Does washing your hair with hot water cause hair loss?

Does washing your hair with hot water cause hair loss?

Can washing with hot water cause hair loss?

The simple answer to this question is no. Washing with hot water cleans your hair and scalp more effectively than cold water. It also strips away oil (sebum) from the hair, which can make the hair dry, dull and frizzy for some people. However, for many hair loss sufferers (especially men) it is a good idea to wash sebum oil from the scalp frequently because sebum contains DHT and DHT causes hair loss.

Men are more likely to have problematic levels of DHT than women because of the difference in hormonal balance between men and women. This is why an oily scalp is more likely to cause hair loss in men than in women.

What is the best water temperature for your hair?

For women luke warm is fine. For men with oily skin and hair loss, slightly hotter water is better. Not so hot that it’s uncomfortable but hot enough to wash sebum off the scalp.

4 Replies to “Does washing your hair with hot water cause hair loss?”

  1. hi there,
    could you please help me out.i have a query.last year i started drinking boiled water as i was falling sick very i want to drink normal water but my hairs are falling when i am doing so.could you please tell me what went wrong.please reply sooner than later.

    1. Hi Rocky,

      This would depend on the water source. Some tap water is higher in mineral content than others and can impact on heatlh. Have you drank this water all of your life?


    1. Hi there,

      A Norwood 5 to a Norwood 1 is quite a breakthough, just from cold showers! However you’ll find I explain a far better showering technique in my hair loss eBook.


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