Does Long Hair Cause Hair Loss? -

Does Long Hair Cause Hair Loss?

Does long hair cause hair loss
There is no empirical evidence to suggest length of hair has any influence on rate of shedding. However there are a few things to strongly consider in order to prevent hair loss if you have long hair.

Traction Alopecia

Can a ponytail cause hair loss
Traction alopecia is a form of hair loss caused by the pulling of hairs from the scalp. Gradually, over months or years the hair roots grow closer and closer to the scalps surface until they eventually lose their hold in the scalp and no longer grow. It’s also plausible that hair roots become disconnected from their blood supply. This type of hair loss is almost always caused by ‘weave’ and ‘braid’ types of hair styles. However it is possible that it may affect anyone with long hair.

How to Stop Hair Loss Caused by Long Hair

There are several best practices for preventing your hair from being ‘trained’ to grow closer to the scalp surface.

1. Never Wear Your hair in a tight ponytail

This is the worst thing you can do because often the hair at the front, top and temples of your scalp is most susceptible to hair loss. Instead tie your hair back loosely, making sure it is not pulling at the roots.

2. Put You Hair Up Above Your Head When You Sleep

How to wear your hair when you sleep
It’s also possible that your hair is pulled on while you’re sleeping by of the weight of your head. To avoid this scoop your hair up with your hand as you lie down and place it above your head (directly above your pillow.
If you’re particularly concerned about your hair being pulled while you sleep, replace your pillow cases with silk ones to reduce friction.

How to Reverse Hair Loss

If you have experience some hair loss due to wearing your long hair incorrectly, use the below links to learn how you can promote increased hair growth: