Does washing your hair cause hair loss? -

Does washing your hair cause hair loss?

NO. That’s a big fat NO. It’s a common misconception, founded on people seeing hairs wash down the plug-hole, that washing your hair causes hair loss. But it doesn’t.
In fact it’s important that you keep your scalp clean if you want to do everything you can to prevent hair loss caused by DHT. DHT is present in an oil called sebum, which is secreted through the pores in the scalp. There is often a correlation between increased sebum on the scalp and hair loss. In fact the two are related in many (but not all) hair loss cases.
It’s important for the health of your hair that you keep your scalp as free of sebum as you can. Sebum contains DHT, which attacks hair follicles as though the hairs were foreign bodies.
If sebum isn’t cleaned from the scalp daily it can build up and combine with dead skin cells and other pollutants (such as dust, air pollution and hair gel). If this build up continues (which it easily can and often does) the sebum can harden and embed into the scalp, clogging the scalps’ pores – this is what causes the shiny scalp effect, common among hair loss sufferers.

Washing your hair might not be enough

Unfortunately, if sebum and other materials are allowed to build up and embed into the scalp, shampooing is not likely to be enough to properly clean the scalp of the shiny hardened layer.
It is very important that this layer of sebum based ‘plaque’ (for want of a better word) is removed from the scalp in order to clear the pores, remove DHT and allow new hairs to emerge freely. Unfortunately this isn’t easy. But it’s a crucial first step to stopping hair loss and regrowing hair. That’s why it’s the first step in my eBook.
To find out how to remove this hardened layer of sebum based plaque from your scalp, download my hair loss eBook today. If you don’t remove the plaque from your scalp, forget about stopping your hair loss.