Does hair gel cause hair loss? The Ultimate Fix -

Does hair gel cause hair loss? The Ultimate Fix

Does Gel Cause Hair Loss
Regular use of hair gel for several years may cause a build up of cosmetic residue on the scalp. This residue may combine with dead skin cells and sebum, which may block the pores, preventing hair loss.

It’s crucial that you remove this embedded layer

It’s impossible to shampoo this dense layer from your scalp. You need to strip it away using a special natural plant extract. It’s a simple procedure that you can perform at home, but it’s incredibly effective for provoking hair regrowth.
Inn fact this is one of the best treatments for hair loss. And anyone can perform it at home.

How to remove the embedded cosmetics, triggering new hair growth

In my instructions I’m going to show you how to strip away all the embedded sebum-based plaque, toxins, cosmetic residues and dead skin cells. This will clear the pores in your scalp and by removing the dead skin you provoke increased blood supply to your hair.

Why is it crucial?

I don’t believe it’s possible for many people to regrow their hair until they perform this procedure. In fact, I would not have regrown my hair if I hadn’t performed my Scalp Skin Reset. And my hair has regrown significantly.