further breakage. Further to that you need to feed your hair to help it grow. Check out the following links for further help:

      Come back to in a few weeks as I’ll be posting a guide on how to protect your hair against breakage.

      All the best,


  11. Hii, m 20 yes old female n have been suffering from excess hairloss for abt 6 months now. I had typhoid in november n in march suffered from ulcers but its been quite sometime now but my hair juz wudnt stop falling. Any suggestions plz?

    1. Hi Annie,

      My best recommendation for you is to intensely feed your hair every day with the precise nutrients required for hair growth, by both directly feeding your hair via the scalp and through diet.

      The best way to do this is by using my 2 minute a day hair growth technique, which increases blood supply to the hair and feeds the hair directly. I’d also recommend following my hair growth diet to increase your intake of nutrients for hair growth.

      Keep at it for 2 to 3 months and you’ll start seeing results.

      All the best,


  12. I m Raji 40 years male,my problem my hair is very thin and falling hair.always wearinghelmet how can I prevent hair fall? I have long hair what hair cut better pl help me thanks.

  13. my hair started falling out about a year ago but over last two months ive got bold patches which are large . ive cut into a mohigan and now thats got pulled patches . ive been told its due to stress but i’m a 39 year old female and my partner is accusing me of shaving my hair . Any ideas how i can prove to him i’m not as i have always loved my hair.

    1. Hi lorri,

      I would advise seeing your doctor and having your blood checked for low iron levels and other possible causes of hair loss, such as hyperthyroidism. That’s the best place to start. Regarding the stress, I highly advise you find a way to reduce your stress levels. There is extensive information in my eBook on reducing stress and increasing hair growth.

      All the best,

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