Does frequently pulling on your hair cause hair loss? -

Does frequently pulling on your hair cause hair loss?

Does a habit of pulling your hair with your fingers continuously and touching it time and again lead to hair loss ?

There’s no problem with touching your hair, running your fingers through it and even gently pulling on it. It shouldn’t cause hair loss even if you do it very often. There are a few exceptions to this though:

  • If you have dirty hands and you are continually getting dirt of your scalp this may block the pores and hinder hair growth.
  • If you regularly pull hard on your hair you can train your hair to grow closer and closer to the scalps surface.
  • If you pull really hard on your hair you could pull hair out — however this should grow back.

As a general rule don’t be afraid to touch your hair (providing your hands are clean). You shouldn’t treat your hair like a delicate china doll because you’re afraid of losing it — this is a common habit among hair loss sufferers. Actually you’re better off being a bit rough with your scalp. Anything that invigorates the scalp — massaging and brushing for example — should help promote blood circulation, which will benefit the hair.