Does my method work on a receding hair line?

Does my method work on a receding hair line?

I have been receding for at least 20 years. I would say I’ve lost at least 40% of my hair. Is it still possible to reactive hair follicles after all that time? Do hair follicles eventually die or do they just go into a dormant state? Does age play apart in the recovery of hair follicles?

Thanks for your questions.

I used to think that it was impossible to regrow hair along a receded hair line. However, now, every time I look in the mirror, I see more new hairs growing. First of all I see little blonde hairs. Then as weeks go by some of them develop into thicker, darker hairs. And as more weeks go by, more and more of them are turning thicker and darker. I can also see hairs in the middle front of my scalp growing that haven’t grown for years!

On the left is a picture of how my hair looked when I first started development my hair regrowth techniques. On the right is a picture taken about 12 months later.

Hair growth before and after photos

Every day now I am seeing new hairs. I’m even seeing a whole new hair line (just like how my hair line was ten years ago) regrowing in blonde hairs, which I am hoping will become thicker over the coming months.

I attribute the amazing success I’ve had regrowing my receding hair line to two really important things that I’ve done:

  1. I’ve been consuming these amino acids that increase hair growth
  2. I’ve been using this technique to massively increase blood flow to my scalp

If you have only lost 40% of you hair you have a good chance of growing all of that back in my opinion. If you’d like to learn how I regrew my receding hair line and how you can use the exact same techniques, download my ebook.

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    1. Hi Fo,

      Absolutely not. Email me and I’ll send you a photo of my hair line before and after completing my eBooks instructions. I’ve completely re-grown my hairline.

      All the best,

  1. Hi there I’m thining on the crown and on the front bit of my head with a little bold spot in the middle at the front. How can I go about regrowing and thickining my hair. Is it a thyroid issue

    1. Hi Nick,

      What you are describing is most likely ‘male pattern baldness’ or ‘androgenic alopecia’. This causes the common receded hair line and hair loss in the crown. This most commonly occurs in men but can also occur in women and is caused by a common hormone called DHT. I’ve sent you some details on what you can do to reverse this kind of hair loss.

      All the best,

  2. how does something like consuming a high quality powdered kelp (IODINE & IODIDE) play into regaining hair for men as well as women?

    1. Hi Monica,

      The iodine in kelp helps regulate thyroid function, which may help increase the hairs growth phase. Slowing the thyroid function might also have other benefits for the hair.

      There are also key vitamins in kelp including B vitamins, magnesium and silica, which support hair growth.

      Kelp is a key part of my hair growth diet. I’ve sent you an email with further details.


  3. Why does hair follicles completely die and why can’t they be “resusitated?” (sp). Can they be replaced by other or new growing follicles?

    1. Rather than dying, hair follicles become dormant before turning into tiny colourless transparent hairs, like the ones you have on your forehead (if you look very very closely). Some people have theorised that after the hairs have become dormant for over 36 months, they can no-longer regrow. However it is very difficult to say whether this is true and in my personal experience I would say it is not true.

      I’ve sent you an email with details on how to reactivate these dormant follicles, turning them back into full size and colour terminal hairs.


  4. was reading your articles.. have come across some layer… what is that layer about and how do we get it to remove.. please suggest me for a re-growth.. of my hair… I would be very greatful to you..
    The thinning pattern of the hair makes me down.. and I started loosing confidence in me…

  5. Hi..
    I am 24 years old. The front part of my hair began to become thin… if i take a partition in the front, the scalp is visible.. i recognized it at the medium stage.. consulted a doctor.. they suggested some ayurvedic oils.. which dint work much.. so i started to maintain my scalp clean and started using a mild shampoo such as johnson and Johnsons baby shampoo.. i noticed the hair fall reduced to some extent after the mild shampoo usage.. but all im concerned is about the hair thicknes… in the front part…. please help me…. Thank you..

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